Senator to Military Brass: 'You Have Lost the Trust'

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand questions military leaders about sexual assault in the armed forces.
3:27 | 06/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Senator to Military Brass: 'You Have Lost the Trust'
Concern is that you have lost the trust of the men and women who rely -- you. That you will actually bring justice in these cases. They are afraid to reports. Speaking -- years will be over. -- fear retaliation. They fear being delaying. That is our biggest challenge right there right there. So -- I want to ask you now you've all said you could never support taking -- -- the chain of command now. The key question Clair made -- very important. I agree with you the chain of command is essential for setting the climate. Absolutely you do set the climate and that's why when we look to this problem we've chosen keep all article fifteen. Issues in the chain of command -- also chosen to keep all crimes of mission. Going a -- not showing up on time not charging up the hill when you command here. Service member to do so so we've understood that you do set the tone for all of us. But there is a difference between setting the tone dealing -- Misdemeanor level behavior. And dealing with some criminal behavior. But we're not talking that Siri -- crimes Syrians crimes like rape and murder. Crimes have penalties of more than a year or more. What's several -- are asserting an arguing today is we think. You should do what other countries around the world who we fight with every day that there are allies there side by side with us in combat Israel. The -- -- Australia Germany. They taking mysterious -- -- of the chain of command for precisely this reason. Because the commander. While you -- also dedicated and determined not all commanders -- objective. Not every single commander necessarily want -- in the forest that every single commander believes. What is sexual assault did not every single commander can distinguish between a slap on -- -- at a rate because -- merge all of these crimes together. -- My point humid this has been done before by our allies -- great -- -- and in fact in Israel and the last five years because they prosecuted high level cases. You know what has increased by 80%. Reporting. So I'd like -- to tell -- specifically. If you elevated only. The decision point of whether to prosecute the serious crimes to -- -- military trade prosecutor to make that one decision. Along with the decision the secretary Eagles already recommended. The decision of whether or not to overturn the jury verdict is just two decision points for only serious crimes for no other. Command Condit and I do agree with you US commanders are essential to this I don't think you can get this done if you are not a 100% dedicated to. -- limiting the scourge of sexual assault. Like -- and starting. With general Dempsey. How do you feel about those two decision points and why -- -- maintain good order and discipline without those two decision point -- you have those two decision points today. And you do not have that order and discipline. You have arguably 26000. Attempts -- unwanted sexual attempts. Assaults or rapes that does not defined by any of -- definition as to its -- good -- discipline. Goes to the heart of not having military readiness.

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{"id":19322749,"title":"Senator to Military Brass: 'You Have Lost the Trust'","duration":"3:27","description":"Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand questions military leaders about sexual assault in the armed forces.","url":"/Politics/video/senator-says-military-brass-has-lost-the-trust-19322749","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}