Sen. Bernie Sanders addresses the state of his campaign

Speaking for the first time since yesterday’s primaries when the Vermont senator was outperformed by former Vice President Joe Biden, Sanders vowed to fight on, saying Trump "must be defeated."
16:03 | 03/11/20

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Transcript for Sen. Bernie Sanders addresses the state of his campaign
This is an ABC news election update here now Tom down this. And welcome to ABC's live we are Colombia because Bernie Sanders is addressing the media for the first time following a disappointing performance last night in several primaries including looting the state of Michigan. Senator Sanders flew back to Vermont after canceling his rally in Ohio Judah corona virus concerns Joseph Biden did the same the Vermont senator right now it's only projected to win in one of six states we still can't project. In the state of Washington Bernie Sanders has taken the microphones listen and. And that is that Donald Trump is the most dangerous president. In the modern history of our country. And he must be defeated. Tragically we epic president today or is a pathological loyal and was running a core rock administration. She clearly does not on the slammed the constitution of the United States. And thinks that he is a president who is on both. The law. In Margie she is a racist. A sexist. Homophobic. Is set a full any religious picket. And he must be defeated. And I will do everything in my Powell to make that happen. Last night obviously it was thought a good night for our campaign. From eight delegate point of view. We lost in the largest state programs yesterday state of Michigan. We lost in Mississippi Missouri and iGoogle. On the other hand we won in North Dakota are and we lead the vote counts. In the state of Washington the second. Largest state contested yesterday. With 67%. Of the votes. Happy been counted we are few thousand votes on top. What became even more or turn yesterday. Is that while we are currently losing the delicate count. Approximately. 800 delegates for Joseph Barden. And 664. Offs. We all long glee Whitney. Slew enormously important areas. Which will determine. The future all our country. Whole apps the poll including exit polls. Show that a strong majority of the American people support our progress so a judge. The American people aren't equally concerned about the grotesque level. Out in com and wealth inequality in this country. The American people walked the wealthy and log profitable corporations. To stalk paying. Their fair share of taxes opal Wyoming support. The American people. On to slam that the federal minimum wage of 725 but Ayala. Is a slow operation waged they want to raise the minimum wage in this country who were living way at least fifteen dollars and now up. And the American people on the slant. That up our shared so gonna make it into the middle class of this country. We must make public colleges and universities. And trade schools tuition pre. The American people on the slam. That we cannot continue it cruel and dysfunctional. Health care system and it is amazing can be. Let's see that we've been in conservative states like Mississippi. There is an overwhelming on the slim. That we are now spending twice as much per capita ought to help camp. As food the people of any other country while 87 million boss remain uninsured. Or underinsured. End this crisis those absurd health care system. Is becoming more and more obvious to the American people. As we face the challenge. Of the corona virus pandemic. That we are currently experiencing imagine facing a pandemic. And having 87 million people. Cool off happening a typical talking going to adopt when they knew. And the American people know unlike Donald Trott. Climate change is an existential threat true our country and planet. That we need to transform our energy system all the way from fossil fuel to energy efficiency and sustainable energy. The American people also know. We need fundamental trends they shouldn't be broken and racist. Criminal justice system. As well as a cruel immigration system dictate cheat millions. Of people living in sheep. What it is not shocks the ideological. Debate. That our progressive movement is winning. We all winning the generational. Debate. Well Joseph Barton continues to do very well. With older Americans especially those people opus sixty follow art. Our campaign. Continues to win the vast majority of the votes of younger people. I am talking about people not just in their twenties. But in their thirties. And their forties the younger generations. Out this country. Continue. In very strong numbers to support our campaign. Today I say who beat democratic establishment. In order to win in the future out. You need to win the voters. Represent the future or. All of our country. And you must speak to the issues all concern to them. You cannot simply be satirist. Like winning the votes of people. Who are old. While our campaign has won the archaeological debate. We are losing the debate. Overall electability. I cannot tell. How many people outlook campaign has spoken through. Gore have said and I quote. I'd like torture or campaign stands warm. I agree. With what you'll campaign's stance well. I'm gonna vote for Joseph Biden because I think Joseph is the best candidate. A defeat structural and a quote we have heard that statement all over the Scott. Needless to say. I strongly. Disagree without assertion. But that year X what millions of Democrats and independents today police. On Sunday. Aren't very much look forward to the debate in Arizona. With my friend Joseph. Let me be very trying. As through the questions that aren't will be asking Joseph. What are you gonna do. What looked like a 100000 people go bankrupt and out country. Because of medically related debt. And what are you gonna do what the working people oh. This country. And small business people who are paying on average twenty deeper set. Up there in columns I hope. Joseph what are you gonna do to end the absurdity. Of the United States of America being the only major country on earth. Where health care is not a human right. Are you really. Going to veto. Any medic shell for all bill if it is passed in congress. Joseph how are you gonna respond to the scientists. Tell us we have seven or eight years remaining. To transform our energy system. Before irreparable hall takes place to this planet. Because of the ravages. Of Klug. Joseph at a time when most young people need a higher education to make it into the middle class. What are you order due to an actual all of our people. And go to colored or trade school recall is all there in com. What are you gonna do all out the millions. Equal or struggling. With outrageous levels of student that. Oh at a time when we are all people in shell. Then Communist China a nation at war tolerance always saw is what are you gonna do. And mass incarceration. And a racist. Criminal justice issel. What are you gonna do to end a terror. Millions of undocumented. People experience right now because of our broken and inhumane. Immigration. Joseph what are you gonna do about the lack that we are a higher rate of Carleton up. Almost any major country on Earth's. And a living with the fact that 500000. People tonight. All homeless. And eighteen million families a spending effort their income to put a roof of their shirts. All importantly what are you going to do. And the absurdity oh billionaire's. Buying elections. And the three wealthiest people in a Merkel owning more wells. On the bottom half. While people. So let me conclude. The worry arc again. Idol trawl must be defeated. And I will do everything in my Powell to make that happens. On Sunday night in the first one on one debate of this campaign. The American people have the opportunity. To see which candidate. Is best position. To accomplish. Miracles actual third. OK we've just been listening to senator Bernie Sanders who's made it very clear he is staying in this race and looking forward to debating Joseph Biden on Sunday he also laid out his game plan essentially his strategy and what he's gonna ask Joseph Biden's specifically on the issues of poverty immigration. Health care criminal justice reform and the environment as well he also highlighted the two groups of voters that he is doing well with even though he is losing the delegate count right now by by acting get. At this point 200 delegates or more he says he's still winning with his progressive agenda and he's still winning with younger voters I want to bring in Rick Klein right now are cheap while political director and Rick you know sort of a stunning speech share from senator Sanders he laid out his strategy for the debate and essentially saying he's gonna stay in this race to hold Joseph Biden speak to the fire. Chill what are you gonna do about it sounds like he is essentially laying out a strategy where usually be questioning Joseph Biden bar more than debating Joseph Biden. I didn't hear Tommy and in what he just said there any kind of pass or he didn't hear any kind of delegate math or any kind of thought sugar coating and accurate admission that they are losing the electability argument and they are falling behind in delegates instead it appears like he will use that first one on one forum of this long campaign to try to press Joseph Biden on issues that are of concern to younger voters and a concern to the progressive left that is not a strategy to win a primary campaign obviously it is a strategy to try to influence the debate. It may also be a strategy try to influence Joseph Biden's mind as he moves forward. As he caught moves toward toward becoming almost certain nominee when he chooses a running mate when he goes out the rest of his team maybe there policy promises he's looking for maybe they're concessions they are. Really all its cards on the table and set it on Sunday night he wants asked Joseph Biden a series of tough questions almost as if he'll be a moderator of the debate rather than a participant. You know Greg it's sort of I mean it builds the drama this debate but it also gives you can sort of a leg up Joseph Joseph body can do his homework and make sure he has the answers to breeze questions and it's going to be interesting here because there are moderator at a debate but it sounds like Bernie Sanders wants to be tomorrow. Rader on Sunday night. Yet we've never seen that before and obviously that they did the trick for Biden at that. At that debate will be to do no harm doing it no harm to himself elect orally we didn't hear any talk about those Tuesday states next week were Arizona Florida Illinois Ohio. All states that Joe Buck that Doug agrees and has lost four years ago Joseph Biden heavily favored in each of them. Six days from now the other challenge I think is for Joseph Biden not to sound condescending patronizing. Dismissive of any ideas and Bernie Sanders rings but yes he has a playbook now that's been laid out it Bernie Sanders stays true to what. He says he will do and a few days time on Sunday night in Arizona with no crowd present because of the corona virus skiers. He didn't Harry and he ended Bernie Sanders says and medium brace a couple of ideas to show some good paper collapse. Yet that dynamic without a live audience is going to be interest in a right Rick we thank you for that I want to go to Mary Alice Parker deputy political director she's covered senator Bernie Sanders now for more than four years Mary Alice my question US Bernie Sanders says he's a revolutionary he's calling for revolution and that's what we heard right here it's not surprising in step away from the race that would have been a shocker it sounds like Bernice still sliding he may not be fighting for the nomination he's deadly flooding for what he believes. And hiding for change with in the Democratic Party. You heard senator Sanders stay in heat up the Democratic Party needed to pay more attention to what young voters are asking for and paid more attention to be issues. He pointed out exit pull us from a state like Mississippi the most conservative state probably devote so far in this primary election. Where even a majority of democratic voters told. Exit pollsters that they were and Aybar Bernie Sanders signature health care plan. You can CD's used their glimmers of hope on the issues and on age breakdown HT in. Leaning onto his kicking tail and wants a Democratic Party to take notice. You know I've heard a lot of progressive organizers. But it's me this way they can get Joseph Biden's message. And they say this in a very mocking tone mind you his message. Make America 2015 again. Is just not gonna cut it in a general election and I think that's a lot of what we are hearing senator Sanders he wants to push. The former vice president to have bell up a more robust message that they think would either show that pretty Sanders is winning more on the ideological frat. Or just how Joseph Biden be a stronger candidate in the general acts. Males what's your prediction does Bernie Sanders going their guns blazing because. Chris Joseph Biden has had moments where he shined a debate but he's also had a lot of moments where he stumbled he he you can have moments were Democrats in support him get a little a little worried about whether he can take on Donald Trump isn't this a delicate dance because its -- goes sinners goes to Harden Joseph Biden could hurt come November. I think that that's exactly right adding that senators probably tearing it from both sides. There are likely cable and his inner circle that are saying you delivers some kind of death blow to the Joseph Biden at this point in the campaign. You could you can really be it be hurting when you got come back to the senate there's going to be a lot of Democrats that. That can be placing blame on your shoulders at you make it look like Joseph Biden is not ready for November there are Unger Democrats know. No doubt in the senator's inner circle letter saying maybe that should be lashed out. And maybe a really hot debate that get at as possible. Vulnerability is a but or rice president. Would be helpful and healthy as a part of this process. So I I think that will likely see the senator really wrestle with that over the next. No doubt and he is definitely raise the stakes for that debate all right Mary Alice and Rick Vega so much for analysis you are watching ABC news live for all the updates on the campaign stay right here and ABC news lobby Or have much more on this on world news tonight on Tommy Thomas thanks so much for watch.

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{"duration":"16:03","description":"Speaking for the first time since yesterday’s primaries when the Vermont senator was outperformed by former Vice President Joe Biden, Sanders vowed to fight on, saying Trump \"must be defeated.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"69536207","title":"Sen. Bernie Sanders addresses the state of his campaign","url":"/Politics/video/sen-bernie-sanders-addresses-state-campaign-69536207"}