Social media purges accounts after Capitol Hill insurrection

Authorities are looking at the role social media played in the Capitol attack, as big tech companies ban President Donald Trump and remove thousands of accounts.
5:06 | 01/13/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Social media purges accounts after Capitol Hill insurrection
Announced social media purge after the siege on Capitol Hill as the country now braces for potentially more violence ahead of the inauguration. President trump today latched down after he was banned from Twitter and FaceBook while another platform parlor was driven off line. Some cities moves are long over due but others are calling them an assault on free speech ABC's Rebecca Jarvis has more. Tonight big tech continues its crackdown. Now nearly a week after rioters stormed a capital. New details about the central rule social media played in the planning. Well I think we all were following the that the social media traffic it's like you need. No the CIA here the FBI that figure out that there were a lot of people want a lot of bad things. And that the temperature has consistently been an increase over the four years. The FBI warning that armed protests are planned in all fifty states ahead of the inauguration I'm worried about these rumors of people gathering again in the capital and in our state capitals. We have got to insure a peaceful work totally transition. Sick last week's violent insurrection. President trump has been silenced on most social media platforms including Twitter FaceBook in mr. Graham and tick tock. Today the president railing against the censorship. Big pet. Our country and do our god they. What happened. In net. Council hill. Was. The result of years of indifference by social media companies hate running rampant met. Divisive. Is being allowed to manipulate people using lungs. You great big line slightly election stolen being pushed out tens and hundreds of millions of people. Last year Twitter fevered megaphone of the president started slapping labels on select tweets including ones that pushed unfounded claims about election fraught. But many have been calling on the tech titans to do more or one. The plant once it had no policy. Enclaves that really are ready. And now we have it here in the United States and American democracy and social media. Absolutely. A playing a key role in all of its. A 2019 study published by MIT finding false rumors spread faster and wider than true information. Going on to find falsehoods are 70%. More likely to be reach waited on Twitter than the true. Before this week many conservatives were turning to social media alternatives like self proclaimed free speech apt parlor. The number one downloaded happen Apple's App Store for a time. L half of fear. Being censored. You don't have to have fear he's licking your profile. And making judgments against you but over the weekend apple and Google pulled parlor from their apps apple saying the platform had not taken adequate measures to address the proliferation of these threats to people's safety parlors likely a billion dollar company. Poof it's gone. But it's more than just the financial aspect of that. Republicans have no way to communicate Amazon Web Services which hosted parlor kicking the app off their services a move that forced the site offline. Parlors CEO calling the move an attempt to completely remove free speech off the Internet. What's so far First Amendment challenges against platforms like Twitter and FaceBook have fallen flat. Sit Twitter and FaceBook are private companies they can set the rules. The argument that this is somehow violation of the First Amendment. Has been made and lost. In court numerous tops. Against. These major social media platforms. But the troubling question have we given big tack too much control with that said I think anyone should be concern. About the power. That being attacked hats. To prevent anyone. From being involved in a megaphone as large as Twitter and FaceBook. They have to use this power. Equally they have to do it fairly for ABC news live Rebecca Jarvis.

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{"duration":"5:06","description":"Authorities are looking at the role social media played in the Capitol attack, as big tech companies ban President Donald Trump and remove thousands of accounts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75210442","title":"Social media purges accounts after Capitol Hill insurrection","url":"/Politics/video/social-media-purges-accounts-capitol-hill-insurrection-75210442"}