Sen. Joe Manchin discusses violence at Capitol

The Democratic senator from West Virginia comments on how Congress can unify after this attack.
4:14 | 01/06/21

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Transcript for Sen. Joe Manchin discusses violence at Capitol
Or bring in senator Joseph mansion. Democrat of West Virginia senator may actually just heard we're calling saying you're determined. To go through the night to get this study is that realistic. Yes I think it is George just we were all together and we all secure morals they can just been a sobering moments. To watch those who are kind of at odds opened the floor previously disorders. Fiasco started in the and then the model it's what they did and we were all but ushered into the safe area. And people started talking he's going around and I have made a point to talk to all of it. They are standard my under my friends and are objecting I respect your right to object spoke to a man. I think they're having second thoughts on this petition is done and what the outcome has been so. The main thing that would determine on the same year when a woman involved where shops that are voluminous away from her job and our duty or responsibility to govern. And I feel very. You know what George in this most. Difficult challenging times it might be this horrible arc. The start uniting us back into knowledge all the way of response to this story breaks for bringing America back together I don't know. Last time congress seemed to be unified America seem to unify was after the 9/11 attacks he allowed you know owns 20/20 years ago. This is an attack from our own country from our own people. I just can't believe that I can't believe the president United States wouldn't strike historically. Actually know what you're suspicious that are unacceptable this American. I've never seen anything like and I can't. I can't believe how a human being content way. I really care who might have our differences political but doesn't mean have got to be at our store wanna destroy you. So any senior talks with your ears senators and your fellow senators friends and colleagues he even the ones are objecting did you get a sense he said. There might be having some second does he get a sense they might be scaling back. There objections so this. Yeah I'm very I'm very hopeful that all art show youth. That they were all very somber those you know because they were basically doing what. Whatever they believe him and they have a right to do just senator and he accomplished person you have. Foolish to represented constituents and the people that nit picky did you particularly cute but particularly to the constitution. Particularly to Mark Cuban dictator we took an oath to constitution. And the constitution is owned by the republic of the few and the people there government. And you know I talked to all of them nannies aren't good at the thirteen year over thirteen million objectionable rejected. And I certainly hope that you all think customers torture Laurie. You're my friend you'll continue to be my friend and I hope you you see what's what's causing the most in citing this. And only you and all of us working together can tamp this down and bring our country back together so I'm hoping I got through George I really am. We were worked with several of your colleagues in the weeks before this happened to try to build a bipartisan consensus on Covert relief. I'm a coup leader who relief bill it's going to be more necessary never coming up in the new congress even the Democrats it appears now. Have little gain control it'll be a 5050 split. Right down the middle those that view in the center are gonna hold the whip hand. Well you know yeah. Yeah we don't look at it from that standpoint it's not a good it's not having the power he's easy to use this basically had the power to unite. And that's what we will use and we'll stay together would come more not to when are going to be. When he altering union and our. Objection to like this on the work again we got to get back to regular order we've got to go to a process it's deals to come to the sport that a bipartisan. It has to be loaded and has to be amendments would make adjustments Noland a vortex until votes. This is ridiculous what's been going on to the last decade we've got to stop it so I think on both sides but I can Trace the bipartisan bicameral group that would put together. Some broader package for the company got past to help the American people this is a groups continue to move this country the most sensible reasoned voice. Well as an act like what we've seen today cannot bring people together I don't know what can senator mentioned thank you. For your time thank you for joining us today healthy stay safe as you work through the night thanks very much senator work we'll get this job done so just as George Martin you.

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"The Democratic senator from West Virginia comments on how Congress can unify after this attack.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75096731","title":"Sen. Joe Manchin discusses violence at Capitol","url":"/Politics/video/sen-joe-manchin-discusses-violence-capitol-75096731"}