Sen. Harry Reid Cites Dad's Suicide in Gun Debate

The Senate majority leader also mentioned victims of Newtown in call for "commonsense" gun legislation.
4:02 | 04/09/13

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Transcript for Sen. Harry Reid Cites Dad's Suicide in Gun Debate
Like most Americans also believe the right to bear arms must be balanced with the right. All little boys and girls in this country. They live and inner city Chicago worst weekly sleepy Newtown Connecticut. -- safe from the threat of gun violence. Most gun owners. Are good the vast vast majority of gun owners are good responsible people. Who loved target shooting and hunting want to -- their homes and their families. But -- present we have a responsibility. To do everything in -- power to keep guns out of the hands of convict criminals. And those who suffer from analysts. Make -- a danger to themselves. And others. We understand that now more than ever with the terrible -- -- -- -- Colorado. Newtown Connecticut. We have a responsibility. As a body to safeguard -- most vulnerable and most precious resource. Her kids her children her -- new accountable always remember those little boys and girls. Some of them shot multiple times. Little children. And your own kids. Sick children children it. Now -- mean they're just means to us. But that people Newtown. Olivia is news to me. Let me as a little girl who had family and loved her and knew it -- little town -- he's speaking. Know and Jack. We have -- -- -- school kids. Unless we do something more than what's the -- today we have failed. There has been a hue and -- and that's -- Two years plus months of this congress people's. Let's have regular order regular order. Let's have amendments. So I was relatively east kind of stunned. I got a letter. During -- break from thirteen Republican senators. There are the same senators who yelling screen the most about regular order and amendments. But in this letter to me short direct to the point -- You're gonna have no ability go to the -- -- because we're gonna stop. We don't think there should be a discussion -- debate on -- The -- simple background check every time -- sold its common sense this president has a brand new. Member of the Nevada state legislature I was a kid. The sheriff plan always share for Clark County at the time they -- they have a TV program and Dennis Quaid is playing well playing. He came to -- said down. Need to do something because. -- we have we need people read a little while before -- -- for him because. We could with the legislature. Not really understanding the process totally but I introduced legislation that passed and became the law. That in about. If you purchase a handgun you have to wait three days to pick up. This believe that a load and save the lives. Many people. Sometimes. People -- isn't fit of passion. Or purchase a handgun to do bad things with it. This president even as my dad did kill themselves. Waiting a few days helps. Common sense that's -- more than 90% of Americans including the vast majority of gun owners. The majority of people who belong to the NRA. Support our proposal to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and those most mental illnesses. That's -- universal background check that's what's all about.

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{"id":18916482,"title":"Sen. Harry Reid Cites Dad's Suicide in Gun Debate","duration":"4:02","description":"The Senate majority leader also mentioned victims of Newtown in call for \"commonsense\" gun legislation.","url":"/Politics/video/sen-harry-reid-cites-dads-suicide-in-gun-debate-18916482","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}