Sen. McConnell on stimulus proposal: ‘The clock has run out’

Senate Majority Leader McConnell said the Trump administration has “bent over backwards” to work with Democrats.
5:28 | 03/24/20

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Transcript for Sen. McConnell on stimulus proposal: ‘The clock has run out’
Not the past few days some voices you've tried to fit some Americans against other Americans are targeted directly helping workers and strengthening businesses. Are somehow conflicting priorities. That is underdogs. American workers need paychecks many jobs. The working men and women of this country do need to direct early from government in this crisis but for goodness fact. They also need their paychecks. And aid available to resume their lives. And their job. Once doesn't overrule the defense can't be separated. There's a term for when you separate employees. From employers. Of the term and it's called unemployment. Let me say that again. There's a term. For when you separated. Employees from employee earth. It's called on imply I'm. That's what we're trying. 20 boy. Shall listen no time to point tiger Jewish vote for stroke is culture wars. This is a time to unify perhaps now more than at any moment in living memory. All of us Americans are in a rush to get. This pandemic. Is not the fault of the American workers who make this country run. It's not the fault of small business owners. It's not the fault of major national employer or. Everyone needs shelf. We're all in this together. We did and all of the above approach. And that's what our framework. Put forward. Help for workers. And travelers. And employers. And health care router. As soon as Republicans put out our draft proposal would treat every aspect of describe finish. I'm merely called her about partisan talks. But I thought something usually often in Washington. Listeners are released our first draft I immediately invited the other side these folks over here. The Mike there's a gusher. That's what you call our troops are. We set up bipartisan working group size negotiators to work together to turn our rough draft and assaulting they could pass this on. With the overwhelming bipartisan. Support. Republicans and Democrats traded ideas Democrats from any changes to the initial draft and received minute. The updated Chuck Hurley for a few days ago included proposals from nose job. And of course as our colleagues have drug. The last several days even further changes have been made. As there are quote. This majority has gone out of its way to make this process as bipartisan. And has open. I was also. The administration has bent over backwards. To work with Democrats and addressing their concern. Now have left I believe world the five yard line. We've taken a lot of noise. And a lot of rhetoric to get this year. That of course sometimes happened. In news count. At different times we receive Democrat counteroffer to demanded things like new emission standard. Or tax credits for solar panel. We saw the speaker of the house release an encyclopedia. Of unrelated demand to vote or faith. Corona of Irish. Proposal. Somehow. Spider all. Where are very close. We are close to a bill that takes our bold Republican primark. Integrate further ideas from both parties. And delivers huge progress on each of before Cole core priorities. And how laid out a week ago. Shorted and madam president today that the senator China to get back on track. Today we can make all of the Washington drama. Great way. If we opted. What Americans will remember and what history will record. Is that the senate. Of the right. That we can together that we took colossal. From the way Americans are uniting all across the country and working together. That we combined ideas from both sides and to go bulls. To protect Americans and help our notion. Through this crisis. I'm not sure how many ways to set an out and president. But the clock has run out. The buzzer there's founded. The power or bargaining. As dole does were business as usual. Has that expire.

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{"duration":"5:28","description":"Senate Majority Leader McConnell said the Trump administration has “bent over backwards” to work with Democrats.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"69770104","title":"Sen. McConnell on stimulus proposal: ‘The clock has run out’","url":"/Politics/video/sen-mcconnell-stimulus-proposal-clock-run-69770104"}