Sessions Seeks to Put Federal Judge Rejection Behind Him

ABC News' Josh Haskell previews the attorney general confirmation hearing for Sen. Jeff Sessions.
7:21 | 01/10/17

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Transcript for Sessions Seeks to Put Federal Judge Rejection Behind Him
ABC's Josh Haskell joined by outing roguish promise to send for ABC this Tzipi duty for the senate for senators. Course Jeff Sessions senator from Alabama I'll tell. Tell us kind of how you fix intersections prepare for us. Josh is absolutely the biggest day so far but it's going to be. The next couple days of the trump cabinet getting your days in congress Jetsons has been here for this fight. Number one underscoring. Looking through its record and underscoring what in his record bolsters his case that he supported civil rights. During his early gains as US attorney senile. Some of our neighbors might be a winner Jeff Sessions previously. Was. Our Judiciary Committee. Runny seeking to you top. He. US attorneys in Alabama and was rejected. He cut a lot of the allegations came up where it. He had done things in off that suggesting he had a pattern of racial insensitivity. So what it's doing today is talking about why his record disputes that. And also just the fact that. He gets a felon senator he's getting a lot of support his. She's reducing my senator Susan Collins who keeping moderate from me. Republicans who Wear a life sentence and that's an indication of just how broad support it has it has the support some of the Susan Collins on a lot of issues isn't. And very much different from them. Also when I ran into battling in the hallway you were sticking out of rumors and recently and now I saw the little bit of an interaction with Ted Cruz. Yet tank it obviously big supporter Jeff Sessions talked about a lot on the campaign trail and is running for president but. Not very talkative mood today I asked him what you think about senator Cory Booker and Democrats. Testifying against sessions explaining why he should not up what does it. And I accidentally not at all that to me what it's going to be an easy day. There's going to be a lot of topics covered because of course the attorney General Counsel. Of talent pool and every single issue but integration. Is going to be glad that he centerpiece of maybe today tomorrow however long this goes on. Who do you think can support. Senator sessions stance on immigration or is he kind of so far to the right. That he almost insulin in this. Just sounded interesting things I think this is one of the reasons why it's so critical to sessions. Is senator and never has a lot of films in support from other senators because. Very aren't the right when he comes to him. Greece he hardliner he had been since it before it was cool to be one so he is someone who. Well outside the mainstream on this issue and Scott folks like senator Graham senator. Graphic on the on the senate floor may not agree with him completely on that issue they're looking at his record as well. And that's certainly something that comes up that's not going until we have a lot of simply be time they can speak about his record. Not just about one issue and certainly not just about. Think a lot of people listen you know what will be tough hearings by Republicans control the house Republicans control the senate. How much of this actually happens. But didn't take someone like chuck wraps. He takes his job very seriously even tape removes any. Like all even though there are lots of Republican senators involved in this hearing do you think they're gonna let. Yes Jeff Sessions of the book and lock them I think a lot of questions but they are certainly not he is combative democratic. The Democrats are getting used this opportunity because they know it basically is not allot vacant. And burned upon us and it worked so what's going to do is points you. Won his record numbers they're going to even take him on things that mr. trump has said particularly on immigration trump isn't anything. Not confessed perhaps thousands perhaps means that I'm building the wall I think he does but he's like the Muslim band. That's something. And we haven't really heard a lot from Jeff Sessions isn't really. Real on that and on the spot like today so. This opportunity for Democrats to Italy staked their ground making eighteenth against Jeff Sessions and for Republicans a chance. Just the opposite and see why he's so vehemently support him. ABC's Josh Haskell here McNally road rage comes the senate press outlets won't. It down we're gonna stay inside the Russell rotunda because. You never know. We're gonna run to order your gonna lose signal and we really like it here but right down the hall to hear that. Where hearings taking place and then around that corner Alley. To us about that room that we saw him is going to you. Double the budget office is correct yes that's right actually. Walking behind just down this hall there's a bunch yet not script ground office building towards you wouldn't know. Which went east entrance to you that any car through which has the hearing room. Secretly I actually spoke yesterday to see which Gramm act evenings you the caucus room. Caucus which is experiencing is named after all three minutes it was billed sixties. Kids want. Here ignorance it's just enormous. Hundreds of people in there they also have a lot of friends there yeah this here last evening I help a dog adoption of it's really a multi purpose room today obviously and aren't going to he's. Senator sessions. The week senators get into the courtroom his walk around the corner and at times it nor would sleep out of your home. The call us and it opens up your right eight impact all of the passage here but they're going to see. And in that I'm going to reeling senators to act as when asked Alley one more question what we have here. You come to work here every single day what people's different about the movements inside this building. Today we'll certainly today it's going to be just any media circus is so busy there are still cameras here you're seeing a lot of correspondents are here every day he sent excite. There's a sense. I'm just dizziness or not there's also lots of protesters some code. Yet removed from the pockets we saw people stress team I think some kkk costume that work. Textile caucus room weren't hearing start and step it's really just as important line. Blogging com and express their opinions. I don't is not just interestingly some people you sent me this is going to be coming here that he stood outside the hearing. And it's written and senior management. Immigration issue so there's just for everybody here today and this is going continued the rest of the week. Next week as on the trumpets his hearings it's excellent. And I think groping for all the great information. We are gonna sign off right now so we can gather some more. Color. Talk to more senators that are coming in in going out to SE that lots of your day. We'll have live updates for you all day on agency digital for now I'm Josh Haskell Whitman Alley. Stating.

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{"duration":"7:21","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell previews the attorney general confirmation hearing for Sen. Jeff Sessions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44679613","title":"Sessions Seeks to Put Federal Judge Rejection Behind Him","url":"/Politics/video/sessions-seeks-put-federal-judge-rejection-44679613"}