Sen. Schumer calls on Republicans to ‘do their duty’

Sen. Chuck Schumer reiterated that Democrats are “seeking the truth,” and hopes four Republican senators will “rise to the occasion.”
3:00 | 01/24/20

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Transcript for Sen. Schumer calls on Republicans to ‘do their duty’
Look our quest for the truth continues. As you know this is one of the most solemn and sacred moments we face. In the country. When a president abuses. The power of the office. When he threatens the rule of law. It is our job as senators to get the truth or just the facts ma'am but as Joseph Friday has said. And we are focusing on getting the truth. The way to get the truth. Have witnesses. Have documents. That were very contemporaneous. To the charges against the president and we continue to do that. And the American people continue to be overwhelmingly on our side every day. The poll numbers which were high to begin with go up further. At that even a majority of Republicans. Believe their ought to be witnesses and documents. Now yesterday's argument. Ups by the house managers. Was was precise. Was dramatic. Was emotional. Represent leadership gave a commanding closing argument at the end of the day. There are lots of constitutional precedents there are lots of legal and factual arguments to make. But he spoke to the American people's common sense. And appealed. To the sense of right and wrong. No senator. Democrat or Republican. Would denied it had an effect on the chamber. And I look around at the Republican members. A lot of what they're hearing they don't want to hear. They don't want to hear the true facts. Because it puts them in such difficult positions. Was seeking light and the truth. And as you see the truth always prevails. It. Despite a few detours along the way in any case they don't like to hear it but they were compared at several moments yesterday. The testimony was so compelling it. That there are eyes were focused almost to a person. Last night on what Adam Schiff had to say another moment. Was when. Congress member of our Garcia. Talked about lieutenant colonel Benjamin. It was touching. And got to every American and I hope every senator. Didn't get to all senators we've heard about one of them what she said yesterday the bottom line. We're seeking the truth. And a momentous time in the American republic. It is on their shoulders a four Republican senators. To join us in demanding it. We've made the argument forcefully. The American people have made the argument forcefully that they want the truth. Will four Republican senators. Just four. Rice to the occasion. Do their duty to the constitution. To their country. To seek the truth. Who's next. And in children. You thank you over the past few days. My colleagues and I have listened to the house managers lay out a very strong case against president trump. Inning credible T town the house managers have laid out every facet. Of president trump schemes. And misconduct. The case is overwhelming. President trop orchestrated. A pressure campaign against Ukraine. The attempt to strong arm their government into launching investigations. Into the Biden's. He would how the meeting. With presidents villain ski he froze military aid to Ukraine even as they were engaged in hostilities with Russia. He did this to try to hurt one of his political opponents and help his own reelection campaign. The case against president trump is a rock solid. It's clear. It's undeniable. It is the truth. So I'm surprised. When I hear my colleagues. Complain. That there's nothing new adding it's really quite hypocritical. They complain there's nothing new. And they say this. After they voted more than ten times not to be able to receive additional testimony an additional evidence. To my colleagues who are using this argument. Don't bury your head in the sand and then complain it's dark. They have every ability. To call witnesses to agree unanimously asked senator Schumer has sad. If they mean what they say which I highly doubt. And they should want to hear something new. Let's hear from John Bolton who has relevant. Information. To the heart of the matter. He has first hand knowledge of these events. And US forty volunteered to testify. Let's hear from that mall lady the one who said that there was a quid pro quo and to get over it. I think it's absurd. That senate Republicans are I'd willing to hear more testimony. We need more documents. We need to documents from the State Department we need to drop documents from the Department of Defense we needed documents from ONB. My Republican colleagues will have another chance to do their constitutional duty. After we hear. From president Trump's attorneys they won't have another opportunity to vote on witnesses and documents I urge them to do so. And I urge them to keep this very simple facts in mind. History will remember those who stood up for our values. He's general remember who stood up for our constitution. History will remember who has independents and righteousness to do the right thing at the right time. This is about light this is about truth this is about finding out what happened and doing our constitutional duty. Anything lasts is a failure.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Sen. Chuck Schumer reiterated that Democrats are “seeking the truth,” and hopes four Republican senators will “rise to the occasion.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"68508485","title":"Sen. Schumer calls on Republicans to ‘do their duty’","url":"/Politics/video/sen-schumer-calls-republicans-duty-68508485"}