Senators author bill to raise minimum smoking age

Congress is expected to pass a bill to raise the federal minimum age for purchasing all tobacco and vaping products to 21 years old.
4:13 | 12/16/19

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Transcript for Senators author bill to raise minimum smoking age
There's another interesting piece of policy that they might get done as a part of this government's funding bill and that is raising the federal. Minimum age on buying tobacco to 21 I was surprised by this. This under really big deal I'm there to do it so quickly here at the end of the year so I guess that I talked about dean Myers the president of the campaign for tobacco free kids. So I do you think to say you are Carly excited about this news and in this is a big win for your organization and tells little bit about. Your reaction and if you knew this was coming. And we have to make any very important caution. Arm so corks are raising the age of sail anyone has been growing for several years. Arm there's no question that are easy needs to anyone in Dan actively enforcing the law. We can boast reduces number of young people who use tobacco products. It also reduce the number of young people who use other. Caution though is really important. This bill is now supported by Jules and Altria. And they do because they care about young people. Because they're trying to deflect congressional action and other even more effective actions like reducing. I'm in eliminating the slave thirty. EC an epidemic. So if congress. Passes. And blues forward on legislation. Today in the flavored products and that he could so many of our kids it'll be a win win the American public. Is the other hand Altria and she'll get their way in this new legislation is used to deflect. Action on the other bills. It's a march or Cox's story. That's interesting leads season back and forth from the white house on whether or not he should move by new regulation regarding Beijing will be tracking all of that I would ask you also. He is potential downside her and vulnerability here. If you'll make it harder for teens to buy a regular cigarettes and regular tobacco do you encourage the use of things. Spent our regulate and that are that are often it's clear on the black market it can that Clinton teens at risk. Nothing that happened whatsoever with got a different periods. When they raise the age sale or kids is 1618. We heard something similar. In it didn't happen. Reality here is what this we'll do is reduce the number of young people who become addicted to cigarettes. And hopefully making modest impact. On the number of young people use. There is no real downside to this issue. I. If I'm Altria and Jill are successful. In using it to prevent more effective action. You know flavored cigarettes is what led to over five million kids becoming addicted in our country to that products. It is reverse literally decades of progress that we many. Each each year is now that we're raising the age to 21. To eliminate the products industry is used to attract new generation. I Matthew Myers and sure that your organization will be tracking that pushing congress continuing to lobby thank you for joining us. Ban anything else in that funding bill that we should be looking out for. I think we expect the tax for that to come out later today but the big picture it's this is also the building keeps the government lights on we have the historic shut down last year. Over president trumps a demands for money for the border wall that he's so so intercity and in funding and building on the southern border with Mexico. He avoided that this year there is not going to be the showdown over. That key project of his so so far and orders have to see when the tax comes out there's obviously a lot to dig into every year would this. Thousands of pages we'll have to see what else jumps out of its. It sounds like you do think they're getting this done impeachment vote and home for Christmas. And not just that also possibly a vote in the house on the US NCA trade deal that was recently agreed to others a lot for the president to be happening more and they allowed for Democrats to be happy foreign and some of this as they wrap up the and they did not want to wrap up here but their final vote being on impeachment it seems like they're gonna get their wish as well this would Mark Lowe Ben Siegel thank you so much for tracking all the developments for Capitol Hill.

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"Congress is expected to pass a bill to raise the federal minimum age for purchasing all tobacco and vaping products to 21 years old.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67764738","title":"Senators author bill to raise minimum smoking age","url":"/Politics/video/senators-author-bill-raise-minimum-smoking-age-67764738"}