Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Speech Inspires 'Build That Wall' Chant

Arizona sheriff says Donald Trump will enforce tighter border control and immigration laws.
5:38 | 07/22/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Speech Inspires 'Build That Wall' Chant
Am. I. Yeah. Thank you very soon. Graham thank you thank. You thank you. Make you. Know. I. Spend. 55 years in lawn forestry. 55. Years have all is. Regarded him my work. Mission is critical but my most important mission. Has just begun to hopefully elect. Donald thrown. Brazilian. The stakes are high. We need a strong leader who will stand up for America. It thought the interest of first citizens first. Unfortunately. We are lose in the battle. We're the only country in the world whose immigration systems puts it needs of other nations ahead of ours. We are more sickness concern. With the rights of illegal aliens. And criminals. That we are we protecting our own country. And. That must change. We need a leader who'll protect our border. And enforce our laws because a nation. Without borders in a nation of what I'll law. Is no nation at all. Okay. And doll. More than ever we must respect. Have respect. For the police. We we must give them that. And the support they need to do their jobs. The highest levels of government. Must have our backs. As they risked their lives. Every single day to perform their jobs and protect our citizens. As someone who for 35 years. Has been a top law enforcement officials. Living and working. Both sides of the border. I can tell you first tea. About the dangers of illegal immigration and drugs. We have terrorists coming up over our border infiltrate in our community. And causing massive destruction of bay in. We have criminals. Penetrated higher wheat border security system and committing serious crime. I am supporting Donald problem because he is a leader. You. And he. Chris Fred lewis'. Results. As he is the only candidate for president. Ready to get tough in order to protect America. I have full. On the front line. To prevent illegal immigration. And I know old Donald Trump. Stand would indeed and other problems Americans. To secure our war. A. Donald Trump will build the walls. And I. And. Three star. Restore law and order they keep drugs. And elude it legal immigrants from entering into our country. Okay. Yet all. I will never forget Donald Trump. What he did for my wife. I have been married to a vote for 59 years. Until. And during the campaign. She was diagnosed with cancer. Just before going on national TV. Donald Trump called my wife and talk to her error for five minutes. His subsequent trips. He never forgot to think of my wife. And call her. He did not have to get my so four through his kindness. To my wife. Because I was already booked. Sola a lesson to elect a leader. Who will stand up for America. They protect their borders. It. His support law enforcement. And the military. Fitted. Doing so. Unite our country. Let's elect Donald Trump. Thank. You.

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"Arizona sheriff says Donald Trump will enforce tighter border control and immigration laws. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40786133","title":"Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Speech Inspires 'Build That Wall' Chant ","url":"/Politics/video/sheriff-joe-arpaios-speech-inspires-build-wall-chant-40786133"}