Senate Sends Bill Back to House as Clock Ticks Toward Shutdown

Majority leader Harry Reid discusses Democrats' efforts to try to avoid a costly government shutdown
3:00 | 09/30/13

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Transcript for Senate Sends Bill Back to House as Clock Ticks Toward Shutdown
This is a special room. I'm Dan -- in New York -- -- ABC news digital special report just moments ago the senate voted 54 to 46. Assists were stripped the house version. Of the continuing resolution bill taking out that what your delay for obamacare and throwing things that a majority leader Harry reads at the party analysis and has. Arts and back their -- Wales we are not going to change obamacare. They wanted to make changes and Obama here -- till after the debt -- wait until they're willing to sit down and bill Fletcher forests with us. And approach this in a reasonable manner. Have a very simple message. To John Boehner. -- -- Stop trying to force -- government shutdown. -- the house work its will all 435. Members not just the majority. They brought this to build the floor with a rule considering what you can vote on who would pass by a larger margin. -- would prevent -- government shut down. If John Boehner blocks this -- forcing -- -- government shutdown. We'll be a Republican government shutdown. Has urine sample. Many house Republicans admitted. Often. It is a full hair damp from Pennsylvania for there's a fool's errand. He said yesterday let's vote tomorrow -- vote -- -- keep the government open and other house members -- said the same thing. The votes are there to pass. It clean CR. Here's what -- said specifically. I'm prepared to vote for clean resolution tomorrow it's time to govern I don't intend to support -- fools -- That's a direct quote. Democrats boring -- Republicans in the middle on spending. Not going to be negotiating with ourselves and that's what amounts to. I've heard the idea of a short term extension floated. And -- be very very clear. The Senate's bill is a short term extension. Reported it. There's a six week funding -- -- to six weeks. He can't pass this -- only truly entering a banana Republican. Mindset. This so we look at other countries -- the United States going to be funding the government for week. Ten days at a time not so good. The bottom line and is this. House Republicans face the same issues they face. Yesterday and the day before and the day before and -- before. But the sentiment -- PR passed its on time. The senate clean PR oh there we go again I got it I got it. I got it. But a clean CR past. And don't do it bipartisan support. More there's going to be -- shutdown of the government caused by them the Republicans. Really without being too dramatic about this defeat of the country depends. On the house being able to vote the house all members -- -- tennis. I hope that John Boehner makes responsible decisions one that's good for the country. Job protection diamonds over -- It's time to start protecting the American people. -- -- For the final roll call was announce. On the floor of the senate just moments ago there was -- memo circulated -- -- circulating these Republicans in the house anticipated losing him now on the tells what the next stage of the strong would be. -- -- it back to us now with some new versions of the amendment. Some sort of delay RD founding of obamacare and something to do with members health care. You see where this is headed its instead and you see where this is that they're gonna keep playing this over and over and over again expecting a different result. The result will be the passage. Of the clean CR that we sent them when they call it on the floor of the US House of Representatives. I watched over the weekend while some of the Tea Party Republicans were congratulating themselves on their wisdom and their courage their courage. What courage does it take for a Tea Party Republican. To shut down the federal government. At the expense of someone else's job at the expense of critical services. That people across America count on every single day. That's -- courage that's colonists. Let them step up and accept their responsibility to govern and -- -- start with the speaker. I understand his plate it's very obvious to the world he has a willful group within his caucus one Republican House -- said to me. You're dealing with two parties and house were dealing with three -- different Republican parties in a Democratic Party. And most of our caucuses and -- fight between the two versions -- factions of the Republican Party. That's what he's up against but I don't feel. Any sympathy for him -- at this moment. At some point he has an awesome responsibility. In the chain of succession to leave the United States of America as speaker of the house. -- step up and lead in the name of the American people. And for the good of our country. To think that because of his willful faction of Tea Party Republicans he would allow this government to shut down -- continue to play these games back and forth. Is just inexcusable. Inexcusable for -- -- calls himself a leader. I hope the speaker steps -- He owes the American people not just federal employers. But everyone who was praying this economy get stronger and we don't lose jobs over this formally. Well in all my years in Washington I've never seen anything like what the hard right Republicans are doing now. -- -- hostage taking tactics have left us less than ten hours. Away from government shut and -- it for days the first day we came -- the -- three days the second zero. -- days nine hours seventeen minutes -- -- seconds. Now some on the right of -- all this always happens. They say people always compromise and make deals to keep the government running they say -- we've had shut downs before. It's true there have been shut downs before but wasn't like this one. It was never the intent the stated intent and actual intent. Of one side. To shut down the government if they didn't get their way. There were disagreements on extraneous issues like abortion in the clock ran at a time. And they at a fund the government but it wasn't the -- of one insider the this and -- I get my way on abortion I'm shutting down the government. Never before never before in our history. Has one. Party threatened to government shut down if they don't get a 100% of what they want on any issue totally -- related to the budget. The best analogy I can think up. Let's say Nancy Pelosi during the -- debate. When the world economy was teetering on the edge of equipment George Bush was president and needed to vote said she wouldn't pass -- Unless Republicans roll back all the bush tax cuts he analogies exactly the same. Danger is real. What they are asking. Is the number one. Priority of the first Obama administration just like the bush tax cuts were of their administration. So it would be like a group of members. We gave in to this. Next. What about a group of rural members saying we're gonna shut down the government. Unless we get the farm bill just as we liked what -- what about a group with civil libertarians. Saying. -- shut down the government unless NSA stops at the metadata program. It could go on and on it would be absurd and it would be unprecedented. Now I heard a couple of Republicans say. That they have their compromise. By moving from. Instead of cutting both your arms -- will only -- one off aren't we great. Never before. Has one side either Democrats or Republicans made such extreme demands. Now the funny thing is speaker Boehner knows he won't succeed. But the hard right is demanding. A pound to flash to show how serious they are how much they hate Obama care. By going along with the hard right. Speaker Boehner is like the ancient mayans. Making a sacrificial. Offering to the right wing -- by refusing to accept the -- CR. But he's putting the economy. The paychecks. Of millions of Americans -- on the sacrificial altar. As he shuts down the government. Rather than doing the right thing in abandoning the hard right. Speaker Boehner is holding out the forlorn hope. That by sending us new demands day in and day out. Democrats. Will capitulate. He's wrong. And we won't. And why not why. -- just think about. If we give an inch on the CR they're gonna take a mile on the debt ceiling. The hard right -- say saying. They gave me and let's demanded more. And they'll do the same thing on the full length CR in December if you give in to these tactics. On any particular issue it encourages them to happen again and again and again. And our economy is tied in one big knot and our economy goes down our -- our government is -- one big not. And the economy goes down the drain. We won't be extorted now. We won't be extorted two weeks from now we won't be extorted in December speaker Boehner. -- -- -- A lot of people are White House -- -- -- right now and they're asking the same things that that's our. What are they thinking and why would they hurt their own consent constituents simply to make a point. We -- hours away. From a completely unnecessary. Government shutdown that it's gonna hurt our families our communities and threaten our fragile economic recovery. It doesn't have to happen. The path forward should not be difficult. The senate has passed a very short term -- that will keep the government -- -- the current spending levels with no changes in policy. Wall we continue to work on -- long term budget deal. Now I -- spent six months working to get Republicans in -- room to negotiate that budget deal and avoid this crisis. That at this moment. The absolute bare minimum that congress should be able to do. The very least that we are constituent. Is to not actively hurt them. And sabotage our economy and that is exactly what the house Republicans are doing by playing political games with this short term spending -- We in the -- -- made it very clear we will not allow the Tea Party to take the government hostage to put the insurance companies back in charge of our health care system. It's just not gonna happen. And families across the country whether they support the health care are not are really getting -- sick and tired. By the Tea Party pushing us from one crisis to the next to the next to fight a battle. That's already over. I know speaker -- Boehner is very concerned about what the Tea Party thinks of him. But I urge him to do the right thing. Put the senate bill up for a vote in the house let it pass and -- end. Join us at the table so we can work towards a longer term. Deal and in these constant crises. There's still time for the house to act -- to shut down. We -- hearing more and more -- Republicans who agree with -- that the only responsible path forward is a clean CR. I hope that speaker Boehner is listening during the senate bill. And passed. Catholic and from -- -- from the Republicans. Letting individual and and this literate language. First are you going to be checked out as well and have you got us. Yes. And. -- I have. My -- try something else but it'll -- I don't know when he gets here but don't take however long takes -- Get over here -- take us. Well enough to vote 2030 minutes we'll -- -- -- that we are not going to negotiate. On this we have done everything we can't be fair and reasonable. Senator -- in spite of -- yeah they're ignoring her. In spite of ignoring. Senator Mikulski. We finally take yes for an answer got nine mediate. -- -- billion above that. Present hasn't met with these folks all over town the White House -- dinner in different from the fancy restaurants he put in writing. But he was willing to put it -- They have yet to issue a sentence after all those meals -- Not a sentence as to what they are willing do which is nothing so our negotiation is over where. And I've said that for two weeks. They should pass this year. They are closing down the government. I don't know what in the world is wrong with them for their fixated on this Obama -- it is the law. Tomorrow the exchange and that is up we have 600000. People in sparsely populated state Nevada the need health care. The they can go in Nevada they can buy a policy for hundred dollars and that I am sure can't do it now. -- -- -- -- care they can't starting tomorrow. Well sure we're going anyplace. In this. I'm sorry say that -- warm. -- -- -- You know anything. It all the more reason just a senator Schumer said. You with a bully. You cannot. Let them slapping around because a flat ground. Today it's things like five or six times tomorrow -- night time we are not going to be able. We've done everything we can we done a very reasonable. We have a debt ceiling coming that this is horrible what they're doing now but this is. Has all as a business roundtable said the chamber of commerce said that gets things cataclysmic. They are they are playing with fire and the American people know who's creating a fire. -- He had a recent conversation speaker Boehner -- -- part of I don't know economic conversations privately with -- -- More McConnell for -- posted. An infant. Go to the. Well. I don't I don't know you know he didn't try -- once but remember. To sell the record is very very clear. To put us on it changes from where we are on it changes. The every. Senator. Every staff Miramar 161000. Of them are on exchanges. And every step of the way. Boehner knew what was going on every step to McConnell who was going to -- -- clothes he knows it's going so to me. It's fairly disingenuous for him to now say that he doesn't want. My staff. To go on the changes he has -- -- going exchanges but it doesn't matter. We are we are not going to mess around with obamacare. No matter what they do. They and they are they've got to get a life as I -- here last Thursday -- -- they should get a life it is the law. Declared constitutional. -- -- Coming on board tomorrow I give you an example of Nevada -- that we all over the country and I look at this. One reason they're so afraid. His just like -- security it just like Medicare. -- You know. Republicans hated those two programs but now they're so popular with everybody and give a little bit time obamacare is going to be supported by. 90% of the American people just like Medicare I was on -- hospital board. I ran biggest one in the. When I came to work there upon I was elected to that. 40% of seniors who came to the hospital had nothing hand. People had to sign for them to get him in -- hospital and assign brother sister mother father whoever was. And if they didn't pay we -- -- -- collection points now now. 9990%. Of all seniors who go on -- hospital where things paid for. And that's why people love Medicare and that's why the Republicans are afraid of obamacare because just a little BitTorrent is going to be. As popular as Medicare and Social Security. This vision -- if -- were here already continue listening to senate majority leader. Here you -- address some reporters' questions there with other members of the Senate Leadership following that vote one of the things that senator Reid said at the very top of this news conference was this without being too dramatic the fate of the country relies. On the house and voting just the latest back and forth in Washington DC as that budget showdown does continue -- want to bring in Jeff -- our senior Washington correspondent Jeff breakdown a senate vote force what just happened a couple of moments ago. Well then what happened was something that we've anticipated and senator. Harry Reid has been warring for days the senate flatly rejected it killed send back the house -- so all those hours -- violate an hours over the weekend. The house plan of course has. And that. A proposal to keep the government funding but only with the condition of delaying obamacare by year. So the senate moving faster than an almost ever does 22 minutes after it came in -- session. They had rejected it on a party line vote 5446. And I asked a couple of Republicans why today the voted on party line. Dates that looks something like this since they were tabling the vote not actually having a full debate they wanted to have. You know a split party line vote on this but it really showed how many. People on the senate side of the capitol are really in favor of resolving this you saw no one speaking out against this. They really now feel that the hours upon them but of course now we're going all the way back to square one the house is going to. Revisit revise and I'm told send another bill. With another form of delay at a health care act back to the senate to late tonight and so it really. Is a very serious game of ping -- here with a shutdown looming ever closer. It is almost lightning speed which is an -- you don't often hear with a lot of movement in Washington DC right Jeff. And the fact the matter is that provision as far as delaying the funding for the Affordable Care Act by one year that was putting yesterday -- house now just today. Are you hearing now that that provision is just that's is completely off the table for members of the house. What members of the house are going to -- you were told just a few moments ago among -- and -- house John Parkinson is reporting that. That lawmakers are telling him and other aides are telling us that the house intends to vote this afternoon later this afternoon. On a plan that would do this instead of delaying the entire obamacare by year it would just delay the individual mandate. And that is the piece of the law that requires people have insurance -- -- don't to -- next march. So that's what this latest house proposal would do among other things but again it is dead on arrival here. In the senate so I'm asked a lot why wasn't descent working on Sunday why aren't -- working more the reality is it doesn't matter how long both sides are staying in unless one side decides to give. We're not here and house Republicans are digging their heels here trying to make. The case strongly against the Affordable Care Act so one GOP lawmaker told me today again. I think -- shutdown is the only thing that can. Sort of rid the party. Of this but what he believes is a destructive sort of dig your heels in -- nature here but. Almost nothing can happen now to avoid this short of speaker Boehner taking the reins himself. And -- dismissing the views of this conference. Jeff I want to talk a little bit about the politics about that move that the house is now making and putting forward their next version of the bill. Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois had said that at some point -- in fact would be open the idea of revisiting the Affordable Care Act if in fact it was to improve the current legislation. The White House the president he himself it's -- that he would certainly be willing to do that as well. Could in fact house Republicans come back and say you know what we want to put this -- to delay the mandate that and potential could be an improvement. -- certainly could be a mean that is one of the things -- me. And it in -- the White House even Democrats who voted for this health care law readily admit that it has many flaws we concede the flaws and -- on the eve of the enrollment. Of that a plan as well but I just -- senate majority leader Harry Reid I was at his news conference right before joining -- and he said. But we can revisit. Things on health care. Down the road but don't tie it to. This budget bill of keeping the government open so Democrats definitely -- -- sending the message that they are open to making changes in obamacare but. But delaying the mandate back a year I don't think as a starter it's a non starter. Here because they believe that that would -- tie their hands too much but now there's no question that does some things need to be changed with the Affordable Care Act but. I'm not short at this point it is a law that is the best thing to do that. And as we heard from senator Regis couple of moments ago putting the onus on the house for this vote. But earlier today house speaker John Boehner. I've essentially through the responsibility back at the senate here's a little bit -- -- what he had to say. The American people are worried about their job. The word about their incomes rising because overall under pressure of the economy's not growing. Why -- in a growing a one of the issues that's standing in the way is obamacare. The fact that nobody knows what the rules are. Employers scared to death to hire new employees cut in the hours and many of their current employees. And and for what reason. This law is not ready for prime time. The house has done its work we passed a bill on Saturday night sent to the United States senate that would delay -- care for one year. And would eliminate permanently. The medical device tax that is costing -- tens of thousands of jobs they're being shipped overseas. Senate decided not to work yesterday. -- my goodness of their such an emergency where are they. It's time for the senate to listen to the American people just like the -- listened to the American people and -- -- one year delay of obamacare. In a permanent repeal -- the medical device -- Well now we -- there have been some changes that we made to the house version of that -- I want to ask you about this because after watching this. Ping pong matches probably hasn't been best characterized on this back and forth in Washington DC. Between the debate in the house and the senate where -- the American public falling -- on who are they putting up. Well -- as a really good question a couple things one the American public. Has deep questions deep skepticism about the Affordable Care Act about obamacare. They think it. Is not. Easy to understand it's confusing and it's controversial so the house is right speaker Boehner is right that people have deep concerns. About the Affordable Care Act but the only thing that our poll and other polls show that they have even more concerned about. Is shutting the government down because of it. Overwhelming majorities in polls in fact we have another poll coming out to -- really next hour. And all other polls so for have a show that really at least seven in ten Americans. Do not favor shutting down the government or delaying obamacare as. -- as a condition of that so I'm they're both right -- a sensor but to every poll shows. And public opinion and history would suggest that the party that is less unified on this is -- party that will lose in public opinion. And Republicans across the board are are not unified on this some say privately and we'll probably hear more say publicly later that they do not believe it's worth. Shutting on the government to make a point here so speaker -- is correct. Obama care is not popular but the public opinion is more in the side of the senate. Of not. Blowing up the government shutting the government down I should say to try and fix it. And that poll released speaking to the tone that the American people are responding to what everyone is witnessing that's going -- Washington DC the senate chaplain. I started off this afternoon's senate session at 2 o'clock and these where they -- rare opening remarks. As our nation's stumbles. Toward a seemingly. On affordable. Government shutdown. Keep our lawmakers. From so way into the win. Thereby. Risking. Reaping the -- -- -- they remember that poll that is necessary. For unintended. Catastrophic. Consequences. Is for good people. To do nothing. Jeff the rhetoric obviously getting very intense and all aspects on Capitol Hill. It is -- that prayers one indication -- -- I'm just the seminar parents not unusual to have the prayers for tied directly to the debate but. I've covered a lot of senate proceedings it's a little unusual to have -- this closely tied to -- -- debate but. -- to say it everyone stand silently during the currently the senators out of respect. And what not but the moments over it's back to business as usual. But I get back for 12 to a polling question in fact the newest ABC news Washington Post poll was just released. I'm a couple minutes ago. And it answers your question exactly -- 63%. Of Americans disapprove. -- how Republicans are handling the budget debate that's thirteen points worse than president Obama's handling of the -- so. Or polish showing -- line with others that of Republicans will fare the worst here. If they keep on -- -- And of course we'll have to see where that track will lead over the next couple of hours ABC's -- Sony. Jeff we certainly appreciate your time in your insight we owe it to be very -- the next couple hours and keep us updated. As the move now shifts over to the house side -- thank you that -- complete report. On After the senate just voted moments ago fifty force of 46 sending back clean. Continuing resolution back to the house house not crafting its own version. For now on -- that's our New York which is ABC news digital special report.

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