Sen. Bill Cassidy on bipartisan stimulus compromise: ‘The president will sign it'

Louisiana Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy on bipartisan stimulus talks, the pandemic and working with the Biden administration.
5:20 | 12/05/20

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Transcript for Sen. Bill Cassidy on bipartisan stimulus compromise: ‘The president will sign it'
It's now is one of the architects of the 908 billion dollar stimulus compromise Louisiana Republican senator doctor bill Cassidy thanks so much for your time tonight senator. Now we learned yesterday the majority leader McConnell and speaker Pelosi spoke for the first time since he election inch. And you ended three of the Republicans responsible for this deal met with McConnell as well. Inside that meeting I am McConnell was known for his poker face but how did you read his reaction which US and think that that will have a deal by the end here. One thing he acknowledges that the effort we've made. As really move the negotiations forward. And it's if you will organic from the American people. Expressing the need and an organic set of legislators on both parties in both chambers of the senate coming together that is moos speaker Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. To a more reasonable place. I think it's moved our Republican caucus to a more reasonable place it by reasonable we define it is something which is acceptable to both in contrast. And leader McConnell acknowledged. And have you talked to president chopper anyone at the White House and that the president does come out in support of this bill. With that Fastrack this right to the finish. You know he all but came out in support of it when he said he would sign a nine Saturday you know bill. There's only 1908 billion dollar bill and that's ours. I backtracked a little bit but I believe we know where he has now. The president will sign it. Now we deceptive finished a kind of nitty gritty negotiations. That we just 45 hours on the day doing and then we'll have another session over the weekend yet a little bit more build out from the framework. Make sure that we can still have that agreement that we. No we need. Now yesterday president elect Biden said that he would like to ask all Americans to Wear a mask for his first 100 he's not permanent just 100 days would you support this and encourage your colleagues and constituents to do the same. Are asking to put a little nuance into it. The reason that people kind of reject the advice sometimes is do you mean when I'm walking on the beach and there's a ten mile per hour breezed. And I'm getting a dirty look because I'm not Wear and amassed even on ten feet away from folks. I think the American people have to be credited with a common sense if I'm on a restaurant on night eating a bar an airplane absolutely. If I'm in my own home no the bomb outside know best I was CDC recommends. So like got a little new lots of the American people don't elect their intelligence. Is not be a respected. Now former presidents Obama bush and Clinton also that there will get vaccinated publicly if it encourages Americans to take the vaccine. You're a doctor would you also get vaccinated in would you do it in public. Absolutely. I'll just say that I've already been infected which probably means I'm immune but if taking a shot. Long you know on the television show with the broadest. You know coverage. Would make a point sign me up this is how we get out of this mess and this is always save lives. So we might invite you to come back in India have Taurus now. Certainly within days a first doses could be going out do you know how quickly that you and your colleagues in the senate and the house would receive the vaccine. Well the first trucks is going to rob health care providers as well as those in nursing homes as it should. The second try should be a risk based teachers first responders and those who might be above a certain age I hate to say it. Most members of congress and the senate are both certain days or may quell bio risk. But it should be risk based. I don't think senator should get any special consideration beyond that be a wrist. Now if you'll humor me here just a few kind of rapid fire yes or no questions on the national defense authorization acting you confident it will have enough support to override a presidential veto. I don't know that do you agree with attorney general bill bars assessment that there is being no widespread fraud that would change the outcome of the election. He's looked at the facts I can only trust what he says I'm not personally investigated. But it already said that you know. Looks like mr. Biden is one. It do you plan to attend president elect Biden's inauguration and would you urge the president to do the same. Well first I don't know outs companies are structured. But I will attend absolutely yet there is that it's not virtual. I attend every presidential why wouldn't shoot and yes it'd say I would certainly encourage president trop to do so all yes. And do you think a president like Biden cabinet deserves quick nomination hearings especially those will be taking. Jobs to help end this pandemic. Yes but that's not to say it it still has Devin bites and consent. But but yes we should consider them quickly. And lastly can you name desert several issues that you might commit to working with the incoming administration on in order to help ease some of the struggles for so many Americans. So have already been working with had bipartisan bill sponsored or cosponsored. On surprise medical billing. On how do we lower the cost of prescription drugs. How do we get the economy going again I talked about an infrastructure package I think there's a lot of bipartisan portal that. Has been in the past will be in the future I've been there and will be there. Senator bill Cassidy would think he's so much for your time tonight appreciate you coming on shell. It entrapment.

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{"duration":"5:20","description":"Louisiana Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy on bipartisan stimulus talks, the pandemic and working with the Biden administration. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74550995","title":"Sen. Bill Cassidy on bipartisan stimulus compromise: ‘The president will sign it'","url":"/Politics/video/sen-bill-cassidy-bipartisan-stimulus-compromise-president-sign-74550995"}