Senate impeachment trial of President Trump: Day 1

Republicans and Democrats debated the proposed rules on the first day of the Senate impeachment trial.
3:19 | 01/21/20

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Transcript for Senate impeachment trial of President Trump: Day 1
Food. Good morning last night we received the first time that text I'm a model resolution. In noble government trial. And we could see why this resolution was kept from Oz and from the American people. They are now presenting them that we've doubled the amount of time each day so that the proceedings. Can conceivably go well into the night when apparently. Senator McConnell hopes the American people will not be watching. This is not a process for a fair trial and this is the process or rig truck. Good morning everyone the McConnell resolution is a blueprint. Aboard impeachment trial on fast forward. It asks as an just went through the trial as best as possible. And makes getting evidence as hard as possible. Further information call centers not just under resolution to the dose provides an outline of the knocks down some. And it is resilient. To be debatable Bob parties for two hours from people in Nevada. What senator Schumer ordinance under an amendment resolution to that. An insult associate justice us under a resolution in the nose and net going to be written. The clerk will read the resolution. A House of Representatives shall make its presentation in support of the articles of impeachment. For a period of time not to exceed 24 hours over up to three session days. Following the House of Representatives presentation. President John make his presentation. For a period not to exceed 24 hours over a three session days. Chief Justice senators. And counseled the president and house managers on behalf of the House of Representatives. Rise in opposition to leader McDonnell's resolution. If the senate votes a deprive. Itself of witnesses and documents. Opening statements will be the end of the trial. Mister Chief Justice senator's counsel for the president. House managers strongly support. Standard issue his amendment the senate can remedy president trumps an unprecedented. Cover up. By taking a straightforward stuff. It can ask for the key evidence that the president has improperly blocked. The senators Schumer amendment does just that. Thank you mr. Chief Justice. Majority leader McConnell democratic leader Schumer senators I'm. If a litigant showed up in any court in this country and on the day of trial. And said to the judge actually your honor we're not ready to go we need more discovery we need to do some more subpoenas we need to do some more work. The eight days or 53. In the days are forties. The amendment is table. I send an amendment to the desk to subpoena certain documents and records from the State Department. And I ask that it be written.

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"Republicans and Democrats debated the proposed rules on the first day of the Senate impeachment trial. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"68436145","title":"Senate impeachment trial of President Trump: Day 1","url":"/Politics/video/senate-impeachment-trial-president-trump-day-68436145"}