Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand comments on 'Clorox' jab made at President Trump

The New York senator said the first thing she'll do if she becomes president is "Clorox the Oval Office."
3:54 | 08/01/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand comments on 'Clorox' jab made at President Trump
I think there she is the senator you're on grants you senator Lisa see Eddie come out tonight it was exciting I really got to show the American people. And that it is a false choice you don't need. Someone who's not just a progress that was big ideas or someone who's a moderate who can win those Obama Obama chum voters you need someone could do about. And that is who I am and that's why I'm running for president that's why I believe I can winds have you checked Twitter since he got onstage now. Hurricane with a Clorox line is big tonight when overbay and ours I hear. At every mother brother every mother in America we do get everything they as a supplier plot points in the closet and the positive myself Petraeus U. Can I ask you about the the news what you brought the vice president today about that about an op Ed that he wrote from 1981 I believe I'd ever seen it before I don't know that had been. I had seen it before but the words were so disturbing to me as a mom who's worked my whole life. Who needed affordable day care as a member of congress so I could do my job and to say that working outside the home. Please this is here Asian family is a pretty Starks. Sentence and statement wouldn't what do you think that it means 38 years later I don't I don't know what he meant to I want to give him the opportunity to tell us what he meant to get as angles duplication and room and it does because media championed his can actually pass national paid leave. Affordable day care universal pre K easy to be prairies and I talk to Democrats about these ideas before and I can't say how many sets me that's not really a rarity. Well making up for you because your wealthy and you have caregivers in home. But to most women who must go to feed their kids. Most women who want him. Haven't packed to help people whether your nurse what dear teacher he wanna help your community. And to say that that desire to help people or that need to featured Charles street and is somehow. Avoiding responsibility. Those for the quotes so I just lines given the opportunity to explain it. I'm satisfied with the music so he ultimately say did he didn't mean event so. And what did you make of his PA another moment from tonight's debate it's a lot of attention on and on Twitter is his treatment of our common Harris your colleague in the senate. You probably didn't see this your backstage the hot Mike caught Cottam green his the senator and said hey go easy on me Kidd. Go easy on me Kidd some folks in its patronize. What are the challenge is that I've seen with the vice president is the hearkens back a lot of the good old days. But what you have to remember is. The old days weren't good for everybody. They were good for women they weren't good for minorities they were record for LG BT individuals. And so you need a nominee is actually get show a vision for how we're gonna move the country forward that we actually. Need to pass things like national paid leave an affordable day care and universal pre K. So I think. Legitimately these very important things debate tonight as we need a nominee who was the champion and you'll go through buyers get this stuff done. Greece surprising it took so long for impeachment to come up in these debates it didn't come up in the first debate came very late in the second debate now. I some of your colleagues in the senate have come out sort of sort of push the I will leave his cell I believe we do need to begin the impeachment hearings. Because were entitled to the testimony of began. The testimony of bar to get the un redacted Lawler board and it was very helpful to have Muller come forward we were able to go through all the questions that. We had for him. And he declared by what was. You know questions that we had. That we still need arrests and I think you have a greater likelihood of getting that testimony you start to. Senator it's great to see you thanks for stopping buying ink in we see you in Houston next month you. They actually years viewers Goudie Kristen Gillibrand dot com to guarantee my spot I still need more help. All right for the Yankees so much I mean buying gas here only to see Hank that.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"The New York senator said the first thing she'll do if she becomes president is \"Clorox the Oval Office.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64719268","title":"Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand comments on 'Clorox' jab made at President Trump","url":"/Politics/video/sen-kirsten-gillibrand-comments-clorox-jab-made-president-64719268"}