Speaking with Abortion Rights Supporters and Opponents at the "March for Life" event in DC

ABC News' Serena Marshall speaks with abortion rights supporters and opponents at the "March for Life" event in Washington DC.
9:57 | 01/27/17

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Transcript for Speaking with Abortion Rights Supporters and Opponents at the "March for Life" event in DC
I didn't see some remarks we continue from the march light and we're anti abortion march here in Washington DC is you can see behind me. Thousands. Demonstrators are here to. Make their voices heard and pointless here. Demonstration on every year he how broad the way they started at the Washington monument and ended. Right here I don't like stamps and the supreme power and an eight day. Here it and I'm Daryn hi. Looking person next year when we celebrate. The president's company nothing allotment expectations and that we will including making abortion. Completely legally insane when he and and not me hasten death was filled with the it's really had and they went missing here now I would how these protesters and thousands and I'll let them. Excellent and we've been talking to these demonstrators you've been here holiday and lock them from Washington monument atmosphere where he'll. Contingent of people here who are. You see this can't put my and then all the holidays anti abortion activists. Has. No one is listening to my name's Lily Lily and you know I'm art A pro abortion. Choice is actually okay well I'm YU I you're today this. Giant is an important part because I wanted him deeply and women's rights she is yes if there. And I had this this is longer bit you hearing and this is a lot thousands of Islam. Are you yeah you're listening. To conversations. Yeah. The current cases yeah. And and angry on their side. Others trying to reach them on the ground an Angel. Option. AM. Some nice things as nice as the first time they come I hear that counts as they march for life. I mean yes I didn't and CE friends rally. Presentation. Isn't home and energy in the net income margin this. I have even count yeah. A lot of people here telling us that they're seeing this as pilots and residents on the way out. Vice president and they're very much. I'm and they like to see. If I'm Edwards. It's also college mental bonds and then now is Dan not put it out for you. Can easily have you. Yeah. When completely out yeah. Yeah. Are you here and yeah. Yeah. Him always. It's. There. Always in here. Yours and yeah. Its story. Yeah you're right we expect it to respect. He. We've gotten. Eight it may be just as easily as a replacement Mena. And anti imports and died very conservative judge has opened a strong has promised you point are you concerned and review it could be a return. I am I making it the majority yeah. Ten Americans. Part of our wars past and married and so I feel that their act hasn't crossed the parent. Yeah. I didn't seem that. The battle of the signs going on. Around the American students. It. Shirts. And key. Here is to meet TV. Com. Yeah you. I. We talked to has had signed he wrote feminist anti abortion. And silently. And injured adding another and that you know I think yeah I come back every is you can see this thing. Yeah a lot of people they're continuing their Martin's. Here in front of the Supreme Court. Yeah. Now we're just being as some folks here here that are pro bush outlines how does and here is part of the march Frontline news Edwards Edwards. Now tell us about your sign here. I think it's. Aaron I'm. There and it knows I need about. In its mission statement is. Currently on our differences in opinion meaning. And I. Was. And I knew there. And users only. And I don't see. Except it. It's. This is something going now. It. Differences and it's. But. There. Yeah. Is this your first time carded a Smart and he say. You liked my online his wanted to come out past couple years. In and an Arizona company actively years went I finally got the opportunity Owen iron. Large for Leonard. Students relying. And it's an opportunity and I'm here in last week's Martin wasn't just about being you know probe were sent her eyelids by a lot of yeah I understand how did you honest and then in his mind kind of issues and I think those are an issue in front of them marching for those issues. But on this particular issue. Islands since this season. And so why. Did you think you tighten on his giving an easy to come with your student group that was there anything else is here it was the political climate difference in Anchorage it amount it is simply does mean it looks accessibility. And here is just that realigned. Its. And the next you're we've heard at some of the speakers eight after they're hoping this must be kind of like a celebration. Is your hope as well. I mean it's nice. Do you feel like the last few years in your voice hasn't heard or you are being hurt I think. Now right now. I am right you heard it in the coming years. Into apartment units you know just because alignment and going home and your choice victory. A already the so we'll wait and you are judged by your friends before. They're just very outspoken in a lot of the things of me as they were really negative panhandling. Problems and it's in the evening. Thanks again my house and passionately and to thank my own opinions. And really getting going and and you Don and I are getting some more political debates and their friends since he become more outspoken and more respectful. Conversations not necessarily debates about it articulate and able to talk about my views of east and listen to you and beat you an important. Wouldn't you say that isn't my body my choice and those kinds of responses I'll just here. It's not complete its incite anybody but that is not toward. Him. And even in and that's another human indefinitely and yearly ignorant that you. So it. It. Technically. And so I'm as in the last nine years been more restrictions on abortions we've seen states coming down and mandatory waiting periods and hope. It isn't concerned every day even if you succeed in. Meaningless. And it's not going to get rid of abortion you have more cases. Alli tight situations. Why didn't I have kind of and I think Michael insists Hewlett. Trimble and that there aren't other accident and then there are more political leanings and then I think appeared minutes you know. I shouldn't his decision. It has just that my home and people crying and thanking his victims. But the word of the. And it's a deal. When things are timeless and I'm for ABC news I'm Serena Marshall in front of the Supreme Court in Washington DC.

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{"duration":"9:57","description":"ABC News' Serena Marshall speaks with abortion rights supporters and opponents at the \"March for Life\" event in Washington DC.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"45100538","title":"Speaking with Abortion Rights Supporters and Opponents at the \"March for Life\" event in DC","url":"/Politics/video/speaking-abortion-rights-supporters-opponents-march-life-event-45100538"}