Senate nearing vote on new health care bill

McConnell says he wants a Senate vote on the Graham-Cassidy bill as early as next week.
7:28 | 09/20/17

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Transcript for Senate nearing vote on new health care bill
Sort of the hail Mary from the Republicans rightly comes to Health Care Reform. Graham Cassidy we've been hearing a lot about the Kimmel testing been hearing a lot about. We're does this latest efforts stand right now for Republicans were trying to repeal and replace obamacare. You read it to last at last ditch effort but it's looking good for them right now and number of Republican senator saying that they are on board. There's only a few who cedar leaning no. Or are definitely not voting for it they obviously have a slim margin we talked about this a lot last spring and last summer senate Republicans can only afford to lose. Two boats and it they lose to those they act to use vice president and as a tiebreaker. But right now it's looking like it could come down to the wire a lot of folks pushing for a vote next week and and there's a lot of those that are saying this look at past. Since we don't have specific timing it greatly looking maybe towards next week wary allies I mean when do you think we'll we'll know about any kind of timeline. Ray Allen Lee suing and want to do ability to say they need to announce it soon a lot of senate procedure. Ready to get certain notice they have to vote for it to move toward. To the floor for a vote. And it's interesting because there's only a few legislative days left before the and they're not that's just very interesting deadline the senate only has until the end of the month. To pass a big sweeping repeal bill with a simple majority it has to do it a lot of senate rules ready and up past certain bills under under budget. Framework. But the only have until the end of the month camera time not only a few more legislative days that's part of the reason there's this pressure and its last minute push to. Actually finally repeal the current Affordable Care Act merry. Now I want to get your take on this too because earlier today apple or President Obama was speaking. At eight gates foundation event that had to do with global development but he found a way to hurt in some comments. About this Republican effort on Health Care Reform let's take a listen to what he had to say. And so when I see people trying on do that hard won progress for the fiftieth or sixtieth fine. We're still there were raised also reduced coverage. Will roll back protections for older Americans people with preexisting conditions. Cancer survivor of expectant mom. Childhood autism. Room coverage once again would be almost unattainable. It is. All of this big gun without any demonstrable economic or actuarial. Or plain common sense rationale. If the prospects. And it certainly frustrating to have to mobilize every couple of months to keep. Our leaders from inflicting real human suffering on our constituents. Mary Alice in front man who is easily south LA who is still hesitant to weigh in. On the national stage these days of war at that language that's pretty strong. Absolutely it's a huge deal as president at an has been. Really restraint over the last few months there and play any Democrats have been baking for him to come. Off the sidelines and T hasn't he has been unwilling a lot of ways to criticizes president only a few occasions. With the Affordable Care Act and with doc sort of the legislation about chambers has present Obama wanted to speak out. And this is the very first time ceasing and do so on camera he knew it he was doing and you're right really. Really strong words accusing Republicans of inflicting human suffering. And we got what got that there when he was sort of listing through some of those points where some of the really controversial parts. Of beat repeal bill. You know there is big parts of the Affordable Care Act that were widely unpopular. But there are other parts it when you break it armor were very popular. Making sure the people of pre existing conditions couldn't be charged mark making sure that older Americans couldn't be charged much more. And so he was really going line by line and saying these things are real consequences. And it's going to be a big deal if your appeal my signature health care now. You know I want to bring you back the United Nations' general assembly for just a second because president trump wasn't the only one. The only trump to be seeking their First Lady maligning trump also delivered remarks at a luncheon. During the week's events and I want to get your take on what she had to say take a listen to her remarks at a luncheon. Oh I apologize we don't actually have the sound out of my fault but have basically the fifth of her comments for catching on getting a lot of attention. Because of the tunnel in then she was talking about. Stressing the fact that our children are listening to what we are saying that we should lead by example that you should do unto others. As you would have done it to you and Mary Alice you and I have talked about this before there is always this sort of in hearing disconnect between. The president who will go out fire in theory and America is strong and stands alone and they'll come after us or will come after you. And the First Lady who is asking us to be kind and respectful to other. Write your member back with the Charlottesville. Protest is the First Lady and about the child. There were some of the first to tweet. Really calling out some of those hate groups and black people notice that they were willing to speak out where president trump. Was not sent I was a big part of that conversation that week. And it was really interesting you know her remarks were sensor on the safety of cyber bullying and people are very quick to point out that her husband is one is very quick. With Twitter are often using that as a bully pulpit asked just this last weekend sending a retreating a tweet that show him. Hitting a golf ball into Hillary Clinton's back in people talking about. Back just how inappropriate that can be what the consequences are continuing. That kind he heater that kind. As of Tallinn against the former political opponent but it says two people that voted for her. And what that means is like and directors as to huge disconnect in town between the president and his wife and and people online like you said our notice. I don't lock their hands full right now trying to get things done now aren't they talking at that that are resonating with happening at the UN day. How the president and there. Absolutely you know I think that right now in the last two days there's been this real scramble around health care was really surprising to people that that bill and the idea the possibility of repealing the lot of sort. Back in the debt that's been calling it. The Zogby also we have felt like a lot of that. Oxley was sucked out of the room here in DC as people works scrambling to understand that piece of legislation thinking that has deflected in some ways from what's going on a New York. Absolutely people are worried about what's gonna happen with North Korean people are paying attention every single one of the president's words. And as you well I don't make sense and so of course this is a huge. Form for him and and people are paying attention to everything he says try and get any information about what he's saying behind closed doors. Attic specially because there are you are. American diplomats there than in years past so people are going through all channels to try to get any. Information out of what exactly is being discussed and and how this Prez and his team are reeling American interest to these other world leaders. Mary house our lives in charity he's here thanks very out a look at the talking. Thanks and thanks to all of you for watching as well hey you wanna stay on top of the latest headlines. Download the ABC news act today in all your latest news and breaking news alerts. Write to your phone with the ABC news asked. Now I'm on the knot there see you back here.

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{"duration":"7:28","description":"McConnell says he wants a Senate vote on the Graham-Cassidy bill as early as next week.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"49989247","title":"Senate nearing vote on new health care bill","url":"/Politics/video/senate-nearing-vote-health-care-bill-49989247"}