Is Senate Debt Deal A Win For The White House?

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney says, "There are no winners here."
5:46 | 10/16/13

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Transcript for Is Senate Debt Deal A Win For The White House?
One triumph on phone conversations. With -- -- the business -- speak. I don't have any. New conversations -- reality of it as I've noted. Many times. So don't read anything specific in this. The president has conversations with members of congress that we do not read it. In all cases so. At this time I have no -- -- to provide the president assurance from this house the house will vote on this. Are free to house in terms of actions that the house -- the speaker to -- -- the president hopes. Both house as well. Act swiftly. On this agreement. In order to reopen the government and removed. The threat of default and this continued brinksmanship. From. Armed -- -- process. Grace. Apologize you understand. This agreement represent -- I -- -- -- They're the Red Sox game of the evenly so I can't blame that that this agreement but. Since I'm speaking about the Red -- about John Lackey I'm pretty. Moving up. Does this agreement represented. Complete. -- we. There are no winners here. We've said that from the beginning. And say it right at the end because it's true. The American people paid a price -- And nobody who's in here to Washington by the American people can call himself the winner -- the American people paid a price for what's happened. And the economy -- suffered because of it and it was wholly unnecessary. And and and let's just remind ourselves we're not even out of this is not done we need. Action to be taken so that the government -- and the threat of default can be removed. This agreement is very little -- -- -- from. There is a provision -- here. Requires verification of course subsidies. -- -- care. The income verification provision separate it into which you refer was negotiated by senate Democrats and senate Republicans and is a modest adjustment to the existing Affordable Care Act law. We have always that we are willing to make improvements and adjustments the law. Ransom would be wholly different. Thing and now we -- it was not. Not both sides agree to it and we support it. Were finally. Okay and not very quick to just factual things on -- -- era. Can -- give us some updated figures on the web traffic -- -- very briefly this in the first few days where we now. Here that I can tell you. Today we are two weeks into the implementation. Of the affordable care -- health insurance marketplace where Americans regardless of their income job status or age or health status can access quality affordable health coverage. They can reliant. Health Care Reform is more than a web site across the country people are getting health insurance although the glitches are unacceptable. So is the idea of leaving millions of Americans on their including families across the country -- now have access to health care that they did not have two weeks ago. I noted that on one network today that this suggestion that that network could not find a single story. Someone enrolling which is ironic because they're all over the rest of the media including and -- -- -- small business owner found a plan that cost. Her -- 150 dollars less than the cost of her previous plan. Again these -- other media reports we -- not not not information we're collecting and disseminating. Kaiser health news refers to college student who will pay seventy dollars a month after federal subsidies the same amount he is currently paying -- for much broader coverage. In this case and he says I'm thrilled to get something this good at that price it was complete surprise in New Mexico business owner signed up his employees and got quoted a policy. That will save -- thousand dollars per month this is the owner of -- law firm in New Mexico. And I mentioned some other stories in these are just stories that reflect that yet despite the glitches that we acknowledge and -- absolutely must be fixed. People are getting on enrolling. They are. Finding an enormous array of options available to them that weren't available to them in the past and we. We are focused on. Consumers here and consumers are just regular Americans out there who want. The option of being able to buy affordable health insurance and what we're seeing from. The anecdotes have been reported. -- that people are finding those options available to them and are excited about them and the volume that we've seen reflects. The fact that the interest is extremely high. And you know that volume continues I don't have to animate -- can find it for you it continues to be extremely high we have. 560000. Calls have been made the marketplace call center. And I'm sure I just have a lot of material there I know that the the numbers of people coming to the website remain. Extremely. Sure you can numbers and and you have even estimate for me now we over two weeks and as we've said repeatedly John that we will -- -- enrollment figures monthly. So I would expect. The first figures around mid November.

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{"id":20589512,"title":"Is Senate Debt Deal A Win For The White House?","duration":"5:46","description":"White House Press Secretary Jay Carney says, \"There are no winners here.\"","url":"/Politics/video/senate-debt-deal-win-white-house-20589512","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}