Sondland testimony reveals WH ‘cover-up’: Democratic congresswoman

Rep. Jackie Speier of California said the testimony of Gordon Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the E.U., is "pivotal" and points to "plenty of evidence" the Ukrainian government knew aid was withheld.
7:39 | 11/21/19

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Transcript for Sondland testimony reveals WH ‘cover-up’: Democratic congresswoman
Earlier this morning my colleague Rachel Scott actually caught up with House Intelligence Committee member Jackie spear head Democrat from California. And she talked to her about how she thinks these hearings have been going so far let's take listen. Arts and I really appreciate your time and urges talking about how much sleep hadn't gotten any of us have gotten on the hill here. I talk a little bit by starting about the charges against the president there's been a lot of talk you talked about bribery obstruction of justice abuse of power. What would the articles of impeachment. He did Democrats moved towards actually it's premature to say that that's really the job of the Judiciary Committee. We on the intelligence committee were charged with what we call fact finding so we are laying out the facts to the Judiciary Committee and the American people. And I would say that elements of a bribery charge are probably. There. Clearly obstruction of congress this year we haven't gotten when a shred of evidence one document from the White House or. The State Department in this effort to look. Whether or not there wives abuse of power by the president. I'm eleven hours of testimony yesterday what questions do you still have this morning. So we're gonna hear from doctor Fiona hill this morning who is a long term. Career professional. Who has worked mostly in Republican administrations. I want ask her how abnormal is this. We have got to recognize that. We are really at the edge right now in this country in terms. How we are engaging with foreign countries. Ukraine. North Korea. Our allies in Europe. That the relationships are all upside down and Jack does not bode well for us in terms of protecting them. Street. Which the American public know about you and Helen anyway she's kind of the closest that wheel gets the west wing this morning. See you will be able to. Court. In perspective. How unusual was to have this. Side operation going on how Rudy Giuliani was not on doing the government's work not doing that the taxpayers work when he was. Flying off to Ukraine. That he was engaged in B. Effort by the president because he was getting direction from the president to do opposition research for the president's campaign. Using the auspices. Of the US government. I do that touch on Rudy Giuliani he wasn't mentioned several times yesterday that directly to the president can this impeachment investigation into the fourth without hearing from him. I think what we have done so far gives the Judiciary Committee all they really need. So you think agreed with or without hearing from Rudy Giuliani I don't think we would ever hear from Rudy Giuliani quite honestly. He would probably plead the fifth. And that we're not serve the American people and all. So many of the key witnesses that have first hand information firsthand knowledge of the events that occurred have been blocked by the White House from testifying. I want to ask you do you feel like after today you have enough evidence to enter the next phase without hearing from those critical witness. So there has been a cover up no question about it. We haven't heard from Mike Pompeo we haven't heard from. Ambassador Bolton we haven't heard from nick small rainy their key. Fact we do have enough. Independent. Testimony now from persons who have had direct knowledge of what the president said. And we have the president's. Own corroboration. By releasing the summary of the telephone call with president excellence. You cannot use the power of the office did you opposition research. On one of your opponents under the guise of your public office the president withheld aid. The president with held a meeting in the White House and was asking for an investigation. By ministers a Lansky and he was asking that it be done in public. By presence Lansky himself. And there's plenty of evidence to show that he weighs once again trying to strong arm. How would you categorize them and passing on yesterday especially Adam. All of the hours of testimony that we've heard from this week. He was pivotal and it was pivotal because one he said everything was directed by the president. Two that there was this quick profile of the elements of bribery. Three that everyone knew about it every one in the inner circle knew what was going on and why it was going on. Fourth that presidents a Lynn ski and the Ukrainian government knew early on that the money was being withheld. And they were concerned about it and five. There was a cover. Republicans seem to be hanging onto the fact that he also said that president trump told him that he didn't put program. So president says that after he is aware that her there has been a whistle blower complaint filed. So you know you are attempting to rob a bank you don't get to rob a bank says. I in my room and I want to talk to you before you go last question here about the timeline what do we expect to see heading forward is that this going to be the last that we see of the public hearings but what the American public expect. So the American public will have the opportunity to hear. From constitutional scholars I believe. Once it moves into the Judiciary Committee phase. May be additional witnesses. And then there will be a decision made whether or not articles of impeachment should be crafted. And whether they should be voted on in committee and then transfer through the house for a vote on the house. Congressman appreciate your time think he's an ax U. And Rachel now joining me live from Capitol Hill good morning Rachel beautiful day there in Washington DC. And morning to you carry out trying to stay worn out here. They are right well let you know just listening to your interview it it seems that Republicans are putting on a pretty brave. Fry here but as you know and I know as we talked to our sources within the White House within the past week. I'm being told that they're pretty nervous about the testimony they've heard so far specifically yesterday what are you hearing from Republicans what are you hearing out of the White House I mean you've been on the trot beat now for months. Yeah what your it's certainly interesting right you heard the congresswoman air calling Democrats are calling someone's testimony yesterday pivotal in crucial. But Republicans are arguing here out of that approximately six hours that we heard from some wind today they say. All you need to know is this Keith backed right here that suddenly sad that president trump told him that he did not want a quid pro probably back that he wanted Lewinsky to do the right thing and so Republicans. And that trump defenders are arguing that that's all you need to know from yesterday's testimony of course. Democrats widely disagree with that they think that his testimony from yesterday only wishes. They're defense for here but trump is trying to hold the line here we know our Jonathan Karl is reporting that. The president will have lunch today with ten Republican senators it's about the fifth time since Nancy Pelosi the house speaker announced she'd be moving four with these. Public hearings that. That that he will be meeting with senators and the president of course. Is weighing in as he always does he's taking to Twitter this morning he said never in his wildest dreams did not think that his name would be a ship associated with the ugly word at the impeachment and he's continuing to describe the call. At the center of all of this. As perfect here at. Rachel Scott from the hill thank you so much we'll talk to you quite a bit throughout the day Mercer.

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{"duration":"7:39","description":"Rep. Jackie Speier of California said the testimony of Gordon Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the E.U., is \"pivotal\" and points to \"plenty of evidence\" the Ukrainian government knew aid was withheld.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67197591","title":"Sondland testimony reveals WH ‘cover-up’: Democratic congresswoman","url":"/Politics/video/sondland-testimony-reveals-wh-cover-democratic-congresswoman-67197591"}