Senator talks Trump impeachment and new book

Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, explains his take on the impeachment inquiry hearings and discussed his new book, "Desk 88."
7:55 | 11/18/19

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Transcript for Senator talks Trump impeachment and new book
House Democrats impeachment inquiry remains on pace still now for a vote by Christmas. According to Nancy Pelosi which could means a trial in the United States and it could commence soon after the holiday senators of both parties. Are bracing for that possibility including democratic senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio. Who stopped by the briefing room a short time ago. They're wrong place for coming it's great to see us our new poll. Since 50% of Americans are at least somewhat closely watching his impeachment impeachment hearings you actual get to vote at this goes to trial in the senate how closely. Are you following what's going on in the house well I. I'm course I'm following it that my job is to do other things and and I'm watching gavel again I'm not even not even close I've watched and I watch the news about it but during our job that does the house has passed all kinds of legislation it's really important for minimum wage to pensions. Violence gets women act net neutrality. And the senate sat on it and large job in part is to get Mitch McConnell to move on these issues that affect people's lives do you think the evidence is there from the house to vote and yet I think there's no question that. Mean what what what the senate does as the jury is another question who should yeah but what the house should do a mean but. This president trump has done something Richard Nixon never even did try to bribe a foreign leader Enda helping him and his campaign and that debt and rises to an impeachable offense then when it gets to the senate we look at the evidence we hear the president's side and we make a decision. You talked about that you are ready to make a decision you want to see the case if it makes it to the senate what criteria will you use. When deciding how to cast your vote to remove. I'm not gets a higher I'm not a lawyer tonight what one thing. You know if you're a jury trial you listen to instructions from the from the judge and the Chief Justice of the United States presides. We will listen to that we will look at Brad Pitt dad precedent. And the the threshold is higher than just like in a court of law the threshold for convictions higher than the threshold. For indictment in indictment and impeachment is equivalent to an indictment on murder trial or court of law in Ohio or Maryland or anywhere else so but it is a higher standard and I will look at a tell her. Bridge builder in the senate you have found ways to work with Republicans do you. Does that factor in at all for you whether or not you Republican colleagues or any of them would vote to them. To swell anymore I I'm hopeful that my colleagues in both parties. Look at this without public pressure without bias I mean did our job really is to look at what what the evidence says. And is this president done is he committed high crimes and misdemeanors is C. Is it at the level that he should be removed from office and that that should not be a political question so far. You watch Mitch McConnell you watch Republican leadership. Their so dismissive of it they say let's get this over wins they're not doing their job they took an oath says I took on my third oath for the senate back in January they took an oath. Again living up to that oath is looking at this kind of sober minded way. And did not letting political bias that we all have a not letting political murder clarification there will be a trial pot. Not a title I would be very surprised the way Pelosi is done this. And science and went on this book Pelosi you eliminate Johnson was probably the best legislative leader and our. At least in the last hundred years and I would say policies at least as good or better so helpless he's on this right Tom we'll see what happens in the senate. You do have a new book out it's a fantastic read his quote desk 88 in progressive senators who changed America it's the story of your desk. And your predecessors who held that I'm you talk and there about this desk this piece of history bearing witness to turning points in progressive history. To think were on the cusp of another turning point in progress citizen is this presidential. I dream partner chance at the last. Let them the most best known progressive Veras the last hundred years or that the FDR years when we got collective bargaining Social Security is so much else than in the sixties civil rights voting rights Medicare Medicaid head start. And the wilderness act all these things Indian progressive errors are short in infrequent. In progressives lose more often than we win but when we win we win really bad you don't count the Obama era Obama Arizona we're is that some shady Indian might count it was. It was too early big thanks amino wrist talker insurer health care and Dodd-Frank. But the problem in part is Republicans sense because they want such a quick collection afterwards if have tried to undercut and undermined and and in blocks so much of that so I'm in some ways word do and it's I think the social movements it's clear that. A majority error every election now almost every election since 92. The progressive party the Democrats have they have beaten in the popular vote the Conservative Party plus more people vote for Democrats for senate and house amid senate. For Democrats in the senate and Republicans in the senate. Com partly because the states are bigger in many cases and there's a lot of small Republican rural states but. The voters in this country clearly have kind of kind of itching are inching inching for inching towards a progressive era and I think twenty each when he could be that point prescriptions for your. Party in this book is about the need to talk to workers all workers assaults have been sort of a theme of your political life has been engaging directly with the American worker. You get the sense that the party in these candidates all we don't need to name names but all 1015 homer and I do think there. They're doing that effectively would you need to see more of it are they. Is there apparel there Lamar would like to see more discussion of dignity of work and seeing green running a campaign. Through the eyes of workers in governing through the eyes of workers and I when I say workers I don't mean just white male union firefighters I mean people that. That didn't work that prepare food in an office building people that work construction people that work disorder reason hospitals. I'm people that are low wage and moderate wage workers whether they punch a clock or swipe a badger. Who worked for tips and if if Democrats talk to them more effectively. In particularly you contrasts with how trump. Every day trump betrays workers whether it's as judges that. Put their thumb on the scale of justice for worker for for corporations over workers are Wall Street over consumers. Whether it's national relation neighbor labor relations or whether it's fighting it's a minimum wage in the overtime rule to presents betrayed workers and Democrats need to make that contrasting any second thoughts about getting in our son now I just saw his neck in March I never had the burning desire to Toronto one of the stories like talent. The desk 88 is there was a senator years ago that said the only cure in the US senate for that for the presidential virus is embalming fluid. Can I just didn't want to be that guy supposed. The elastic just got to ask you loudest cheer victory in 2018 in Ohio we were just spent the number of days out there for ABC news live talk analysts all over western BO up north from Columbus into the red country. And you know I was struck by the fact the blue wave didn't really hit Ohio and 2018 with you are sort of the big exception in the state wide office you. One by seven points in a state that trump won by eight points what's the secret to do well. Grid is is he going to every community and I was always is that but it really is talking to workers and talking and making McConnell actions are about choices and making the contrast the progressive party the Democrats. Really do fight for workers some it's it's it's for consumers on consumer protections on preexisting conditions it's. Fighting armed. It's fighting against payday lending companies and defraud low income people it's fighting for civil rights. I'm but it's always keeping an mine workers and all workers and I think you do that. You when elections we also are disadvantage because of redistricting in Ohio. A swing state still has three foursome are members of congress are Republicans because they drew the district still about will be out there and we won't be it will be a battleground in part because. Through our canary programs through lead Ohio through different things we're doing a lot of recruiting and building up and helping in local races of young candidates more women than men. A number of people of color and we will see that success play out the next twenty and we watched senator serve our thanks coming during its six.

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{"duration":"7:55","description":"Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, explains his take on the impeachment inquiry hearings and discussed his new book, \"Desk 88.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67116769","title":"Senator talks Trump impeachment and new book","url":"/Politics/video/senator-talks-trump-impeachment-book-67116769"}