SPECIAL REPORT: President Trump announces deal to reopen government

President Donald Trump stated he will sign a bill to reopen the government for three weeks until Feb. 15.
23:27 | 01/25/19

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Transcript for SPECIAL REPORT: President Trump announces deal to reopen government
This is an ABC news special. George Stephanopoulos. Good afternoon back on the air this busy Newsday because president truck just appearing in the rose turnabout has a deal to reopen the government let's listen. I am very proud to announce today that we have reached a deal. To end this shut down and reopen the federal government. As everyone knows I have they. Very powerful alternative but I didn't want to use it at this time. Hopefully it will be unnecessary. I want to thank all of the incredible federal workers. And their amazing families who have shown such extraordinary devotion. In the face of this recent hardship. You are fantastic people. You are incredible patriots. Many of you who have suffered far greater than anyone. But your families would know or understand. And not only did you can not complain. But in many cases you encouraged me to keep going because you care so much. About our country and about its border security. Again I thank you. All Americans I thank you. You are very very special. People. I am so proud that you are citizens of our country. When I say make America great again. It could never be done without you. Great people. In a short while I will sign a bill to open our government. For three weeks until February 15. I will make sure that all employees receive their back pay very quickly or as soon as possible. The happen fast. I am asking senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. To put this proposal on the floor immediately. After 36 days of spirited debate and dialogue. I have seen and heard from. Enough Democrats. And Republicans. That they are willing. To put partisanship. Aside. I think. And put the security. Of the American people first. I do believe they're going to do that. They have said they are for complete border security. And they have finally. And fully acknowledged. That having barriers fencing. Or walls. Or whatever you want to call it will be an important part of the solution. A bipartisan conference committee. Of house. And senate love might gays and leaders. Will immediately begin reviewing the requests of our Homeland Security experts and experts they are. And also law enforcement professionals who have worked with a so closely we want to thank. Border Patrol ice and all law enforcement. An incredible. They saw an operational guidance from the experts in the field. They will put together. A Homeland Security package for me. Two shortly. Sign into law. All over the next what anyone days I expect that both Democrats and Republicans. Will operate in good faith. This is an opportunity. For all parties to work together. For the benefit of our whole beautiful wonderful nation. If we make a fair deal the American people will be proud of their government. For proving that we can put country before party. We can show all Americans and people all around the world. That both political parties. A united when it comes to protecting. Our country and protecting our people. Many disagree. But I really feel that work in with Democrats and Republicans. We can make a truly great and secured. Deal happen for every one. Walt should not be controversial. Our country is built 654. Miles of barrier. Over the last fifteen years and every career Border Patrol agent I've spoken with has told me that walls work they do work. No matter where you go well they work. Israel built a wall 99.9. Percent successful. Won't be any different for us. They keep criminals out. They save good people from attempting. A very dangerous journey from other countries. Thousands of miles. Because they think they have a glimmer of hope of coming through with a wall they don't have that help. They keep drugs out and they dramatically increase efficiency by allowing us. To patrol far larger area yours. With far fewer people. It's just common sense walls work. That's why most of the Democrats in congress. Have voted in the past four bills that include walls and physical barriers and very powerful offenses. The walls we are building. Are not medieval walls. They are Smart walls designed to meet the needs of front line border agents. And our operationally. Effective. These barriers are made of steel. Have seeped through visibility. Which is very important. And are equipped with sensors monitors and cutting edge technology. Including. State of the art drones. We do not need 2000 miles of concrete wall from sega's shiny sea we never did. We never propose that we never wanted that because we have barriers. At the border where natural structures. Are as good as anything that we can build. They're already there they've been there for. Millions of years. Our proposed structures will be end predetermined high risk locations. That have been specifically identified. By the Border Patrol. To stop. Illicit flows of people and drugs. No border security plan can never work without a physical barrier just does it happen. At the same time we need to increase drug detection technology. And manpower. To modernize our ports of entry. Which are obsolete. The equipment is obsolete they're old they're tired. This is something we have all come to agree on. And will allow for quicker. And safer commerce. These critical investments will improve and facilitate legal trade and travel. Through our lawful ports of entry. Our plan also includes desperately needed humanitarian. Assistance. For those being exploited. And abused by coyotes. Smugglers. And did dangerous. Journey north. The requests we have put before congress. Are vital to any being the M. And it's Harrington and security crisis or our southern border. Absolutely. Vital. Will not work without it. This crisis threatens the safety of our country and thousands of American lives. Criminal cartels. Narco terrorists. Transnational. Gangs like MS thirteen. And human traffickers. Are brazenly violating US laws and terrorizing. Isn't communities. Human traffickers. The victims are women. And children. Maybe to a lesser extent believe it or not children. Women are tied up there about. Duct tape around their faces around them thousand many cases they can't even Bree. They're put in the backs of cars or vans or trucks. They don't go through you port of entry. They make a right turn and going very quickly. They go into the desert areas or what ever Aries you could look at. And as soon as there is no protection. They make a left or right. Into the United States of America is nobody to catch him there's nobody to find. They can't come through the port. Because of they come through the poor people will see floral women sitting in a van with tape around their face. And around them out. Can't have that. And that problem. Because of the Internet. Is the biggest problem. It's never been like this before. That you can imagine. It's at the worst level human trafficking in the history of the world. This is not a United States' brown this is a world problem. But they come through areas where they have no protection where they have no steel barriers when they have no walls. And we can stop almost a 100% of that. The profits reaped by these murderous organizations are used to fund there maligned. And destabilizing conduct throughout this hemisphere. Last year alone ice officers. Removed 101000. Known horse's best he gang members like. MS their team and members as bad as that. Horrible people. Tough mean. Sadistic. In the last two years ice officers arrested a total of 266000. Criminal aliens. Inside of the United States. Including those charged or convicted of nearly 100000. Assaults. 30000. Sex crimes. And 4000. Homicides or. As you would call them. Violent. Vicious killings. Can be stopped. Vast quantities of lethal drugs including math fed to doll heroin and cocaine. Are smuggled across. Our southern border. And into US schools and communities. Drugs kill. Much more than 70000. Americans a year. And cost our society in excess of 700. Billion dollars. The sheer volume of illegal immigration has overwhelmed. Federal authorities. And stretched our immigration system beyond the breaking point. Nearly fifty migrants. A day are being. Referred. For medical assistance they have very very sick. Making this a health crisis. As well it's a very big health crisis. People have no idea how big it is unless you're there. Our back lot. In the immigration courts. Is now far greater. Then the 800000. Cases that you've been hearing about over the last. Couple of years. Think of that 800000. Cases. Because a laws are obsolete. So up silly. Did a laughing stock. All over the world are immigration laws. All over the world they've been there for a long time are the laughing stock all over the world. We do not have the necessary space. Or resources to detain house vet screen and safely process. This tremendous influx of people. In short we do not have control. Over who is entering our country. Where they come from. Who they are why they are coming. The result for many years. Is a colossal danger. To public safety whether to straighten it out. It's not hard. It's easy if given the recent years. Last month. Was the third straight Mott. In a row with 60000. Apprehensions. On our southern border think of that we apprehended. 60000. People that's like a stadium. Full of people. Big stated. There are many criminals being apprehended but vast numbers are coming because our economy is so strong. With the strongest economy now in the entire world. You see what's happening. We have. Nowhere left. To house them. And no way to promptly. Remote them can't get them out because all laws are so obsolete. So antiquated and so bad. Without new resource is from congress. We will be forced to release these people agent community is something. We don't want to do. Called catch and release. You catch them. Even at the criminals you then released them. And you can't release him. From where they came. So they go into our country. And end up in places you would least suspect. And we do. As little releasing is possible but they're coming by the hundreds of thousands. I have had zero. Democrat lawmakers volunteered to have them released into. Their districts or states and I think they know that and that's. What we're going to be discussing over the next three rulings. The painful reality is that. He tremendous economic and financial burdens. Of a legal immigration. Fall on the shoulders of low income Americans including millions of wonderful patriotic law abiding. Immigrants. Who enrich our nation. As commander in chief my highest priority. Is the defense. Of our great country. We cannot surrender operational control over the nation's borders. To foreign cartels. Traffickers. And smugglers. We want future Americans to come to our country legally and through a system based on merit. We need people. To come to our country. We have great companies moving back into the United States. And we have the lowest employment and the best employment numbers. That we've ever had there are more people working today in the United States than have ever worked. In our country we need people to come in to help us. The farms. And with a all of these great companies that are moving back finally them moving back people said it couldn't happen it's happened. And we want them to enjoy the blessings. Of safety and liberty and the rule of law. We cannot protect and delivered her. These blessings without a strong. And secure border. I believe that crime in this country. Kidd go down by a massive percentage. If we have great. Security. On our southern polar. I believe drugs. Large percentages of which come through the southern border. We'll be cut by a number that nobody will believe. So let me be very clear. We really have no choice. But to build a powerful wall. Or steel barrier. If we don't get a fair deal from congress. That government will either shut down on February 15 again. Or I would use the powers afforded to me under the laws. And the constitution. Of the United States. To address. This emergency. We will have great. Security. And I want to thank you all very much thank you very much. Patented prozac expired defendants. The need for more on the border. Presence we have no choice but to build along the border as he was announcing three we feel that didn't include any money. For the border wall that he had been saying all along was is one condition. In order to reopen the government has stricter congressional correspondent. Mary Bruce you know that may you wouldn't really know from the speech the president gave right there but he completely gave up at least for the next three weeks on the wall. Yet in Georgia this agreement gives Democrats exactly what they have been asking for throughout this entire shut down a short term solution to reopen the government buy them time to negotiate. That does not to give the president any funding for his wall and it does seem that this plan could pass here as early as today. The question then becomes what comes next because despite this. Bruising political fight that we have seen it reopening the government. May be the easy part here now they have the challenge of trying to keep. The government open which means that they now have three weeks to do what they could not do here over the last five weeks somehow come to a broader agreement. On border security George. And that that is the problem will in the want nothing has changed. From this agreement setting up a little more time to negotiate meantime Mary. A do we think now as soon as gets done over the weekend stadium back on for Tuesday. That is the big question here because of course via the agreement to postpone the state of the union was only so long as the government remained closed assuming the government is back up and running it does seem like it is a very real possibility that we will actually have a State of the Union Address you're on Tuesday. Ocalan go to Terry Moran now at the white has turned the presently give up on the wall from now it appears that he really. Had no choice the political pressures building six Republicans abandoned them. In this any history of this brand new poll out right now showing that the public is blaming president and the GOP for the shut down also ahead driven. Driven his poll ratings that is approval rating down to 37%. That is the lowest approval rating for any president. At the two year mark of his term Terry. And you could feel that here driven a hysteria a sense of what was going on as a scramble here. As the White House was responding to what was going on on Capitol Hill really because the Republicans on Kevin Hill couldn't take that pressure either. And in order to give this an aura of victory the president you heard the applause. He called in his entire cabinet the mayors who were visiting today and much of the White House staff. Just to stand in and give the sound of applause while he stood and Kate as you pointed out there's no question that he has felt they this is the deal he could have had. Weeks ago an antiballistic let's keep arrested the government open let's talk about homeland security and let's get going. There was no sign at that point to the question is having only the shut down proudly as he said in the Oval Office. What did he get. For so far nothing yet the government will reopen assuming this does pass the president began his stay in his remarks by thanking the federal workers and endure this hardship. Over the last few weeks and now want to bring in David curly or senior transportation correspondent because the other big factor here. This morning was. A major airline. Shut down stall all across the East Coast because several T air traffic controllers didn't come to work. You know there been talk about this all along George that at some point the controllers who have been working without paychecks longer shifts than normal. Might start calling in sick it happened this morning at two centers one in Washington DC one in Jacksonville Florida that's slow traffic. If both over Florida and over the northeast and the mid Atlantic in fact there was a ground stop at LaGuardia this morning for nearly an hour. So basically slowing down the system to keep it safe we have learned that the thirteen controllers or were supposed to be on schedule. At the center outside of Washington today six of them. Called out and did not come to work so you have this rippling through the system very slow air traffic control. And it you can see it in the delays all across the country it will take most of the day. To kind of flush that system out and get things back. To normal so they'll be happy today that they are going to get a paycheck and maybe some relief and all across those who have been affected take a look at a food bank for the coast guard's been. In New London, Connecticut this was wife of a coast Guardsmen watching on her phone the president saying that this is over they're gonna get a check their happy about it. So at least now for a couple of weeks these folks are gonna get paid back on the job. And and they hope that the government stays open. Margie what a relief for those 800000 federal workers had to bear this sacrifice they and their families have borne the sacrifice over the last three weeks. Assuming this goes through over the weekend it will be back to work on Monday the back pay as the president said. Should come through very quickly. So the president asking right there the government should reopen there's been a deal with that is senators and members of congress up on capitol governments should reopen at least for three weeks. We'll full details tonight on world news tonight with David near have a good afternoon. This has been a special. From EB.

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