Sen. Ted Cruz Talks Trump on Iconic 'Field of Dreams' in Iowa

GOP presidential candidate visits with tourists and supports at Iowa landmark.
13:36 | 07/17/15

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Transcript for Sen. Ted Cruz Talks Trump on Iconic 'Field of Dreams' in Iowa
This is ABC's Josh Haskell in Iowa I was driving down a road through some corn fields and all of a sudden. I saw a baseball diamond. But of course it is not any baseball diamond this is the field of dreams from the 1989. Film with Kevin Costner. Yes it was filmed here in Iowa as well I would to be exact. Population. There were thousands you can see. Owned some kids are playing with their dad and a number of people I've met here actually went from Iowa this is a major Hearst attraction here. Attracts about 65000. People a year in. You can see the cool Warren. As it is it is on this form surrounding the field in the outfield. There is done no fence just corner pretty remarkable. Beautiful thing to stumble upon. Here. In dire still Iowa. Of course in addition to you seeing. Could mourn and everything that Iowa has to offer you occasionally run into some presidential candidates and that's what. Has happened to us here today Ted Cruz who's running for president. The senator from Texas he's actually having an event rate now. The fuel that dreams can see there's a small round of people. He's come here to meet with senator talk with him on them actually have the senator's book they want him to sign it. Just became New York Times smaller after a little bit. Stole wrong which. We're about shall we when you. The youths during his being here Friday. In dollars lie when people taking pictures. A mountain so it's not just. About that you figurines. Your first attraction it's also become. A campaign. Let let's take Yang and see with senator cruises telling these young girls. And now they're friends. Lectured at. Raymond county who. Some advocate. Krista held. Eight while you're tall for 80 yeah. So ironic. That you know what my girls would if they were here with. And I think they would run all over the place and they'd be like where we stand in here hanging announced at a plant on the on the deal. As in the color. That's a lot but I guess I'm and a particularly early in the morning. I beat it she traveled far apart way. For them so far so so what grade on. Yes we agree on. Better advocates. For us dollars second. And then cast. The art here let's get a picture. Assignment you're asking. There you. Thank you. Get a better place to live in principle given time. Answers. They don't get a couple good pick. And now get those will be sure. Care to get your information. Front and. Yet but I think you know taking thank you it to Nina is Josh. He center is Josh Haskell ABC news relied on ABC did all right now did seem to one death welcome. Thank you welcome yourself I'm to be basins and points oh. Look forward to cover you wanted to ask you know that I read the princess bride is your favorite movies where does feel the dreams rank. A field of dreams is terrific admitted it's remained at princess bride was it was a particulars. Favorite but you know the principle you it will come. You know any minute now expecting to see shoeless Joseph locked up from the park. That that happens right every. You know I for one at least believe it. I was talking have some people here that are from Texas and not just from Iowa and I heard you're in town and they want to come down and meet you what's it like to come here to Iowa. The voters and I know your excited for the family or should. Summit tomorrow it's it's it's it's one of the really great things about our closest. You know you think about it in Anna in an election. For the presidency of the United States the leader of the free world. It begins. In a cornfield. It begins in a diner in New Hampshire and will why didn't hazing statement. About our democracy that that what's wonderful about it as you have the opportunity to visit. With with people living their lives who are concerned about the challenges of this country and and and what I find fantastic about Iowa. Is that when hear take their responsibility very seriously that is that this is not a small thing. You know there's an old joke and where you voting for silence for president no no I couldn't possibly only men and five times. There's a lot of truth and and I think it's great. You know as you know I'm a Texan a 27 million Texans if we start in the state taxes. It would be all slick TV Hollywood pants. And and the entire country really trust the men and women of a violent to look candidates in the eyes and figure out who's telling the truth and his boats is you meet voters here in Iowa is there any concern that some of your support. Me be going towards your friend Donald strong low that did this is going to be a long and and volatile race there tonic candidates in the field. Lot of folks I like respect like Donald like. A lot of folks at east what I think Republican primary voters are looking for. Is someone will tellem the truth and duties and and I gotta tell you the energy and excitement we're saying he's. I mean three months we've had over 175000. Contributions. At ten cruised or T we have donors to the campaign. In roughly half the zip codes in America 48 point 1% of the American at one or more crews campaign donors. And this is a campaign. That is coming from people. Americans are fed up with politicians in Washington career politicians in both parties. There are listening to and so I'm encouraged I'm really lifted and and we along Lago. And finally anything you want high winds to know moving forward homes time you're going to be spending here I would. Deeply recording their votes well I'm spending a lot of time in Iowa have already committed to doing the full Grassley joined all night at nine counties. And and is spending just time listening and visiting with books I mean we're that there that's something that we really. Enjoyed an and it's what politics is all about what should be. Who'll let you get back it is acts of voters think senator. It. That was senator Ted Cruz talking to ABC news. This is a campaign event here at the field of dreams there's a small crowd and he's just. Going up to have voters NSA acts had a lot of them aren't even from here 'cause this is a terse attractions so and that's of people from Texas. They said oh yeah we we heard he was and Tony want to come down he's our senator but they of course can't vote in Iowa. It's far found two women over there from Illinois and I told them that senator cruises on his way and mania. Quickly got in their caller and laughed so. Little bit of everything here is the field of dreams supporters fans people that are just your receipt of baseball field and they want actually nothing to do with politics. I want to bring you guys back in just to show you a little bit about what senator cruises talking about here. With voters meeting people and and so they can. Get to know him better. I think it's very well I always I always wait to general cinema drive test. So that's very cool. Cambridge but if you look very good to see what I thank you very much I mean university professor TVs a wonderfully teach and preach violent side. It's very. Harry S joint litigation we're enjoying it we actually. You know the great. We're here a higher rigor or farmland under what well both. So great that it would negro monitors where elderly. Clients doctor they. Let's try to talk some of the voters that came down here Sergio recruitment talked ABC news would rightly feel the dreams today. Got a message from our pastor or. Appeared in theaters supports the U. I. Candidates speak just Cruces. Cruisers such a need for. The right leadership in the country. What part of Iowa where you from can you tell your first and last my name's Fred to work and Uga. And our premiere. Just moved from Montana's. Can't instances to Iowa and right. The country and its July right now the caucus has until February 1. Have you have your mind made up how many events are you planning on going to do you plan on seeing every single Republican candidate Bolton as many events as as I possibly care. With maybe you know vacation this week you know it just makes it easier. Haven't worked it. Difficult piece of those. And finally what are you looking worn a presidential candidate what what we character. Here is not enough that that that is a character prisma summit and it has care. Thank you sir appreciate it and it. Says you can see that gentleman was told by his pastor about this event a lot of people just heard about it this morning Mary impromptu. Senator crews of course loves the movie field of dreams he wanted to come down here and see for himself and when you're an Iowa usually have a small crowd sometimes a big crowd while Liu. Into about 25 people they are taking with the senator want to bring you guys back onto the field because it's a pretty remarkable site. NC. And met this guy might earlier. He's playing catch with his kids right now. They're actually from texted her Texas originally from I will be live in DC yes like what's it like to be playing catch and their senator crews campaign for president. Well we came out for a few days to visit family where an open that we ran it to president says area. So this is completely on plan just correct we want the field but look overseas actors. That. What's it like to play catch with your kids out here and you'll injuring great we're gonna not yet if it rains that red compact but it's nice and anything you want to stated senator Ted Cruz in. House can help you and your kind of voting process should go got to fight that we live we live in Arlington Virginia so it must serve at about I would see him to look. We'll it is talk to see at this depth theater. They're gonna give you guys just Japan as you can see those. Pretty famous wooden benches along here at the field history unions. There's one on among the third base side right now which also won on first base on. And it's been over 25 years since the movie was shot in 1989. This place looks pretty much the exact same. No offense just lots and lots of who warn your peace few miles. Recently this. Movie site was purchased by some one. And they are winning the seventy. Million dollar baseball and softball so you've been pretty controversial here to r.'s bill Iowa. Because the fear is that. The corn will go away and make room for more baseball fields and although. High winds are. Happy and supportive of this becoming a center for youth softball in baseball they don't want to lose the iconic. Croft. Corner outfield if you NC goes through miles and we don't know who might just walk out. We give you guys one more shot of the house. Where the movie was filmed the game over 25 years ago this place still looks the exact same. The famous line from the movie. Is this heaven no it's Iowa certainly is Iowa with the presidential community over there. The market's February 1 senator Ted Cruz campaigning. Have plenty of coverage of all the political events and everything happening here in Iowa through the weekend so stay with ABC news digital and alt or other platforms this is Josh Haskell from the field of dreams and tires bill.

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{"duration":"13:36","description":"GOP presidential candidate visits with tourists and supports at Iowa landmark.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"32517308","title":"Sen. Ted Cruz Talks Trump on Iconic 'Field of Dreams' in Iowa","url":"/Politics/video/sen-ted-cruz-talks-trump-iconic-field-dreams-32517308"}