Sen. Sanders and DNC Chair Tom Perez launch 'Come together and fight' tour

ABC News' MaryAlice Parks reports from Louisville, Kentucky, where Sen. Bernie Sanders' and DNC Chair Tom Perez's "come together and fight" tour is underway.
7:54 | 04/18/17

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Transcript for Sen. Sanders and DNC Chair Tom Perez launch 'Come together and fight' tour
Or bring in Mary Alice parts is actually in Louisville, Kentucky right now. On the war eyewitness. Senator Bernie and there is and that head of the DNC on her red Mary Alice this is the beginning of the come together and fight tour. What if it's all about. See it it's about revitalizing. Democracy. Eating out there in front of crowds talking to people traveling tent some of those traditional swing states. And talking about the Democratic Party but it's obviously really fascinating because it would iPod senator Bernie Sanders who. We're ready answer it necessarily a member of the Democratic Party was elected as an independent and has its own really unique almost. Cult like following. Agassi on I don't know if you can see it as the theater critic at this event tonight at 7 o'clock there's already at Zion line outside young people with their Bernie Sanders stickers that come out to see him. Wherever he'd house. Rethink your take on it and this is something like this before it is basically. They may in the play for 2018 that we got at somehow gets some excitement into the Democratic Party that's not just anti child. Yeah I think it's I didn't try to tell the N that are out there and Mary Alice looked is that your take out their spent so much time well covering Bernie Sanders. Your. This he realized investment stance that needed now with the chairman of the democratic. We remember how critically wasn't getting lots of missiles that are management of the Yangtze and as you say he's technically not even a Democrat now. Can't not be mindful of what this means to be traveling around you. Now incredibly intentional it is done to say we have to come together no more infighting. The last past were together doesn't matter how far and let you aren't your environmentalists if you're a more. Not heard it you gave for socialist is it became for economic issues we have to work together and that is why he knows very. Much Berry it's the message that it's ending traveling around with top rents. It's absolutely. Trying to project unity and trying to say no more fighting and gambling. So Mary Alice the folks who are there and turning out for this event is this. You know senator Sanders and and Tom Perez preaching to the fires are rallying to basically trying to change minds of folks out there. You know and that at that match I think. Mostly. It's preaching and acquire it it's. Rally debates exactly like you said talking to people that are excited to come out and see Bernie Sanders where the young folks activists the progressives. Who who are paying attention to you know these events are taking place. But they also picked a pretty unique itinerary at Yale and listed statement like Texas and you talk and get mad at. I'm making a point and we are getting some local Pratt still in local interviews talking to people in states that not Democratic Party has sometimes. We've heard come in and out I'm so I think they are trying to have it be a little bit come out. Bringing new people and but also rally names so that's exactly its quest as nickel or they're this week. U one of them. As well. With a couple of the a couple of them. Got a different read on his owner direct evidence of that but each of them you have at least the potential of reckless but. Odds I think that's a big. You it's not your fault with long people 88 on them when we knew top givers into them. Texas that is a fast growing state without at the numbers swing battleground districts. It's the in the hall. I'm intrigued by the way that it that parties and it opera is older and scattering around the country. It during this time the energy moment that we have special elections going on today. In Georgia these are all possibilities are trying to created Rodham as possible what happens illustration. That's yours the widespread up. The Mary house we talked about this earlier to that special election in Kansas last week the went today. In George is that something that's resonating with folks on the ground returning up for this kind of event. That diehard netter at their dialed and they're paying attention that are giving money to the Democratic Party that are still calling everyone centers enters week. They absolutely are aware that US elections are taking place they're making phone calls. Their fund raising. I'm but that what we're talking about his mother that diehards are activists progressives. When you talk to. Higher ups in somebody's campaign experience. Organization even at the party they're very quick to try to temper expectations saying either one off events. Let's not get ahead of ourselves we don't know yet they're part of a national trend. But knee and they didn't get Democrats come out and win. Just you know Bart I'm down in interagency I didn't I didn't really quickly the Democrats say actually the opposite field they look Satan. Tell all day tomorrow that he was absolutely a huge sign everything to count so they're playing a big expectations game and it's been. It'll beat we really interesting to watch how it's been exactly what happens tonight. Everett watching Jordan today and pouring money in the air means and you accidentally. Now think that a plane in the an outlet that. I look both sides of race and not State's it and it. You try to downplay it it's not possible due Democrats this story one way. Dollar's money will support thirty year old. But it. The earth and it first hand yet to be clear filmmakers there you all. The oh that was used it was classic with him up play console or and start little start up. So this is the he's a talented guy mark all that is like a perfect candidate for a suburban Atlanta wrecked office. He might get close to the top if you'll eat that that's me so he's. He's been cast the bird type clothes but let's. But that's seen. The firm of them throw line and it is all on its offices. Or. Flip side Republicans who don't want where this is a district. Longer that our process alive and Republicans if he's. Out Newt Gingrich was Robert. When he decked. Tom price. There's also but what's it about this history is that want it. Now. So this is that all ready showed the Republican. Districts that showed castle. We are it was probably a high point is popularity. One by one. So. Now nineties in this administration. All over the place fire all night. Is the real sense that oh wait that's worked that's that is that the Democrats. Boundaries I candidate recruitment. Republicans about this president's political coattails he can't overestimate its old. Time task the president political sway it will have real. And we are gonna happen results when they come in. Live tonight so tune in here but Hate Mary Alice are. RX out there and Kathy thanks so much for joining us now with its chat. And back here in the record fine. Here or a buddy it's not yet trees prevent some birth including a Jack Cassell at that town hall went straight to the clothes that are usually in and we have the laws. Practice back to say hey I don't forget tonight we're gonna have that conference and Bernie Sanders event life here as well at 530 to ten. To watch that life thanks much for joining us but for more. And how it back here in with more by.

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{"duration":"7:54","description":"ABC News' MaryAlice Parks reports from Louisville, Kentucky, where Sen. Bernie Sanders' and DNC Chair Tom Perez's \"come together and fight\" tour is underway.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"46872328","title":"Sen. Sanders and DNC Chair Tom Perez launch 'Come together and fight' tour","url":"/Politics/video/sen-sanders-dnc-chair-tom-perez-launch-fight-46872328"}