Sen. Sessions Faces Questions on Immigration, Possible Clinton Probe and Policing

ABC News' Rick Klein provides analysis on Sessions confirmation hearing.
2:52 | 01/11/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sen. Sessions Faces Questions on Immigration, Possible Clinton Probe and Policing
She frowned when he get your take on this in just the second to but let's get real quick bring in our calling down in DC. Rick Klein ABC's political director is joining us there he had been watching keeping a close I. On this hearing as well Rick what are your top line so far kind of stands out to you from what you've heard from senator sessions so far. One. Headlines was asked specifically about how he would handle Hillary Clinton. Related investigations and he said this is news today. That he would recuse himself from any such investigation given his prominent role in the campaign in the struck me that that is a key distinction to make because he was so closely associated. With Dolph up traveling around the country at these rallies introducing them firing up those crowds he needs to separate that piece of him campaign Jeff Sessions. With attorney general Jeff Sessions and I think regardless of his position on a range of issues that was important. For senators here and I think more than that you you're starting to see Jeff Sessions lay out some of the policy bones that that hit Donald Trump is only hinted that. I thought it was interest thing in a section where they talked about. The the total and complete shutdown on Muslims entering the United States that we remember from the campaign trail sessions says that's not even the operative policy anymore. They're talking about extreme betting but he did say that he thought it was important to consider religion in some case he's had some religions are inevitable and difficult to the United States public safety. And I think that's an interesting position or potential attorney general so you're seeing a lot of testing out a bunch of areas by people that know Jeff Sessions very very well. But really reflecting two different world views you got the winning side in in Donald Trump and focusing a lot of nice things about him. Much different portrait emerging from the Democrats on it. His colleagues did try to pin him down on a couple of specific that he didn't quite give an up deet tails I thought on sums typically on immigration which has been. A key issue for senator sessions and specifically on dock that. He did of course say that they want to repeal that they want to get rid of it but he didn't think what would happen to 800000 people who are currently signed up so. How do you think his performance where when it comes to those kind of question. Well I think it's important from his perspective as the potential attorney general he doesn't speak for the for the new policies but it was in interest thing for him to say. That he did not believe that doc it was a it was a constitutional policy keeping stock up should be repealed he's made that publicly known and obviously he'd be helping them the legal arguments if there are lawsuits bringing you you presume that there would be we're talking about millions of individuals who can Gibbons be deferred action. Under the Obama administration have been told that they are OK to see in the United States. That would have that suddenly revoked if that executive action is reversed and Jeff Sessions be on the position of of defending the federal government. Against that shall speaking he is at one of the strongest. Opponents of immigration reform we exist in the senate he's been very critical of immigration generally an immigration reform efforts in one of the most. That most vocal people out there that's not gonna change in this position even though his job won't be to set policy and follow to follow the rule of law.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"ABC News' Rick Klein provides analysis on Sessions confirmation hearing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44707693","title":"Sen. Sessions Faces Questions on Immigration, Possible Clinton Probe and Policing ","url":"/Politics/video/sen-sessions-faces-questions-immigration-clinton-probe-policing-44707693"}