Senate Democrats Stage Talk-a-Thon to Slam Gun Safety Inaction

The lawmakers were protesting stalled legislation.
3:07 | 06/15/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Senate Democrats Stage Talk-a-Thon to Slam Gun Safety Inaction
Democrats on the senate floor pushing for new gun control measures this is a live picture which eaters re engineer from Washington where Democrats have been talking nonstop for hours. Trying to pressure Republicans into taking action eyewitness his political reporter Dave Evans here now with more Dave. Madonna as you know senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut launch today's filibuster because senate Republicans. Refused to take up to different gun laws one would expand background checks the other would prohibit anyone on the terrorism watch list from actually buying a gun. This is both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are weighing in on their plans to fight terrorism. Two plans vastly different from each other. The shock over lamb and what to do about terrorism spilled onto the senate floor today. Where Democrats threatened to filibuster stopping all other senate work unless Republicans do something about that easy access of assault weapons like the one used on Sunday. Having come through. The experience of Newtown. I've had enough. It's been four years. And nothing has been done on the campaign trail Hillary Clinton also called for banning assault weapons she wants the lone wolf terrorism task force. As she calls trumps anti Muslim immigration idea dangerous. We need to build trust in those communities here at home. To counter radicalization. And the lone wolf phenomenon. Just up people from pouring into our country. We have to stop. But. Do we find out. Want that hell is going on. But trump today double down on his anti Muslim immigration plan. Clinton today pointed out all Mormon teen was a US citizen radicalized by crisis propaganda on the Internet. Aim ban on Muslims would not have stopped this attack. Neither would they wall. I don't know how one builds a wall to keep the Internet out. And trump today painted himself as the champion of the Second Amendment saying the carnage of Orlando would have been far less if only. The victims were armed. If some of those great people. That we're in that club that night. Had guns. Strapped to their ways or strapped to their ankle. A latest polling is showing some really awful news now for Donald Trump Hillary Clinton has opened a double digit lead in up when and at least one poll. The Bloomberg poll out last night shows were up by twelve points 49%. To 37%. For trump also the ABC news Washington Post poll shows that seven out of ten Americans now have an unfavorable view of trump. That poll shows only 29%. Have a favorable view of Donald Trump 70% again haven't. Unfavorable view of trump today's poll also shows that 55% would not even consider voting for Donald Trump right now. He has got to find a more positive message or the selection. Could quickly become a disaster for him.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"The lawmakers were protesting stalled legislation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"39887690","title":"Senate Democrats Stage Talk-a-Thon to Slam Gun Safety Inaction","url":"/Politics/video/senate-democrats-stage-talk-thon-slam-gun-safety-39887690"}