Sen. Manchin will vote ‘no’ on SCOTUS nominee: ‘You've got to stand for something’

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin discusses COVID-19, President Trump’s refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power, and the Supreme Court fight.
6:47 | 09/25/20

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Transcript for Sen. Manchin will vote ‘no’ on SCOTUS nominee: ‘You've got to stand for something’
And joining us now West Virginia democratic senator Joseph mansion thanks so much for your time senator we have lots to getting into tonight due us. A pleasure for you to be here let's start with Kobe in nineteen we of course reached a grim milestone of 200000 Americans dead from the virus just today we learned. 870000. Americans applied for unemployment this week. And more than 26 million are currently receiving unemployment benefits do you in your colleagues owe it to the American people to. Act on a new stimulus before holding hearings for Supreme Court nominee. I sure do and I think we should have done a long time that we should never gone out and obvious we should stay here and worked right through it. At that time Mitch McConnell had heels act he called he put forth his Republican proposal of one point one trillion. The Democrats are from the house are coming over they were 3.2 they said they would go to 2.2. Syria 2.2 and one point one. No one should have no one should have left until we were able received would come together and find a workable solution but we did. We come back after the August. August recess Lindsay and he puts a new and out and he starts out 500. A lot of things were needed that even he recognized. In his first proposal he took a completely just trying to get 51. Votes from a Republican colleagues. It was just truth surely political messaging and it was wrong yes we should stay here get that done it should be our highest priority right now we have 191000. 191000 airline workers are gonna be furloughed in two weeks if we don't do something we've got people they kept me direct. We've got people that basically don't have a job yes or unemployment that's running out. We've got people are losing basically on the rim thinner and their mortgage payments there's so much he should be done. Let's turn mountain president's comments yesterday refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if Joseph Biden wins the election. Republican rich Mitt Romney likening it to belarus' in a tweet. You serve on a senate arms services committee the military has said. That it is not its job to get involved what does happen if president trump refuses to leave office. Well first of all right I want to the floor today I get a resolution. And is unanimous consent and it passed not what not one person objected. And surely what it did it reaffirmed the sentence commitment to the orderly and peaceful transfer of power. Called for in the constitution United States. I would hope that my colleagues on the Republican. Side of the Al my friends over there. Surely put the politics aside a Democrat Republican. Let your better angels fly don't be afraid to speak up this is wrong them we can't even entertain. Don't be afraid to say something about it we are Americans and I can tell you right now that is the bedrock of our record democracy. Which is a peaceful orderly transfer of power. It's problematic it's go to sends a deciding the election if the deciding vote is a Skoda is nominated president trump has just named. We should any nominee to the Supreme Court commit to recusing themselves from a case that could ultimately decide the election. Oh absolutely I think her with that with the being -- pitch right now losing justice Ginsburg. Then going to war speech trying to replace justice Ginsburg. You know I can't believe the hypocrisy that goes on this who all of my colleagues on the Republican side. Back in 26 team. When her Garland you know just Aaliyah died in February 2016. Hurt Garland was put on March. And everyone of them to a chi said that people should have a right to have say Eunice. And people West Virginia on in my colleagues. There are one to have the people of West Virginia have a say in that it was very important. Even though it never been done before like that and now officer in the same. The same senators are saying oh no no we have a responsibility and duty we need to go ahead and do it now. So which is people don't know what to believe any mormons who they really don't are confused. And senator you have said that you are not for expanding the court are getting rid of a filibuster. Michelle Obama of course famously said back in 2016 when they go low week though high. What do you say your colleagues and democratic voters who argue that the only response to Mitch McConnell decision to allow a vote on a nominee before Election Day and not giving one to Merrick Garland. He's to blow up this system and did they have a point. You know everybody the easy thing to do was blow it up we've proven that 2015. Nuclear option. And then Mitch McConnell comes right back and doesn't even to a greater degree. And taking away via. The option as far as the sixty vote threshold on filibuster and the cloture vote and goes to 51 simple for this Supreme Court so. Blowing it up is pretty easy Lindsay. What is horror is the intent of our founding fathers who want us to be bipartisan. That's the purpose of the senate and house as the hot tea sometimes you can drink and when to set off because a simple majority in the house. Then he goes over to the seven cents a sauce and pickles a tee off so can be. Can't be drug suggests that a balanced and that's a balanced than we are the balance we should be to balance. Dan and right now we're not acting is that at all and having the president. Basically selling season discourse and discourse and flaming and in friend and fan does this seems a division. It's something that none of so we thought we received from the leader of the free world to see what we're dealing with. Never ever my life. And this is I voted for a 161. Judges. The Donald the Donald Trump has put -- 16178%. Of the time more than any Democrat in the senate. I'm the most bipartisan. Senator Arlen for anywhere I can't to work with my president no matter who he or she maybe. Of course you just send your bipartisan you're the most bipartisan senator of course you are the only Democrat to vote to confirm Brett Cavanaugh to the court. Vote is held before the election on any nominee. Are you a guaranteed now. I am voting no on the process it's a shame as somebody that might be very qualify would come up in this absolute a toxic time. But the process you've got to stand for something Lindsay Uganda's say okay sure we'll go ahead I'll be part of breaking. You know changing the whole demeanor of the senate. For 230. Years we've helped us at some decency and fairness. And all of a sudden the style to wind and I'm gonna vote. To put a stamp of approval and set a precedent this should never be set I can't do that have been very fair with everybody. Senator Joseph mansion really appreciate your time thank you for coming on the show extra minutes appreciate him with the.

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{"duration":"6:47","description":"West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin discusses COVID-19, President Trump’s refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power, and the Supreme Court fight. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73226902","title":"Sen. Manchin will vote ‘no’ on SCOTUS nominee: ‘You've got to stand for something’","url":"/Politics/video/sen-manchin-vote-scotus-nominee-youve-stand-73226902"}