Senate candidate Roy Moore, comedian Louis CK face sexual misconduct allegations

"The View" co-hosts discuss the allegations against the two high-profile men.
9:16 | 11/10/17

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Transcript for Senate candidate Roy Moore, comedian Louis CK face sexual misconduct allegations
Okay. It's Friday. Another day another batch of sexual misconduct allegations. Let's start with president Bannon's pick for Alabama U.S. Senator Roy Moore who is taking over Jeff sessionss seat possibly. A woman claims when she was 14 and he was 32 Moore started a relationship with her. He picked her up from around the corner of her house, around the corner, not where her mother could see it. On two occasions he drove her to his little cabin in the woods and had sexual encounters with her. Three other women said Moore pursued them. Meghan, your dad John McCain who I love right now -- Thank you. He already called -- I do. I like him very much. He already called for Roy Moore to step down. Other politicians like Mitch Mcconnell are saying if it's true he should drop out. This was many years ago. There's no way to prove it. You have to take the word of four young girls. Not one two or three but four. When he preyed on this 14-year-old his mother was in the courthouse where he was an assistant district attorney he told her mother she shouldn't be in there with you listening. I'll watch her for you. That is true predatory behavior, illegal behavior by someone sworn to enforce the law. This is a man who compared homosexual Tito beast at. He said it should be illegal. Somehow he feels the preying on an under age girl is okay. He denies he did it. Four named sources. 30 sources total. The consistency if you read the article. When people say if it's true he should step down there's no way we'll get further than that. The idea you have to believe them or not and that's the part that -- Meghan you said this morning -- Wermd hold them to the same standards as people in entertainment. These are very damming entertainment. Ir I should say others have said he should step down. Why did John McCain say just do it? He's different. That's right. I will say for me last night I was in my car going to the heros gala. I was in the car with two of these friends. I was like I can't catch a break as a young Republican. I cannot catch a break. I have went on this rant I wish I could do on the show. When I grew up, the people who made me a conservative and inspired by -- They're gone. They are long gone. If I had been 14 or 15 the age I had been understanding the consciousness of a conservative if I had seen all these sexual dooef I can't answer, pedophilia I would have been like I don't want to be associated with this party. The upcoming millennials will have more power than baby boomers. If we don't start winning over young people we're doomed. This Alabama state auditor, zim sooeg her compared the story to Marion Josey and Joseph. Don't make this biblical. Wasn't this a virj nal birth. What are they talking about? They're bastard icing religion. They're hiding behind my faith to protect this sexual dooef January si. Roy Moore said the choices of illegal will -- guess what sexual predatory behavior is not a left or right issue. It's an American issue. It's illegal. It's not a political issue. You're enjoying this, joy. No. The comedy world is dark today also. Comedian Louis C.K. Is also having a very bad day. It's so gross. The release of his new movie has been scrapped after five women have accused him of forcing them to watch him pleasure himself. I always depend comedians but not something like sexual misconduct. I always say let comedians speak. I'm not talking about what they do. I give comedians a pass for free speech. Not this. What do you make of this? We've been hearing more and more about it. There are allegations that Harvey Weinstein also -- I can't say it. You can say it once. I didn't say it. He pleasures himself into a potted plant -- Women in front of a potted plant are not safe anywhere. It seems like -- Maybe in a greenhouse. It seems like -- Sorry sunny. I know. I was reading that people should read Sally cone's article on CNN and another article why they do it. It's sexual hostility and dominance over a woman. Forcing a woman to watch that gives them pleasure. The weirdest thing about it -- I don't want anyone at Starbuck's to see me taking extra splen das. Who sits down and thinks five times I'm going to do something that's going to be repeated outside this room. The thing that breaks my heart about this if you had asked me who is one of the best celebrities you met in person. I met Louis C.K. One time. He was so lovely. Took every picture. Talked to everyone. It's not always the jerks that are being divas and not nice to staff. It's weird to me because I have the luxury and privilege of never being sexually harassed. There is a whole world out there where it's just being a woman in the world is an unsafe experience that you have to worry if you're doing a stand upset and worry that a man is going to masturbate in front of you. Sean hannity said why does it take so long for things to come out. We all know the answer now. Women are afraid to speak -- For retaliation. They feel ashamed. These comedians Feld they would never work again. His manager also spoke to these women. I'm sorry -- These comedians. Go ahead. Weinstein was saying I will come after you. After people that -- allegations of Harvey Weinstein Israeli agents to find -- joy, you look upset. I'm upset because other comedians are being handled by this manager who told them to be quiet. I think they should drop him. I'm not going to mention names. These are boys -- men who are working with these Gries. We need you guys to help us. We can't do this alone. I have worked with a comedian before. I wrote a book with a comedian. I like comedians. I find if you can make people laugh there's a level of intelligence you understand the psyche in a way to make people laugh. It's a compliment. If you are doing stand up and done the stand up circuit which is male dominated if this happened to you early days before you were famous what would you have done. I had a story which I'll tell you when we come back. Announcer: Still ahead joy sides with trump. You heard me right. Find out why Behar backs the president on one of his most controversial issues. ??? Let's talk about something good. Announcer: Okay. Monday we're celebrating whoopi's birthday. First whoopi gives us the inside skop on her favorite things. Then common and Andra day give us an unforgettable per for

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{"id":51068499,"title":"Senate candidate Roy Moore, comedian Louis CK face sexual misconduct allegations","duration":"9:16","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the allegations against the two high-profile men.","url":"/Politics/video/senate-candidate-roy-moore-comedian-louis-ck-face-51068499","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}