In the Senate, a Friendly Bet on the NBA Finals

ABC News' Ali Weinberg speaks with friends and colleagues Sherrod Brown and Barbara Boxer, who made a wager on their home teams winning the NBA Finals.
5:17 | 06/22/16

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Transcript for In the Senate, a Friendly Bet on the NBA Finals
Yeah Calumet any decent producer thinks retaining an update for client and I eighty seem like extreme pain I'm here with senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio. Senator Barbara Boxer from California. They have just made good on friendly wager they meet NBA finals game. Senator brown how does it feel. None of the tables have turned and you are here collecting on that. Year ago almost it is it was senator boxer's office the first or he has because it's such an expatriate. Office space in the entire oh. And yeah. But I was hurt Ellis quickly lost. But this year. If you live in Cleveland. You. We at fifty years. And they. It would have two years the 49ers have been so we are people who clean socks hundreds of people to the streets while. It's like being with senator boxer collecting this. I wanted to be home to watch but the state. That under practically tell us about the winning that senator brown is collecting. Well that's it I have to say I was much happier here. And the only thing that makes it possible. He. Stuart. If that here so happy and he really references to him like us. It didn't. Let. Me here but this isn't it is the art spay. Brewery and went for via and it's very happy to see it that good sportsmanship we. Six. Oh it's butt. We. Were getting a quiet here but I also. That I am making especially extreme yet. This is a town of warriors. For the next time the two teams meet with him here at peace when it. This case we needed this so cake and ice politically. Yes. He was nervous when you want but it's when it peculiar human trait he's equally Julie much it's futures owner. So my wife and a critical support or point out came out. If we are you going to be in. My Stan what we've and once I'm not sure deliberate act Cleveland staff here. Look ready. Aaron McKie home early on Belize. Personally I saw what I. I don't have to say noting how nervous here it's been this thing. I don't believe me he stopped me on the street. In Washington DC DC. He was talking on the phone backpackers one point nine cell in the middle of what and scream something nasty words. It was down two or 30 yeah something negative about stepped Koreans about garnish. That you dead it would exempt from the founders Joyce and it's or boxes he she says I understand. Are actually doesn't like hurt you. Know this merger because it. Keep it good spirits got my point let us. Knowing that I apparently knew deep despair. And via. The in the Miller street lights and strange here. I think his staff had to with its. New moves race mood swing so I say this. I think they've earned. It doesn't accept asking rumor thing which is how does it feel to be wearing. The Cleveland it's it feeds terror all. I am sad about it. And it's even worse than he went fit me since it doesn't look it looks like actually enjoy playing it which I'm not. But I do that. Look for ships work and good sport. He's. Gonna teacher run twenty miles an hour on the court it and the ball against the back board. Right. Sweet tea and if all goes well there. Yet. And one last thing which is how you feel about the fact that the LeBron poster is coming down not completely they're doing now I the Republican Convention what might rule they're coming I welcome them. I don't agree with. Much about their nominee or their party in many ways but I can't believe they're gonna take on the LeBron posters put some wrangling Lou they mean nothing more patriotic in Cleveland and Bryant going like this and. Saying witness now let's be clear I think it's Sherwin-Williams that the paint company who has written a. Millions is that maybe or maybe it's a good Cleveland company but that god you better that's. Policy. Thank you so much for joining me today I'm recipes. You know we're we're covering that big conventions and everything's you know but I'm. And my condolences but thank you for joining us today mayor brown congratulations. We think. Thank you all for joining us on FaceBook. ABC politics live stream and you back here where homework and investment are.

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{"id":40054578,"title":"In the Senate, a Friendly Bet on the NBA Finals","duration":"5:17","description":"ABC News' Ali Weinberg speaks with friends and colleagues Sherrod Brown and Barbara Boxer, who made a wager on their home teams winning the NBA Finals. ","url":"/Politics/video/senate-friendly-bet-nba-finals-40054578","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}