Sen. Sessions Pushes for Stronger Partnership Between Federal and Local Law Enforcement

ABC News' Amna Nawaz interviews former Dallas Police Chief David Brown and former Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake about Sen. Jeff Sessions' confirmation hearing.
6:58 | 01/11/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sen. Sessions Pushes for Stronger Partnership Between Federal and Local Law Enforcement
Report orders generally. There's an evaluation. Of the work groups conversations. During his time in US. And you're watching our continuing coverage. The confirmation hearing Alabama senator Jeff Sessions who is of course. President electrons nominee for attorney general that it's still ongoing if you want to watch a few more senators questioning him before they go to break over on live kennel. To you can hop over and watch that there. Act here and join in the studio by former Baltimore city. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake and of course former Dallas police chief David Brown wanna get your take on a few of the things you heard this morning and it covered a lot of ground and I think that double in the I think senior senator from Texas senator cornyn there they talk a lot about that that tensions that exist in some communities between law enforcement officials. And members of that community he was hailing some of the comments you have made in the past about how to strike that balance what do you make about senator sessions answered that question well. He scored high marks with the rank and file law enforcement community. He had some members that are present in uniform that's. He acknowledged them but he also carved out holding officers accountable. As a key component to how he saw the attorney general's job. But what was missing is how he would hold them accountable does that mean that the conceit decree. Aspect of the just a formal would continue. All would it be cool back sounds meaning people. Perceives that being something it will occur on the top administration so we didn't years. All the answers to holding off accountable but I think what you found long what's meant more encouraged today by his comments are now. Supporting them. He acknowledged some of the ambushes and and humans evolved in this country as being something that is unacceptable. But he also carved out some comments about. Rising bombing crime. And that we dolphins. To perform community based policing. Which was really encouraging. Rather than the stop and frisk. Which we heard on the campaign trail so that was really. Encouraging commentary but very high marks I think from from unlawful for suspected on. His comments he also articulated. A sentiment that he said a lot of law enforcement officials he taught me talk to say that they feel of an factory think. Up hurt that quite a bit from officers who if you if you recall the turmoil over leases them at the loss police union endorse don't. So up up hurt that I think they're there are some perception of that from from the rank and file. Although it be true but if sometimes he's percent to skin can be often reality that they feel abandoned I think I think what I would say is that. You know we feel like. That's all what challenges to us have and a solvable problem. From four multi levels that we know when men along to song is so maybe a little bit overwhelmed. And needing help asking for help more funding I think office feel like. From the funding mechanism the cops office and or if we self has been cut. Opal well meaning years and so we it if you say not supported. Maybe that feeling could be perceived and in multiple ways. But. Senator sessions without question. Hit it some right mark today his tone was I think what often from listening for from attorney general. Ten days was do you support on force he made it pretty dense. And. And they Iran's flaky a lot of the issues he's talking about you have been on the front line thinking of working on there involved we make how he's answering the questions so far. Think you you hit it hit the nail on the head and you said the devil's in the details. Just from the chief was talking about. His support. Law enforcement and that he sent the right tone. He's leaving out just enough. That we don't really know where he stands he talked about community policing but what does that mean to. Senator sessions. What is he going to do differently what is he going to keep in place. We talked of when you when I started talking about this Tibet talk about my concerns about consent decree to what does that mean moving forward. And I think you saw enough. In the in his remarks port to be a red flag. To you. So. And I am I I think there's still a lot of questions. That. That are left open by his testimony couldn't. How are you squaring the circle with and company meat there's contradiction. In the things that he's saying now even in his voting record in in the past if you just look at the issue of a sentencing standards. He took a very heavy line of questioning at this from senator Dick Durbin. And he has talked and worked to reduce the disparity when it comes to sentencing. Of those is committed crimes with. Crack cocaine and powder cocaine he has done that work but as senator and was hitting him for heat he hasn't gone further than to allow other people. Who met some of the mandatory minimum minimum requirements it to actually petition. I think I didn't look that hacking how he viewed the. I think. They've really speaks to the the the tone of this hearing it's very clear on theory. He is supportive of a lot of things in practice and reality. Then we have that question because on the issue of sentencing. He did step out he was very clear that he thought that behind him one ratio. Was unfair but then when you put the been in practice and reality when you put the fix in front of them. Wait a minute in and I'm with you in theory but I'm I'm not gonna go all the way to fix the problem and it seems like that's a consistent. Theme. Yes and he has such solar system that's with the lone public service career. That it is it's not hard to find contradictions and if you go back thirty years or go back to when he years go by 25 years but you can hear the consistency. Of a very conservative philosophy. In contrast to some of the senators asking questions what Democrats and so. Get beyond the Democrat Republican how how's he gonna act as attorney general I think is should be the central theme of the question and answer and some of it is just not fully fleshed now as we see and I know that could continue to ask questions take a break and come back. And maybe we'll hear more details Meehan how would he follow through with concede to cryptically in Baltimore Chicago which right now the reporting today is about. Is the Obama administration on a fast track them because they don't fill elected for administration will follow through. And so that is a real concern that on the table right now in in just a few weeks. And this is we should remind everyone just day one a two days of questioning. That's senator sessions will undertake.

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{"duration":"6:58","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz interviews former Dallas Police Chief David Brown and former Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake about Sen. Jeff Sessions' confirmation hearing. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44707660","title":"Sen. Sessions Pushes for Stronger Partnership Between Federal and Local Law Enforcement ","url":"/Politics/video/sen-sessions-pushes-stronger-partnership-federal-local-law-44707660"}