Senate and House leaders reject talk of impeachment

Lawmakers react to Michael Cohen's guilty plea implicating President Donald Trump in a crime.
2:07 | 08/22/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Senate and House leaders reject talk of impeachment
I'm Alan Rogan on Capitol Hill where senators from both sides of the aisle are reeling from. The plea agreement in the Michael calling case in which Colin says that president from directed him to make campaign finance violations in the forms of payments to two women. With him president trump was reportedly having affairs. After their part Republicans at this point are saying they don't have enough information on the case really weigh in to reporters so. Most of them were skirting our questions today by saying I don't know enough about the case others. Already begun to question Michael Collins credibility. In this matter given the fact that he has a loyal lieutenant president more so long to Democrats for their part are not yet calling for president from to be impeached which is of course a practice that would start in the house. Not in the senate but they aren't using a different IA word. Indictment. Even though special counsel Robert Mueller has indicated that he would not indict a sitting president which has never been done before. And Democrats are saying that he really should consider at least indicting the president. And then potentially delaying a trial. Post indictment until after the president leaves office that something that. They think Mueller should consider which Lloyd skirt some of that tricky legal issues that would arise from a presidential indictment. Democrats are also using the news out of calling to underscore their argument that they've been making in need Brett Cavanaugh case Democrats are saying now that the president. Has been it. It has been implicated in this latest complaints from Michael Cawley and that it underscores the need for a full accounting of Kavanagh as record and some Democrats are even. Deciding to cancel their upcoming meetings with Kavanagh saying they do not want to consider any Supreme Court nominee. That has been nominated put forward by this president but of course. Democrats don't have the power here senate Republicans have the majority and very able to move the Kavanagh. Nominations through is they see fit so at this point there's nothing really Democrats can do to prevent. Kavanagh a nomination from moving power even in light of these latest calling allegations. Thanks for watching ABC news live I'm Alley Rogen.

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{"duration":"2:07","description":"Lawmakers react to Michael Cohen's guilty plea implicating President Donald Trump in a crime.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"57341052","title":"Senate and House leaders reject talk of impeachment","url":"/Politics/video/senate-house-leaders-reject-talk-impeachment-57341052"}