Sen. Chris Coons comments on friend Joe Biden's debate performance

The Democratic senator from Delaware said Biden "is the only Democrat who can beat Donald Trump" in the most critical primary states.
3:41 | 08/01/19

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Transcript for Sen. Chris Coons comments on friend Joe Biden's debate performance
We're joined now by senator Chris Kearns of the great city Delaware a leading surrogate tougher for vice president Joseph Biden good friend of the vice president recliner political director as well so. So where is the vice president he's here come out here wineries and you instead of tonight's dinner. I think Joseph Biden had a great night I think he did when he needed to do I think it's important. That. Polls that we've seen since the last debate continued to demonstrate that he is the only Democrat. Who can beat Donald Trump in Ohio who beats down trumpeted biggest margin in the most critical primary states for the states that were decisive in the Tony sixteen election. And in Miami. He was surprised. By the way I'm a number of candidates who he viewed as friends. I came at it in very personal ways tonight I think he demonstrated that if there are folks are going to try and mischaracterize his record or miscast. His views and his values that he'll set the record straight and he did so forcefully I think overall it was a constructive debate tonight and I think the American people who tuned in. Got to see a strong and clear vision for the future and got to hear Joe's heart and understand why he would be the best Democrat to defeat Donald trust. When lot of heat on social media for that opening in reference to senator Harris your colleague. Go easy on me Kidd. I was kiddo read it you know I mean and she's she can only tell them senator. I mean they are genuine they are genuinely friends they have no I'll remind you. It was Vice President Biden. Who was asked by senator here is to nominate her and their state convention. They have had a long and close relationship. I think that was just an attempt on his part to defuse some of the tension. There was a lot of buildup in the media about tonight being sort of fight night between Booker in Harrison Biden. I I would not paid too much attention to what I think was just meant. As a personal. Friendly opening. How urgent was this performance cited Democrats are Garth. Famous for the witness of that calls the bed wetting caucus people that are concerned. After a one performance in humans are herded from a lot of yes Joseph Biden fans is that late with second we gotta we need some fight you gotta take on trump. How important was is and how urgent was this moment for Joseph Biden to show that he'll take some hits but he can he can dish it right back. They what was striking tonight was hit ten candidates on a stage. One of them dead center and he took in coming from literally all across the stage tonight I think virtually every other candidate maybe not injury act. Who I don't think attacked anyway but virtually every other candidate at some point. Wait in. And I think Joseph demonstrated his strength his skills his ability and pushing back fighting back not just defending his record but laying out a positive vision. Four where a president Biden would take our country going. I was struck senator Bayh how much time is beat his soon going through. Joseph Biden's record and he's got a long one as you know is a former intern that worked on a seven hours and now and then that the successors in in the senate. You must be surprised by that is this a productive exercise are you concerned. About the Democrats twisting themselves in tonight's Italy striking to me that in the audience. Went. Moderator brought up the issue of busing and what was or wasn't said thirty or forty years ago there was an audible groan in the room. Thought I think it's important for us to remember. That we have a president who not a decade ago not funny years ago but yesterday. Was tweeting and saying things that are boldly racist and whose planned for the Tony Tony campaign. Is to divide our country. Based identity on religion eyes and a city on race. I think it's important that we look at the plans that are candidates are putting out going forward Joseph Biden has put out one of the most positive and constructive criminal justice plans. In American history and senator Chris Kearns of Delaware deserter for Joseph Klein appreciate your time thinks just like to migrate to seal of Syracuse and highs ABC debate at next month thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"The Democratic senator from Delaware said Biden \"is the only Democrat who can beat Donald Trump\" in the most critical primary states. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64719102","title":"Sen. Chris Coons comments on friend Joe Biden's debate performance","url":"/Politics/video/sen-chris-coons-comments-friend-joe-bidens-debate-64719102"}