Security heightened for Inauguration Day

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Col. Stephen Ganyard discusses how the National Guard and local law enforcement are preparing for any threats on Inauguration Day.
3:21 | 01/19/21

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Transcript for Security heightened for Inauguration Day
Inauguration security after two National Guard members assigned to the event were removed today they're now being investigated for alleged ties to white ring extremist groups. Let's bring in former deputy assistant secretary of state and ABC news contributor colonel Steve Dan you're. For more on this Steve how serious do you think this investigation is in do you feel confident that DC is in good hands tomorrow. Dana I sure hope so it is quite disturbing for anyone who served in the military to think that there might be folks within the ranks who held such extreme views that they might do something to disrupt via. The inauguration so you know I once had about marine drilling site truck or tell me that sir we can only do as much and with the people that the human the American governor of the American people give us and then so. Sometimes you get bad actors see involved in the military and I think we've seen today. Is that whatever the process the Justice Department and the National Guard bureau is doing to root out potential problem. People is is working hand I think that they've actually removed another ten. Just because they had suspicious background nothing to do was within eighty rough far right groups. But they had perhaps some felony in the background or some sort of gang related so they're going into too new to any extra lengths to make sure that the people that are guarding. The whole inauguration tomorrow are quite who they should be in that they're not canoe will cause a problem. Then the Justice Department charged leaders of the far right group with conspiracy for planning and coordinating the breach of the capital. What does that tell you about the extent to which this attack was premeditated and how big of a concern. Our groups like these verses lone wolf factors ahead of tomorrow. Yeah I I think it I think that there was some success in this attack on the capital because people caught caught the capitol police and everybody else unaware. They didn't think that nobody thought that the BC any kind of an organized attack on the capital so. It's anybody's trying to do that now to organize an attack on the capital did glossing element of surprise. So they have 25000. Guard they have all sorts of DC police. Lots of people going to be dare you know in the military there's a saying that that quantity has its own quality. Meaning that if you have enough tenacity you have enough people that dad gives you something extra and I think as we've seen the pictures. Washington DC a looks mind you the Green Zone in Baghdad it is heavily fortified and I think that's gonna disrupt any sort of coordinated outside attack. This year is still with a lone wolf sort of attack that he or an insider attacks closes the two things that I think are still concerning. Somebody who would just on their own without telling anybody do something two to disrupt the the proceedings or some a small lies inside gang that would be supporting. Any kind of coordinated attack. That it would would facilitate its oak still concerned about not about the outside attack but concerned about a lone wolf or some sort of an insider attack. Tomorrow. After the inauguration what to expect in terms of security both in DC and across the country. And then I think that this can depend on how tomorrow goes if it goes off without a hitch and we don't see anything in the state capitals if we see. Hopefully that it's been so in it is his petered out and it sits a killer going. Simple thanks so much. Colonel Steve get there always a pleasure to have you thank you. Thanks Sam.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Col. Stephen Ganyard discusses how the National Guard and local law enforcement are preparing for any threats on Inauguration Day. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75352773","title":"Security heightened for Inauguration Day","url":"/Politics/video/security-heightened-inauguration-day-75352773"}