Sen. Manchin: ‘Bipartisan solution’ needed for Supreme Court reform

The West Virginia senator discusses what Democrats should do after Judge Amy Coney Barrett is seated on the Supreme Court.
8:26 | 10/27/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sen. Manchin: ‘Bipartisan solution’ needed for Supreme Court reform
Any Connie Barron is set to take her place on the Supreme Court soon despite protests by Democrats joining us now is West Virginia democratic senator Joseph Manchin senator thanks so much for your time what do just get right into this immunity and thank you for having thank you for coming on senator just what did you write CNN and say you know in 2018. Year are the sole Democrat to support. Judge Kavanagh why the change here and is this an ideological. Line or is this specifically about her qualifications. Now it's more that more and more ideological I mean really truly. The timing. We've never done this Lindsay and 240 years have ever had a confirmation. Vote. When there's been a vacancy that has happened between July. And Election Day because it really is too close and you need an 1864 that. In the depths of the civil war already had a divided country I'm not so sure as short of that. It's our way from that the way things have been going here but you know it just will be to common sense and decency. To wait until after the election and setting a precedent now. They're gonna say well you know I'll accept presents her broken avenue will do anything could be the week before two weeks makes no difference. There's got to be some decorum back at there's got to be some civility and we've got to bring this senate back to what it was intended to date. Now and you wrote an op Ed yesterday in a local West Virginia paper saying precedent demands this and it weighed on the confirmation vote but Republicans have plowed ahead anyway what playing what year moderate colleagues remain independent Angus Kingston on the senate floor just last night. I don't want to pack the court. I don't want to change the number I don't want to have to do that but if all of this rule breaking is taking place. What does the majority X. Act. Now when we had you on last month senator you were resistant to the idea of expanding the court but as you see some moderates have joined progressives on this are you still oppose the idea of changing our expanding according and you determine. And what about ending the filibuster. I'm I am opposed it in but let me explain to you this way Lindsay is first of all I'm encouraged when Joseph Biden. When he becomes the next president what Joseph Biden says he's gonna put it commission together a bipartisan commission of scholars. To find out how will we calm this down how we cool this place off. How do we make it work how do we make sure that the justice is blind madam justice is blind folded and she doesn't know who you're may be your. What are standings in life are. She basically is looking to rule of law. And it shouldn't be a football back and forth whoever's in power gets the court. Org it's controlled the judicial system that's not. That is not democracy it's not a rule of law it's not who we are and how how we've become the country that we are. So I'm very much concerned about that I understand my dear friend Angus I think the world Angus king's a deep thinker he's well in tune and he's well versed. But on this here I think we need to fight him work for bipartisan solution. We need to make sure that we don't continue to do it. We're having a 51 vote threshold to date Lindsey because. Because that McConnell. That senator McConnell from. Republican side the leader of the Republican Party and the senate basically. Changed the rules. The nuclear option in 2017. And did that was a simple majority. But in all fairness and 2013. Harry Reid did it for the location judges are Sorkin. And and also some appointments from a president's cabinet. And they thought they haven't met had a stalemate couldn't put it. Couldn't put a government together so rather than sitting down trying to work out your differences they just want them what they called the nuclear option. So what tit for tat so if we say we're going to change the rules. And had two or three or four Republicans come back into power whenever and it always cycles through. So you better be careful what you wish workers you will get it. And it started into researching continued in 2017. Don't you think we ought to call a truce. And see if we can sit down to give back to more normal operating senate. Which is what our founding fathers intended us to be the deliberate body the coworker our differences out. I think Joseph Biden if anyone can make that happen to be Joseph Klein. Certainly the gridlock was likely not what our hot founding fathers intended as you well know at this point we are just eight days away until election and a calendar somewhere with some big big red X is there each day at this going. Think you're one of the only Democrats to meet a judge Kenneth Garrett. Do you sense it she will recuse herself from any election related disputes. Get any issue its first of all she's she's this she's. Very very bright and she's very well versed had a very good meeting. And I enjoyed meeting with her spent about an hour we talked about things that purchase the meeting by saying she's not going to be able to talk about anything that might come before the court. Hum thinking to myself. You know that's the chance the last chance for justice the Supreme Court anything and everything may come before the court. So with that she wasn't able to opine on different things it's that. That might come before that so. I'm concerned about the Affordable Care Act become my state of West Virginia depends on 800000. West Virginians have preexisting condition. 160000. Getting health care. For the first time and it needs to be repaired Lindsay we know that. But I wish my my colleagues my Republican colleagues residents saying we've got to be you to for the presence that we had a beautiful plan. Let me see it Mr. President let me see something and if it's that good why can't we just amend the current haul off and fix what we have. So what a change gears here for a moment and talk about Kobe of nineteen US shattered single day case records this weekend majority leader McConnell. Well of the senate at lightning speed to confirm judge coney Barrett but the house and senate have failed to reach a deal yet. On more stimulus to address the pandemic do you agree with does speaker Pelosi is approach on these negotiations with the White House. Let me tell you if you're dealing. In both sides of the house. The Democrat house and Republican senate. The majority in senate's Republican. Four. Mitch McConnell to put a piece of legislation now which he called the heels are. Nancy Pelosi and the democratic congress put out what they've called heroes act. It started 3.2 trillion is are we call that neighborhood three trillion plus. Mitch McConnell puts out one at one point one trick. And you would think okay. Nancy Pelosi says that the house will renegotiate and come down to about two were 2.2 trillion. And I'm Mitch McConnell basically. Sends everybody home in August rather than sitting there and trying to negotiate. Can we work out our differences in people depending on us. To get this worked out he sends everybody home and we come back after August and for September. And the new bill that he votes on. Is now has cut in half to half a trillion dollars he won backwards. So rather than trying to do in good faith. That was not good faith that was strictly political because his people are saying that if you want us to vote for someone cut in half. Well cutting in half basically hurt an awful lot of people in my state. Whether it be educators were there be health care providers where they beat people and small businesses a lot of there was a lot of need out there. And we never really had a chance so he basically I found out that's the only thing that he can get the majority of his caucus to vote for. Lynch might have to come to the understanding. And hopefully a lame duck grows quickly as we come back after this election. He's going to pass a good piece of legislation. They can't be compromised him worked out with the White House band with the house and the senate. What's more Democrats voting for them Republicans. And he'll have to come to grips with that it's not who get nothing. And I'm hoping he understands that. And a lot main change. On Election Day eight days away senator mansion we thank you so much for your time appreciate it. And thank you for having me I appreciated.

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{"duration":"8:26","description":"The West Virginia senator discusses what Democrats should do after Judge Amy Coney Barrett is seated on the Supreme Court. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73846126","title":"Sen. Manchin: ‘Bipartisan solution’ needed for Supreme Court reform","url":"/Politics/video/sen-manchin-bipartisan-solution-needed-supreme-court-reform-73846126"}