McCain to Clinton: 'People Deserve to Know'

Sen. John McCain grills Secretary of State Clinton about events surrounding Benghazi attack.
8:21 | 01/23/13

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Transcript for McCain to Clinton: 'People Deserve to Know'
Four months four months after they. Can -- tragedy a tragedy news were brave Americans. There are many questions that are -- answers. And the answers frankly that you've given this morning are not satisfactory. To me. Was were you when the president made aware of the -- -- cable. From Chris Stevens stated that the United States consulate in the guys he could not survive this sustained. Salt. Numerous warnings including personally to me about the security. -- unanswered her and address. It took -- CNN reporter looking through the consulate to find. Chris Stephens last warning. When will you. Made aware of that cable when where you made aware of the attack on the British him ambassador. And the assassination attempts in the closing. Of the consulates. There. And what -- actions were take force presence activities during that. Seven hour period. On the anniversary of the worst attack in American history September 11. We didn't have Department of Defense forces available for seven hours. To bring Americans died in the last -- -- warnings all these things to -- we didn't have a single Department of Defense asset. Apparently available to come. To these rescue. I categorically reject your answer to senator Johnson about well. We didn't ask these survivors who were flown to Ramstein the next day. That. -- that this was not a spontaneous demonstration to say that it's would because an investigation was going on. The American people deserve to know answers and they certainly don't deserve false answers. And the answers that were given the American people. On September 15. By the ambassador of the United Nations -- falls in fact contradicted. By the classified. Information. Which was capped out. The secretary of the United Nations report by the way in the president's words had nothing to do with Ben Ghazi. Which questions why she was sent out to start to start with. Why is that the administration still refuses to provide the full text of emails regarding. The deletion of references to al-Qaeda and terrorism in the talking points why do we care. Because -- -- classified information had been included it gives an entirely different version of events. To the American people. Going to the American people and tell them what happened -- you ought to have your facts straight. Including the ambassador said quote al-Qaeda is decimated and our consulates and embassies are secure. So. Here we are four months later and we still don't have the basic information. If you wanna go out and tell the American people would happen. You should at least -- the interviewed the people who were there. Instead of saying no we couldn't talk to them because an FBI investigation was going up. And by the way. As I said at the time I just happen to be. I'm one of those talk shows people don't bring RPG's and mortars to spontaneous demonstrations. That's a fundamental. And of course the president continued to say. Days afterwards. September the twelfth he made a reference to act of terror September 12 and sixty minutes too early to know. September 20 on Univision were still doing investigation. September 24 on the view were still doing an investigation. -- United States. As late as September 24 two weeks later did not acknowledge. That this was an act of terror. Conducted by people who were at least somehow connected. To. -- outside. Timely manner and secretary. I strongly disagree. With your depiction of what we did after Qaddafi -- We did not provide the security that was needed we did not help them with border security we did not give them the kind of assistance. That would have been necessary to help dismantle. These malicious that still to this day remain a challenge. To democracy. In Libya and freedom. You knew Chris Stevens very well I knew him for anyway. I know -- on July 7 when I went to. Libya to observe the elections and at that time on July 7 he expressed to me is deep in grave concerns about security particularly -- -- -- And he continued to. Communicate. With the State Department and I don't know who else was -- -- those cables. There's deep concern about the security there in the need for additional. Systems. And I will argue. -- with with facts that after that. Event took place after the -- Qaddafi the quote soft footprint. Was. Partially to some degree responsible for the tragedy that. It took place the American people in the families. Of these four brave Americans still have not gotten the answers that they deserve. I hope that they will get them. Well senator I understand your very. Very strong feelings you knew Chris Stewart friend of Chris you're one of the staunchest supporters of the efforts to and -- check Qaddafi and try to give the Libyan people. A chance. And we just have a disagreement we have a disagreement about. What did happen and when it happened with respect to explaining. The sequence of events. We did. Get to talk to the DS agents when they got back to this country we did so it was not before. September 15 we had no access to the surveillance cameras for weeks which help to answer. A number of questions. But with respect to helping the Libyans and that also goes to that. The question senator rubio asked we will provide. A a list of everything we were doing and were attempting to do but I will also tell you that. Since March 2011. Congressional holds have been placed on programs for many months for aid to Libya. We've had frequent congressional complaints why are we doing anything for Libya it's a wealthy country it has oil. Disagreement from some sources that we should never have been part of any UN mission in Libya. And currently the house has. Holds on non. A bilateral security assistants on other kinds of support for any terrorism assistants so. We gotta get our act together between the administration and the congress if this is a priority in if we are serious about. Trying to help this government stand up security. And deal with what is a very dangerous environments from east to west. Then we have to work together. So I hope that. We can have the kind of discussion. Where we can agree on certain. Approaches that will make a difference we. And -- -- again I would urge that. You look and read both the classified and unclassified versions of the -- that tries to deal with the very questions that. You and senator Johnson are raising the timing of it and the like. But I also hope we're looking forward because right now Libya is still dangerous. It is still in a very. Unstable status. And whatever we can do for them we at least -- agree we need to do and get out there and start delivering.

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{"id":18292991,"title":"McCain to Clinton: 'People Deserve to Know'","duration":"8:21","description":"Sen. John McCain grills Secretary of State Clinton about events surrounding Benghazi attack.","url":"/Politics/video/sen-john-mccain-hillary-clinton-american-people-deserve-18292991","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}