Are Shinseki's Days Numbered As Veterans Affairs Secretary?

White House suggests resignation of top official is step toward addressing VA leadership problem.
3:57 | 05/19/14

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Transcript for Are Shinseki's Days Numbered As Veterans Affairs Secretary?
Terms of ourselves from certain extent -- conference right now. It's mass regarding wait times cleaned -- soon. Our general -- like these days numbered as -- turn it down our position on this is that. Expectations -- has presided over a PA that has significantly increased. The access -- veterans have to disability claims. Significantly increase the number of veterans who are provided benefits. Including health benefits and has committed himself from the moment he. Was sworn into office to. Addressing the huge challenges -- Our growing. Population of veterans and the services that they need. Create for this country he has aggressively. Implemented. Policies that reflect the president's. Hi priorities of the high priority the president associates with providing benefits to our veterans and that is reflected in the way. That is often the case here in Washington with the fact the president has sought every year significant increases in the VA. Budget with when he has submitted his budgets. And that focus will continue. What the president wants is for. The review and investigation. To be completed and for action to be taken. To address any problems that are identified. By the review in the investigation and for individuals -- -- held accountable if that is appropriate that before. We make that determination we need to see with the results as the investigation and review our. So what are you suggesting regarding doctor -- that he was forced to resign because of this controversy. I would refer you to previous statements made by -- -- -- others. And -- that what I would say is -- He did resign he was identified as somebody at The American Legion thought. Should -- responsible and I would point to what The American Legion said. Have having said that I do believe it is important as I noted earlier that these invest this investigation in this review be allowed to. Be conducted and completed. And for us to make judgments about exactly. What did happen in Phoenix and elsewhere and what didn't. And what the causes of what happened war and who's responsible for. What happened and whether or not anybody should. Should be held accountable for what. He suggested his resignation comes accountability. When. It's not a press release on September 20 saying he was weak -- was -- months ago I want to -- -- -- at the American was two weeks ago I don't -- What what what what what real Americans need to -- the same as when -- Well I would point to The American Legion which obviously is. Deep interest in this matter and has been a reported on the significantly by your network and others in terms of what they've said about this issue -- note that day. A look at mr. -- doctor -- his resignation as quote a step towards addressing the leadership -- -- Only that that -- what the words that they -- -- -- concerned it is the person's been nominated I think or doctor pencil. Have a responsibility over one of the hospital's -- scandal I would say that as you know the secretary invited the independent IG to investigate the situation. And we won't presuppose the outcome of that investigation although we eagerly -- its results. Let's be clear if the investigation finds any instances of wrongdoing and any individuals involved will be held accountable. When it comes to Jeffrey Borowski the president's nominee to be the undersecretary. For health for the Veterans Health Administration. As required by law. He was one of the finalists recommended by a formal commission that included outside health experts and researchers as well as representatives. From veterans service organizations.

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{"id":23783662,"title":"Are Shinseki's Days Numbered As Veterans Affairs Secretary?","duration":"3:57","description":"White House suggests resignation of top official is step toward addressing VA leadership problem.","url":"/Politics/video/shinsekis-days-numbered-veterans-affairs-secretary-23783662","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}