Sen. Murphy believes Trump is still committed to background checks

The Connecticut senator spoke to the president about finding a background check reform solution after the recent mass shootings.
5:16 | 08/23/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sen. Murphy believes Trump is still committed to background checks
The president's. Very quickly after the mass shootings. Wins the press and say he was open to you a conversation. About background checks. During those first few days I was on the phone. With my colleagues Republican and democratic colleagues in the sat. Trying to explore whether we could revive. Background checks legislation which failed in the senate in 2013 or take up. The bill that has already passed the house of represent us. One weekend ago the president calls me. Hands told me personally. That he was indeed serious about moving together moving for together. On what he called the meeting full background checks that legislation. The president told me that he knew that Republicans in the senate wouldn't support it unless he supported a background checks measured. And he was committed. To finding a way forward. After that. I had other conversations with the White House staff began to meet with the White House and other members who are interested in it. Several days goes some of the president's comments seemed to suggest that he was once again backing away from his commitment. To work on background checks legislation. This was familiar to many of us because we had seen it happen in apartment here remember. After apartment shooting the president convened myself and a handful of others at the White House. And publicly committed to working for working together on background checks legislation at that time he even seemed to Matt needing to endorse. Proposals like assault weapons. Bands. The NRA came into his office about 24 hours after the Parkland meeting and he changed his mind and there were reports. That he had been on the phone with members of the gun lobby on the that was in part when he changed his thinking. I have been encounter with a White House this week since the president's comments. As late as last night. And I believe that in the White House is still committed suit trying. To work on a comprehensive. Anti gun violence. Proposal that would include strengthening. Background checks and I committed to the White House last night. That I would work with them over the course of the next few weeks to try to find common ground on expanding background checks in this country. The last confirmed to me and they are also interested in trying to find common ground on senator booming ball's proposal. To see you. Incentivize states to develop extreme risk protection orders and that. Would hopefully be part. A broader package. Now I am skeptical that these efforts are goings bear fruit. I think it's very hard to negotiate with this White House when the president it's the public positions seemed to change by the day. And I'm sure there will some there'll be some people who will say I'm I'm naive. To think that we're going to end up getting a proposal. Through that will significantly expand background checks and be able to get sixty votes in the senate. I'm gonna try. I think it's my obligation as the primary sponsor the background checks bill in the senate to do so but also because the stakes are so hot. Because if we were able to dramatically expand the number background checks that are. Processed in this country for instance a gun shows her through online sales we would undoubtedly saved lives. In states that have universal background checks you have thirty of 40% less individuals who are killed. I guns and states that don't have those protections. And so. I think it's important spend some time trying to reach some common ground. I will say though that I'm skeptical that that process will eventually bear fruit. So you know I am hopeful that we're gonna begin once again. Meeting with Republican and democratic. Legislators. And the White House next week as we've begun to do. Last week and that there will be something to report. If this. You know all seems like a ruse an attempt by the president's it make it look like he's doing something without actually moving the ball down the field. I think we'll no doubt in fairly short order but I want to make shirts. Give assault trial. Lastly I've made it clear it's the White House. The debt if they are prepared to give the NRA veto power over this package then it's not worth having even one meeting. And now I had. Don't know yet whether they are listening to me but I will say in my conversation with the president you know he understood that. At the time he understood that what. What was what was a bill that would be meaningful. Would not likely be supported by the gun lobby and I reiterated that the White House this week.

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"The Connecticut senator spoke to the president about finding a background check reform solution after the recent mass shootings.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65152994","title":"Sen. Murphy believes Trump is still committed to background checks","url":"/Politics/video/sen-murphy-believes-trump-committed-background-checks-65152994"}