Sessions Faces Tough Questions at Confirmation Hearing

Jeff Sessions comes under fire at attorney general confirmation hearing.
1:37 | 01/11/17

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Transcript for Sessions Faces Tough Questions at Confirmation Hearing
While we wait to break out was talking about. That so the thoughts on the plots that are happening. Out there as to why. Donald does give me his press conference now which apparently he is late for. Is because several prominent U heir apparent fairness not on you know well you know there's data Guinness. Several prominent in black. Officials want to be talking to mr. sessions including Cory Booker but ramp. John Lewis and Cedric Richmond. Louisiana. And I just you know John Lewis it goes way back with the civil rights movement he was he's banded. In the forefront of this moment and so he's seen was gone down so I'm just I wish I could see that same night you can below all of that mountain. But I was then hair yet we hear financial why I wish we just hand out the you know some excitement was because you know John Lewis. Is below out and it does not play. One it comes to. So why watch the session sessions session yesterday. And now I'm and he sounded like Phil Donahue all of a sudden I mean according to what he was saying he's the biggest liberal in America act he's. Can any of these Renee Nancy and Telus and the guy around who's going to be the secretary of state news. Half of whom are we an Exxon for many years as saying that Russia was a major threaten a problem but he has business dealings they're all over the place. It's kind of you know like I know what's at upper where Alison Alison one.

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{"duration":"1:37","description":"Jeff Sessions comes under fire at attorney general confirmation hearing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44713881","title":"Sessions Faces Tough Questions at Confirmation Hearing","url":"/Politics/video/sessions-faces-tough-questions-confirmation-hearing-44713881"}