Senate cancels vote on GOP health care bill

Without enough votes for passage, Senate Republicans announced there will not be a vote on the latest health care plan.
15:07 | 09/26/17

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Transcript for Senate cancels vote on GOP health care bill
Hi everyone on the bots here with continuing coverage of president trumps. Press conference there in the Rose Garden with the prime minister of Spain when a jump right in with some breaking news headlines we can bring you now. Let's go live now to Washington DC my colleague reclining ABC's political director and Michael of being at joining us from there and over activists and it. We've got Serena Marshall with us as well at Rick a let me go to you first on something we've just learned now we know the Republicans multi year effort. To repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act Elson and is Obama care is over. For now so what's next. Well that the bill is dead but this army will not die and it will be new attempts to resuscitate this is part of the the next budget resolution could push forward the deadline but this was inevitable given where the votes were we saw secession of Republican senators come out say they oppose it. This is strike three but it's not baseball they could get worse trying to get themselves another rat bat. And I think we we haven't seen the end of it yet but for now for the foreseeable future yup this is going to be tax reform. Republicans now hold that will be there being legislative victory maybe the only legislative victory for the year now that health care decided yet once again. Serena give me your take on this now what exactly happened here in these last few days we knew they had three senators. The voting no we thought they might bring it to a vote anyway just to get on the record with at it and some way. If there actually a path forward that what happened behind the scenes. They don't want to bring it to a vote if that Bo is going to be another resounding no and yesterday they were dealt their final blows senators Susan Collins. Coming out against the bill again paint he couldn't get behind it because it is being cut to Medicaid. And with those three senators. Firm knows they just didn't have the votes and it would just be another embarrassment for the Republican Party to take up a repeal and replace office. You have repeal and replace bill doable on the senate floor and to see that no once again and now they're saying they're gonna come back to it Lindsey Graham just moments ago saint. We'll come back like Rick that after taxes. But whether or not that'll actually happen is the question what we can't expect the likely in the short term. Is that bipartisan effort to be revived. That could come back here in the senate they needed something to get. Exchanges under control to get the premiums down in the meantime tomorrow is the deadline for the health care companies the insurance companies. To come now and decide. It they're going to be part of the exchanges. For the next year knowing that this latest circular plate effort is dead could convince some of those insurance companies come back to the table when it comes in the Affordable Care Act and is public exchanges. House Republicans and Democrats. Worked together moving forward could be a big difference in whether or not actually be revived again in the coming weeks will Republicans. He this thick of the Obama care of the affordable. Affordable Care Act exchanges. Worked out. Sure those up. Been able they want to take that sign and possibly in another run and failure and stay on top hat in the months ahead in the meantime I want it back to another set of questions the president. Based there in the Rose Garden play a little bit of sound for you in case you missed it the president was asked. About some criticism he thinks about his late response. Two people in Puerto Rico now a humanitarian disaster by many accounts after they've been ravaged by a few hurricanes there and expanding its time tweeting. About the and it balance through protests on the sidelines there take a listen to what the president had to say just moments ago. Well I wasn't preoccupied with the NFL I was a shame Devoe was taking place because. To me that was a very important moment I don't think you can disrespect our country our flag our National Anthem. And to me the NFL situations are very important situation I've heard that before. About was I preoccupied not at all not at all have plenty of time in my Angela do is work. And to be honest with you that's an important function of work and it's called respect for our country. Many people have died. Many many people many people are so horribly injured. I was at Walter Reed hospital. Recently and I saw so many great young people's. And then missing legs in the missing arms and they've been so badly injured. And there were fighting for a country they were fighting for a flag they were fighting for our National Anthem. And for people to disrespect that. Body kneeling during the playing of our National Anthem I think is disgraceful. Rick Klein a pretty you on this first now there's a fundamental disconnect here in the way the president seems to be talking about this. About those rights of those military veterans he's talking about are fighting to protect which should include right. The crate our players and free speech to be able to protest where they see fed. A couple of disconnect here on I think that's a big one. I think he would the other one is in him saying this isn't about race when we know. I just based on the statements from the players who have engaged in these protests than it's explicitly about racial injustices. Balances in policing. I criminal justice so I feel like the president it's right on this issue I think that was a telling comment there talking about how he's got funniest. That he's always working. He thought this out. This did not seek him out president a lot of issues on his that this money he try to find and try to exploit its continued. To try to hit as hard as he put it plays well to work to his political base I think the way he's appropriated this as an issue for himself. It puts anyone who's potentially in any players on the other side of the American flag which is now the protesters intended. And as an uncomfortable position for lots of people I think you've got a part of one of the disconnect here what the president is saying what art. I'm Mike Levine you know you can weigh in on this too there's president was the only one. Weighing in on free speech today you cover of court the Department of Justice for as attorney general Jack fashions. Had he previously scheduled speech today at Georgetown on free speech how to back out. Yet just two hours before the president's event the C is that this afternoon. The attorney general as. The sort short distance away at Georgetown law school which he said that free speech is under attack. And he said that colleges and universities across the country were created to be a sort of. A conversation of different ideas in and where opposing views are shared but that they've become an echo chamber that was his phrase. An echo chamber of political correctness. And that they're being filled wit. Which. With fragile egos he said. And. Of course just his remarks come an interest in time because in the middle of the senate fell debate his basic message was. That opposing views need to be heard and they should be relegated to certain areas. But of course again and that's the NFL. They break I feel like there's an Alanis Morissette theme song here that about. Rain on your wedding day or not for your acting you've already pay. I mean look at these are two members of the state administration had at the government and his handpicked attorney general who seem to be delivering very different messages here. Yeah I I think that's exactly. That's exactly right it's important time for our generals that you at this war. But I think it's telling you saw without irony in this case it's right wing voices mark he's the press. Is calling essentially for less re. Expression he's talking about conservatives might be offended but at the lack of respect for the flag so. Where you stand in his what you say it once again with this administration I think the White House in identifying this is a priority I think its rate a lot of concerns about what the role of government is. And the attorney general asked about this is as might as Mike knows and I tried to square or circle that's not quite there Rite Aid if your if your general sessions in your being asked about this. Free speech works forever water works for not one. Well yeah he said the attorney general sensitivity actually condemn us with NFL players he said that they should have done it he noted that they have lots of assets and that. They should find other ways of expressing themselves in some of taking in the UV and. And he any made a point of saying the person and it applies to the president as well so he's allowed to say what he what he wants to say even though now the administration is saying what there should be a limit the free expression. Of the players and. Feel a thing I proposing to meet again if have a rule where players aren't allowed to nail that three and actually get your take on this that a heart all of that. The reason the question with asked in the first place was because. Of the president's response to folks in Puerto Rico millions of whom are now without power facing increasingly scarce supplies of drinking water. And food what did you make of the president's response there. All we actually heard from the president for the first time real remarks on Puerto Rico all of this that was being going on over the weekend all of the NFL taught in. Health care talked Puerto Rico wasn't at the top of that lists in fact over the weekend. He didn't tweet about Porter redo it took him until Monday to actually even comment on Twitter about what was happening. And that comes had been governor of Puerto Rico is Boehner the humanitarian crisis here isn't going to be catastrophic. Unseen mass exodus to the mainly in. It the government doesn't step up. And do more to help the people of Puerto Rico and the Franken that these are American citizens so hearing from the president today commenting about the administration's response. The big deal we also learned today that the president needs to go there but he's not gonna go there for two weeks after from when the hurricane first hit and that's different and we've seen from this administration when it comes to responding to hurricanes on the we signed goats to Harvey and Texas twice. The first time within two to three days the storm was still hitting parts of taxes at the time. Florida he went there within. Four days after the hurricane hey. The the worst part of it hitting the keys and it taking in two weeks to go to Puerto Rico's you can see why these people are questioning whether the administration is really coming. To the defense of those American citizens and joining us live now on the phone from the Rose Garden is ABC's John Karl who is there. With president trunk of the prime minister of Spain and John Allen asking about the other big story that came out of that the president. Really doubling down on the military threat against North Korea saying that he is totally prepared. To do what is whatever is necessary when it comes to addressing those threats. Yet this came in response to a question about the words of deep prime the foreign minister. North Koreans who sedated. Trump's words amount to a declaration of war against his can't country. And made that threat to that North Korea's now with its rights to start shooting down US military planes even international airspace. Seoul. The president was asked about that and Ben and absolutely no toning down all of the rhetoric of the hard liners he's taken. Against North Korea he called you it and he'd refer to the military. Option implying there's also a diplomatic. Option. But pledged that he is fully prepared to take that military option if he is forced to. John let me ask you another question about something else he was asked about there are keeping get a finer point on this two bit. There's a sort of disconnect here from the white house on the one hand you have attorney general Jeff Sessions saying that free speech. Is under attack in America on the other hand it the president saying that NFL players should not be allowed to protest. In the way that they see fit. Are we think any kind of clarification from the white house on. The first walking you mash and Jeff Sessions here Jeff Sessions news. Then the odd man out in the president's cabinet ever since he recused himself from the Russia. You know investigation somebody you the president we know had asked for a letter of resignation. And then chose not to excepted. But who's somebody who is made clear that he is furious with the and this does this attorney general on a previously scheduled speech Krista go out and speak. On free speech just as the president has launched this attack on NFL players. Exercising what many see as their fundamental get a first amendment rights. During the during these pre games. The National Anthem immediately it's really an extraordinary position for the attorneys general to be and the one thing I can tell you. Is that the attorney general. Did that this speech was scheduled before the president decided decided to go into this attack on the on the NFL players that what he called you know SOB is. Who who protest during the National Anthem. So. You know but very you have quite a bit of unfortunate timing from the attorney general the attorney general speech of course was supposed to highlight. The issue which is a legitimate issue to annihilate of a free speech on on college campuses and you know speakers that has spanned have been silenced have been hounded out. Because of their of their views. But you know I mean what what an uncomfortable position from the hit Turkey general Libyan and of course. He didn't get around to mentioning the NFL controversy in his remarks of course them. Don't cry you can mark the day that you got to use SNB and I live stream Murray here think I politely apparently Obama's. Headed out I mean to the president to be clear did not use the you know did the deed the the that the board didn't say as a B actually said the actual work but I I don't know we have a family flood stricken. So. You know it's going to be trying to be tested. Keep it PG thank you John are. Karl on that from the white out that Rick Klein and I ask you about something out then something we talked about a little earlier this habit of a proxy war going on in Alabama this is something the president has weighed in on. A Republican primary run off. Between the man who assumes the seat left behind by attorney general. Jeff section is all these circles are coming together now what can you tell me about the stated that special election and what that's about president trump. If his candidate has it. Pull fruit. This is trump vs trumpets and the president himself may not be able to tame the forces that brought into office that would be the lesson if judge Roy Moore. One of the most colorful and controversial figures to ever come close to the sanity. Were to win the Republican primary a run off tonight against his preferred candidate president's preferred candidate. Senator Luther strange he was appointed to fill B Jeff Sessions he's actually under somewhat controversial circumstances and Alabama and he's become associated with the establishment. You know he's only been in office for about six months now. It would be a stunning setback for president that's very popular places like Alabama. And the twist on this one is that Steve Bannon was in the state last night campaigning against president fox even a vice president pence the other side estate. In any for that person so you're seeing. The entire base of president puppet war with itself over this senate seat is an extraordinary set of circumstances. I don't is likely to be replicated anytime soon but I do think it. It has big implications for governing this year because Roy Moore is not someone's now goal long to get along with Mitch McConnell and Republican agenda. And big implications for the primary season next year because it's going to embolden a whole raft of of would be trump supporters to run for office that they feel like making it happens that grassroots energy. Even without getting the endorsement of the president's out. According to paying special attention to some of the special elections this year we'll have continuing coverage here. Thanks to all of you Rick Klein Mike Levine and Serena Marshall for joining us now. And thanks to you for watching as well if you wanna keep up with the latest sign Alabama special election had hampered Anytime that story. And any others or download ABC news that get all the breaking news updates right here found for now I'm on the spot and feedback Houston.

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{"duration":"15:07","description":"Without enough votes for passage, Senate Republicans announced there will not be a vote on the latest health care plan. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"50110697","title":"Senate cancels vote on GOP health care bill","url":"/Politics/video/senate-cancels-vote-gop-health-care-bill-50110697"}