Security Breach at White House, Unarmed Drone Lands on North Lawn

President Obama watches India's Republic Day Parade inside bullet-proof viewing gallery.
6:57 | 01/26/15

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Transcript for Security Breach at White House, Unarmed Drone Lands on North Lawn
The Secret Service on the White House north lawn this morning after security breach today. An unarmed drone landing on the north lawn Prez or vomit not at the White House instead. Inside of a bullet proof enclosure as he's attending India's republic day festivities. What I'm Dan Cutler in new York and we will get to the extraordinary security. That is surrounded the president in India at the moment first ordered ABC's Devin Dwyer he is in New Delhi traveling with the president in India there and DeVon what do we know about this drone landing at the White House line. What a Secret Service over the tell us this morning. Hey good morning again not a stay here from India the White House caught a little bit by surprise this morning news of a drone. Are reaching officials here the traveling White House and India half the world away just as they were briefing reporters. White House spokesman Josh Earnest checked his Blackberry as he was talking to us confirming that the Secret Service that some device landed on the White House lawn apparently. Not deemed a threat at the moment they're still investigating. Exactly who was flying the drones what was on it if there was a camera there if there's anything malicious. At this point they're saying no one was in danger no word if the Obama daughters were at home but they aren't here in India again. So just be clear than they do actually have the drug in the position they're in there and they're just kind of basically checking it over trying to find out who the owners. That's right they have the drone in their possession now they're combing the grounds that you saw some pictures at the open to see if there were any other. I pieces of evidence perhaps parts of the drone anything that came down. The same time that's kind of do practice for the Secret Service anytime there's been a breach of that security bubble. But this Secret Service tells us at this hour they're still trying to figure out who was flying that thing where there was an amateur weather was somebody. More malicious. That they don't know that at this point. Okay hypothetical then let's say in fact at that drone was Conger had some kind of device attached to it aside from this being able to fly. What does Secret Service have in the way of being able to shoot at that are taken down immediately. This is that a real area of concern for the Secret Service not just at the White House but it idiot the president's events across the country. Amateurs buying these drones of course you know their verdict easily available now on the market. And flying them up overhead anytime the president has an event the White House is included in that it's a no fly zone silicon fly over there. And the Secret Service and some of the neighboring federal buildings around at the White House compound does have a some anti aircraft missiles those installed after 9/11. Seems very unlikely that something that like that would be used against a drone. And so at this point they're probably trying to figure out what their options are in terms of securing that airspace from some of the smaller. More amateur pieces of equipment to him. Look well let's go to from Washington DC two where the president actually is and where you are is where as well in New Delhi there and the security incredibly tight. Described them what what we've been seen there because obviously this is an undertaking the Secret Service certainly had to a lot of plan. That's right incredible security here White House officials saying it's that unprecedented. For President Obama on foreign soil certainly a precedent for New Delhi. You know let me just set the stage here this is republic day in India it's one of their three. Biggest national holidays everyone is home today families huddled around the TV tens of thousands of people. In the streets here and it's quite an honor for a leader. Of another country to be named chief guest at this event President Obama today dam was the first American. To B yeah granted that high honor sitting on that platform there as you've probably seen some of the pictures. And very X boats to US Secret Service says this is perhaps the longest. The president has said outdoor at a public event. On foreign soil that they can't remember. They've likened it to of course his inaugural parade in Washington DC that. If you remember his days as the president inside that enclosed bulletproof pavilion. Here he was behind some by some glass panels certainly Secret Service was rattled today but everything went off without a hitch Dan. I mean and as you mentioned the other that the sheer manpower overwhelming at the same time there are thousands of cameras all over the place right. That's right esser said he really stepped up they're security operation headed the president coming 151000. Close. Circuit televisions. Installed cameras installed across the city. More than 50000. Police officers paramilitary unit Secret Service floated from the United States were here. There was word that the Indian military was flying an awacs plane overhead to scanned the skies for any incoming that missiles or projectiles of any kind. The Secret Service put their foot down and declared a commercial no fly zone over the whole area jamming cell signals today as well. There was one not negotiable then interest in footnote here normally the chief guest. Of the Indian republic day celebration rides with the Indian leader to the platform in the Indian vehicles Secret Service said no way. It's President Obama gonna go in an Indian vehicle and so you saw today for the first time here. An American Cadillac roll up to that to that platform course the armored beast as the Secret Service calls it. The president First Lady is here as well took their seats. Historic here historic and precedent so many different ways there what else is on the agenda we're today as the president's idea. Well after several hours this morning watching those camels and missiles takes motorcycle stunts men. For a President Obama turned a lot of it back to business this afternoon just finished up a meeting with American and Indian CEOs in. From a variety of industries defense a trade is a big topic of discussion here. Includes you know posting sales at of American products to replace some of those Russian made goods that we saw this morning in the parade. Us they're making progress there but tomorrow morning the president cuts a structure about a bit short skips a visit planned visit to the Taj Mahal. It heads instead. To Riyadh Saudi Arabia of course the king yet they're I have recently passed away King Abdullah. And so president Obama's headed they're Smart and he respects. Right ABC's Devin Dwyer in New Delhi India with the latest on that DeVon thank you appreciate it as always. And of course you can keep up at the store real time as the president has continued his travels overseas I doubt what in the ABC news happens start the story for exclusive updates on the go. For now. I'm Dan Butler New York.

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{"duration":"6:57","description":"President Obama watches India's Republic Day Parade inside bullet-proof viewing gallery.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"28488026","title":"Security Breach at White House, Unarmed Drone Lands on North Lawn","url":"/Politics/video/security-breach-white-house-unarmed-drone-lands-north-28488026"}