Speaker Ryan on Trump: 'I Don't Really Know Him'

House Speaker Paul Ryan says he and the presumptive GOP nominee "had a very good conversation" in March.
3:05 | 05/11/16

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Transcript for Speaker Ryan on Trump: 'I Don't Really Know Him'
You've quiet repeatedly for party unity and Paul. A lot of Republican senators and house everybody uses it to withhold your doors and Donna stone. Actually means in order from parties. Are you concerned that are not it was a parties. I think actually on what we're trying to do is be as constructive it's possible any real unification look I said this the other day. Com to pretend we're unified as a party after coming through very bruising primary which is and it like a week ago. On to pretend reunified without actually unifying than we go and fought half strength. This election is too important. To go into an election at half strength that means we need a real unification of our party which you don't look after a tough primary that's gonna take some effort. We are committed to putting an effort in I want to be apart at unifying process. So that we're at full strength this fall so that we can win this election. We cannot afford to lose this election to Hillary Clinton to pack the Supreme Court to keep the liberal Obama John oh Obama agenda going. We have to be at full strength so that we can win this election and that is why we have to go to the actual effort in process. Unify missed here. He's been very vocal in New York differences on policy. So what is it that you need to hear from him at some point. Fully endorse and if there's reason that you. Look I think these are conversations we're going to have I don't really know him I met him once in person in. 2012. Wait a very good conversation in March on the phone. We just need to get to know each other and we as a leadership team. Are enjoying the fact that we have a chance to meet with him so I'd rather have a conversation in person and through the media no no no effects that this is a big tent party. There is plenty of room for different policy disputes in this party we come from different wings of the party the goal here is to unify the various wings of the party. Iran common principles so we can go forward unified swath. Cards. Or. What is mr. Parsons. And the first woman cars and a great guy. And Ben Carson is is trying to Friday constructive role to help. He wants to be a force to help all the various wings of the Republican Party the conservative movement come together and he's trying to clinic in truck liberal. Look we've we've got a process we're just getting started so the last thing and do is say exactly what the end of this process is going to be when we're just beginning this process. The point I'll just make one more time is I really believe that if we're going to be successful this fall we have to unify our party. Where to go forward with a positive message. That Americans see that we have solutions their problems when seven out of ten Americans don't like the path of this country is John and Hillary Clinton is basically promising to keep going on the same path. We have an obligation. To merge in to unify around our common principles to offer this country a choice a better way forward. And that's going to take some party unification to do that we just finished probably one most grueling primaries. In in in in in modern history it's going to take some work and that's the kind of work we're dedicated to mr. speaker. Mr. truck.

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"House Speaker Paul Ryan says he and the presumptive GOP nominee \"had a very good conversation\" in March.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"39039631","title":"Speaker Ryan on Trump: 'I Don't Really Know Him'","url":"/Politics/video/speaker-ryan-trump-39039631"}