Special Report: Americans released by North Korea arrive at Joint Base Andrews

President Donald Trump greeted them after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo negotiated their release during his visit to North Korea.
11:00 | 05/10/18

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Transcript for Special Report: Americans released by North Korea arrive at Joint Base Andrews
This is an ABC news. Hey good morning from New York everybody I'm Condace Gibson and ABC news headquarters. I'm Diane Maceda were interrupting our usual programming to show you the arrival of three Americans. Who were detained in North Korea they have just landed at joint base Andrews outside Washington DC. Am president trump is there to greet them after the secretary of state Mike Pompeo secured their release during his visit. To North Korea Pompeo arrived just a few moments ago. It's the most obvious signs so far cooling tensions between US and North Korea as president trump and Kim Jung un prepare for their historic moment. And you can see the president and First Lady there are emerging from that plane with those three prisoners. Right there now free men all three. Are said to be. In good health this morning so Kim Jung dual. Is the one of the prisoners who was there the longest he was arrested and just look one. Just look at that moment there watching these guys with the peace sign that is relief on their faces and on the faces of the president and First Lady right there. That indeed you're looking at a very big moment not only for these three men but potentially for these two countries to regime seem to be at odds bird decades now. And this could be a very big moment that priest. Specifically with this upcoming summit between the president and the North Korean leader. OK so we watch this plane as it arrived within the last half hour and we're gonna wants right now is these three men stepped foot here. And joint base Andrews they've already been on American soil their plane landed there about six hours ago and Anchorage Alaska. But let's watch this moment here as they land and Terry is monitoring this Terry Moran is monitoring this moment from London Terry. What a moment it is you guys have to read it's joyful. It is the end to suspense and agony for the families and it is an important milestone. In the in that journey towards this remarkable summit that president trump. And Kim Jung on are determined to have it seems sometime in June in Singapore. But it is worth remembering a couple of things you amid the joy and relief a couple of things first North Korea has done this before thirteen Americans. Since the 1990s have been detained. And out poll released at some point it's have brought a warm there was released and then died. That college student from Virginia. And then the other members that there aren't Japanese detainees their South Korean detainees let's not forget the nature of this regime that said. This is a moment. Of joy and for president trump no question about it a moment of triumph. As he pursues this remarkable diplomatic opening toward one of the most closed countries in the world North Korea. And amid the jet noise you can kinda hear the small cheers there in the early morning hours in the suburbs of Maryland. And I believe they're gonna say some things shortly at the microphones and. No shortage of smiles there for sure relativity or the president. I had come back that. We're able to get about Sox. Or some really attribute to a lot of things. Think a certain process. That's taking place right now. And that process is very important so we will see what happens and we have a meeting scheduled. In a very short period of time you'll be hearing about it. We have the location said. And we will see it we can do something bad. People did not think was going to happen for many many years. A lot of bad things could have happened then between. So I think I just want to say this is a special night for the green really great people. Pat congratulations. On being. In this country right. How does it feel to be how. Long. I'm lean man who had very very happy. What can you. Always educating them. We're okay. There revitalization is now run. Don't. We're going on here. All no we're not. Children don't thousand. We actually need anything his mom for me. And laying there on one thing. My proudest achievement wellbeing this is a part of it but. We'll be one week. Need nuclear eyes that entire peninsula this is what people have been waiting for a prolonged time. Nobody thought we could be on this track in terms of speeds I'm very honored. Do have helped the rebounds and a great neighborhood you know I got I got to speak among the play these are great people they've been through a lot. But heads. It's a great honor but they're great they're could still honor is going to be of we have. They victory in getting rid of nuclear weapons. No not at all. We very much appreciate that he allowed them to go before the meeting. It was sort of understood that league. Be able to get these three terrific people during that meeting and bring them home after the meeting and had. It was nice in letting him go before the medium and frankly we didn't think this was going to happen and it did so. You could say we're a little Trinidad and it was a very important thing to all of us to be able to get these three great people out. Had I must tell you I want to save my warmest respects. To the parents of Otto war here who is a great. Young man who. Oh really suffered. At his parents have become friends of ours. They are spectacular people. Had I just wanna pay my respects I actually called them the of the day and Mike called them also might bats. Had. They are really. Incredible people lose. I think I secretary of state. Despite the fact that the New York Times that he was missing he was in North Korea. But I think guys secretary of state. Has done a fantastic job like you know that women. They couldn't fight it. They couldn't find him because he was in North Korea. I don't want to comment on whether or not as about. What we're starting off they know putting this is a wonderful thing that you release. The votes early is a big thing very important to me had I really think we have a very good chance of doing something very meeting. Well Adam anybody would have said that. Five years ago ten years ago even a year ago you would have said that's not possible so it. A lot I will say this a lot of very good things have happened. Chad. I really think you watch the news I think he did this because. I really think he wants to do to stop think and bring act country into the real world I really believe that John and I think. I think that we're gonna have a success I think this will be a very big success. It's never have been taken this bar does have a better relationship like this that we're starting from here. But I really think a lot of progress has been made had we'll see what happens we're talking about. A few weeks. I guess many of you will be with us but. It's a great things can happen and that's what we help sell I want to thank you all its very early in the morning. I think you've probably broke the all time in history television ratings for 3 o'clock in the morning that I would say. But I wanna just congratulate these at marine. Great people went back to. They haven't the president it is really basking in the celebration I do want to contest one thing that he said the all time television ratings for 3 o'clock in the morning I think we do that on the daily doses up. There they had the president thanking Kim Jung un for the release of those measures it sounds like before they had originally discussed which would have been during or after the summit. And we're actually gonna go to terra Paul Mary who's there on the ground Perez seen lots of smiles and joy from this perspective what's it like there on the ground. It is the energy here is incredible it was a really touching moment and also a big moment for the trump administration as you can see. They set up the scene at the real production with. Fanfare huge. American flag behind me with my life and reign. And it's it was just really a moment that they could bask in the glory and take a foul. I like you heard the president thanked him no longer any massive and he. Any reference Otto warm here who's a rival the united favor. And here you thought these detainees just joy yet. Waving their hands he signs it is happy to be on the ground there. And Terry Moran just a few seconds with you right now you've followed the North Korean conflict for years quick thought as he see that play out. Well this is a great moment for the families and for this process fortune favors the bold sometimes and in president trump in Kim Jong-un and in South Korean president. Blue Jay in. These are three bold leaders ready to roll the dice and this is a sign of what can happen guys. Terry Moran from London thank you Terry and now we learned just returned to our regular programming for somebody honey if that's world news now. Heard a lot more. This has been a special. From ABC.

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{"duration":"11:00","description":"President Donald Trump greeted them after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo negotiated their release during his visit to North Korea.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"55061810","title":"Special Report: Americans released by North Korea arrive at Joint Base Andrews","url":"/Politics/video/special-report-americans-released-north-korea-arrive-joint-55061810"}