Senate GOP gets new pressure from Trump on health care

Trump claims Senate Republicans have not done their job to end the Obamacare "nightmare."
10:47 | 07/24/17

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Transcript for Senate GOP gets new pressure from Trump on health care
Let's talk a little bit about what the president had to say they are what we know to be true. About senate and their potential vote tomorrow let's bring in my colleague Mary Alice park's town in Washington DC in our network bureau there. Mary Alice we're the big questions a lot of people had for the last few weeks. With how involved was president trump going to be this is the first time we've heard him deliver this kind of address. But he did put a lot on the line for both Republicans and Democrats in that plea. Right you're exactly right that's the first time we've seen the president out they're really promoting the provisions of this bill really. Advocating for the replacement plan that Republicans have put forward it's been one of the biggest frustrations for senate Republicans but he hasn't been out there campaigning. Sort of pushing. There bill you know he's using time during interviews to talk about his attorney general and not talk. About health care and and this was really interesting your right talking specifically about families bear with children talking about specific senate bill. This was new for him. So let's talk about what he did have to say though just from a political standpoint for a second to get back has been. One of the main hurdles right the Republicans control congress and they still haven't been able to pull together the votes they need for previous versions. Of the bills look though we know will happen tomorrow what exactly are they voting on. And that's a great press and it's that it and whatever site you back here in DC today is the fact that. They don't know exactly what they're going to be voting on it at the present they're actually act like he was making some new entities that they're gonna have a chance. To vote on a repeal and replacement plant he was referring to that original. Senate bill when he was going through the various provisions. At night candlelight and that's what they're voting on because because we weren't sure they were just an hour of now not on Arab. Repeal only. Bell you know most likely what we've been told is they will bring what house passed. Over to this and it. They will vote to move back to the floor at the first hurdle for leader McConnell just some new some piece of legislation shoo the floor for further debate. And then it was our understanding senators would be able to add amendments they would be able to add an amendment to scrap that bell and just do a creek clean repeal. Leader McConnell can add an amendment to scrap that bill and offer his replacement plan. We know that there are some Republican senators who have had their own possible replacement plans bait might be able to offer those as amendments. So there's just been a lot of guests were on capital about what exactly would go down tomorrow and where McConnell would. Would would throw his energy and is weight but it looks like the president really wants a clean out on that original senate Republican plan. And if anyone was wondering who the president intended audience was he made several they're wrapped remarks. To his colleagues there in congress he spoke directly to Republicans saying look this is your last chance. To make good on a promise many of you ran on one that he definitely ran on to repeal and replace he also to call out to Democrats saying this is your chance. To make up for what he called the terrible harm that they've inflicted on the American people but he's gone back to this argument. Mail so much money to take on it that the problem here in terms of passing any kind of legislation has been Democrats that they are not lending their support. Two Republicans efforts here. In the issue. Why isn't depends you ask his. I Republicans will say that Democrats have come on board they should recognize that this that this lies ailing. People are hurting that they are not as many choices they're as there should be on the individual market and it Democrat should work with. Democrats on the other hand say absolutely willing to work with Republicans if Republicans take the idea of repealing the Affordable Care Act. Off the table if it's not done under the rubric of repeal and they're ready to work Chuck Schumer is actually come to the floor several times and sent the sort of bipartisanship is open. Let's work on repairing a lot. And they laid out a few proposals that they are ready to work as they say aid aid ink would help. Improve the situation and repair at the law. And but so far Republicans and I'm willing to go there they still are consulate talking about. A clean repeal the president just last week was saying that maybe they should do a clean repeal the president's been all over the map on that. Eyes so whether or not you can place blame on the Democrats it's really hard like you said Republicans own every part of this town. So the fact they haven't been able to get their people together to vote on something. Really it's on them. Let's talk a little bit about his tacked to his own party here because is something the president has been tweeting about it something he made direct. Remarks about here let's listen in on what he had to say his messaging. To his fellow Republicans. Still time to do the right thing. And four senate Republicans. This is their chance to keep their promise. Over and over again. They said repeal and replace repealed and replace. But they can now keep their promise. To the American people to provide emergency relief to those in desperate need of help. And to improve healthcare for all Americans. Every member of this added I say this the American people have waited long enough there's been enough talk and no action. Now is the time for action. Mary Alice Republicans who previously opposed. Other versions of the senate bill. Did so because there are some parts of it that are really hard to get behind his defense here constituents if you're. Running freely reelection into when he eighteen in the latest CBO estimates said that the latest version of the senate bill that was July version. Had an increase of 22 million additional people uninsured. By 20/20 six premiums initially going op. And then after twenty twin me going back down that's tough sell Republican or Democrat that's a tough sell to make to your constituents. Exactly you know sort of unbelievable how much. He is really separating himself from his colleagues for placing the blame on them. I've really rake in about the cause for not getting something done but he's not that one is traveling back these town halls remembrance seen those pictures. Really. Boisterous crowds of folks saying that. That you know they were only able to get health insurance because of the law X specially in some of those red states that expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. You've got even Republican governor saying that. They expanded Medicaid really help them provide insurance to some of the most vulnerable populations in their states they are asking their senators to not vote for this thing. And obviously a Republican senators don't want to get between. There the White House and the Republican governors they're stuck in a really heart spot you're exactly right. This bill as an unpopular. The pulling out is really bad people are anxious about what it could mean in their lives. And so it republic there are several Republicans and it just not been willing and able to support it so far. And there are a couple of things the president mention their specifically that I think are sources of a lot of confusion for people's idealist he Beacon Hill downed them a little bit. There's this issue of pre existing conditions right. That that line has been that whenever version of the bill comes out that will protect. Preexisting conditions from Moby understandable last version of the senate bill that's not entirely true primary Allen. You're exactly rate but it gets to what version of this bill rats talking about high so for the month. The most recent version of the bill right included in amendments actually have parts of an amendment offered by senator Ted Chris. Was designed to appeal to the more conservative parts of the cock it. That amendment would allow insurance companies to sell I'm very very bare bones catastrophic only plans on a sack Breton market. Free from other. Requirements and regulations under their current law. So a lot of experts and agents and insurance companies the American Association actuaries and wasn't even sure thing existed but it was the study. Whose study raids and the health and I ability of insurance markets. They don't send it back and create real issues. If you couple. Healthy younger people in two separate pool separate market and they're no longer balancing the risk. Answer you leave sicker people are just people who need more coverage have had preexisting condition. Women who tend to want maternity care for in stance. In their own pool and the prices would would most likely really dealt op and that's the CBO found shoot at prices. For those people who need more care out what really skyrocket. And so whether or not you say that this bill the latest now includes protections are people a paint is an ignition it's kind of weather you read out. The letter of the log vs the possible implications of the bell that they're proposing. It leaves in some language about technically protecting people a preexisting conditions. But does a lot of funny maneuvering so that folks that actually that there was Boggs actually they're really worried about their protections. Theoretically could see a lot higher costs so it's complicated. But you're right that it's it's been really controversial. It's complicated stuff that you and are bolting down there than an awesome job unpacking all anyone who wants it taken the nitty gritty go to Eric tonne of breakdowns there. Including some of the CBO estimate sum and how though his way into this but let's talk about this big picture. Partly to go marry Alice look if if they cannot. Pull together the votes for whatever this vote is tomorrow and again this is evolving fist hit with us here. If they if Republicans can't manage to get this together what does it say this isn't the first big legislative tactic taken. What does it say about the rest of their agenda. That's exactly it it's it's really hard Tenet. See it and being able to convince their their constituents back home. That they can get something done and a lot of what else they wanted to passel sort of dependent on health care. The health care repeal replace legislation included some big changes to the tax cut out rolling maximal Obama care. Air act tax it. What they can't repeal those bear it makes it harder to pass other tax reform legislation. They try to include those tax changes. Out of tax changes are tied to them by jet just one of the domino effect on Capitol Hill they were banking on being able to get this time. And if they can't really makes it harder for them to tick through the rest of what they want to do. People have on staying on top of that here I know you well in DC Mary Alice park with that the talking of thanks I'm. And thanks to all of you for watching as well remember putting Any time to stay up to speed. On the latest of this Health Care Reform effort on Capitol Hill and stay here for your latest live news happening here around the world for now on mom and Abbas Ganassi back hears him.

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{"duration":"10:47","description":"Trump claims Senate Republicans have not done their job to end the Obamacare \"nightmare.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"48822950","title":"Senate GOP gets new pressure from Trump on health care","url":"/Politics/video/senate-gop-pressure-trump-health-care-48822950"}