Steve Bannon out at as White House chief strategist

A source close to Bannon told ABC News the resignation was effective on Aug. 14, exactly one year after he joined the Trump campaign.
11:22 | 08/18/17

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Transcript for Steve Bannon out at as White House chief strategist
This is an ABC news special room. Good afternoon I'm Tom Thomas with some breaking news out of the White House a stunning development. Inside the Oval Office we've just learned that Stephen band and the chief strategist. For president trump. Has resigned. Now banning was a controversial controversial figure from the Gekko he had been with president trump for a year for storing him on the campaign as the chief executive. Before that he was a conservative media provocateur war but many people credit Steve Bain and with shaping president trumps message alt populism. On the Eric of worst and nationalism. He was no doubt controversial from the moment he entered the campaign. Partly because of his work with bright Bart before right conservative. News brand that many people have called racists in the past. Steve band himself has also been quoted as same bright port was a platform. For the alt right. A white supremacist movement now this. Information we've just received from ABC news once again that Steve been in has resigned. This resignation happened two weeks ago it was effective on Monday so we essentially has been. Out of the White House for fourth the last four days away get to our senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega was been tracking these developments the last couple days now Cecilia can you walk listen to what exactly happened and how this decision to place. Well it's not unexpected Tom but here's what I can tell you this seems to just now beat reverberating around the White House even though. A lot of people perhaps knew that this was coming. Steve Bennett has been on the ropes and this White House before he has survived. Rumors that he was out in months pass he's got nine lives if you will inside this administration. But the fact that this came down today or that rather we learned about this today. Really caught a number of people that I've been talking to inside the administration by surprise they did know that this was going to be the day that this would happen. You know I think if I were to say sort of distraught he will the broke the camel's back really was. This interviewed at Steve banning did within the last couple of days with a magazine where it's our understanding he called this reporter. And an unloaded and contradicted the president on issues like North Korea. And and made claims saying that you know is a couple claims about out white nationalist movement that. Calling them crazy is and fools if you will 80. This is a president who does not like to see people speaking out of school in his administration. Among others who he has battled within this White House Steve Bannon rather see Bennett as battle within this White House not just. Angering the president that really has had an ice is back from many inside the west wing and in recent months from Jared Kushner at. Gary Cohn to others and this has been. A long time coming top. And by all accounts a fighter open till the end you don't. Whether in front of the camera or behind the scenes I want to get back to that article you were mentioning is from the American prospect. A progressive publication in this is the quote and this is from Steve David Egan the chief strategist who at one point sat on the national security council for president trump. He said until somebody solves the part of the equation that shows me that ten million people in Seoul don't dine the first thirty minutes from conventional weapons. I don't know what you're talking about there's no military solution here they got us. That had to drive the president crazy Cecilia. And that's Hong compounded with a number of things I mean app from as simple as SNL. You know profiling Steve Bannon is the mastermind behind this White House and magazine articles. Eight and magazine cover showing XT Bennett's face. On the cover us saying that he was the mastermind behind this presidency. And that let's just go back to that exceptionally controversial press conference that president trump gave. A couple of days ago where he was under fire for the things that he set about Charleston buried in that you know where where his comments about. Where he stood on Steve banning he was asked whether he has confidence in his chief in in his strategic counselor this. Right hand man in the west we. And he wouldn't say it out right he said I like Steve Bannon. He said that he he goes I don't believe that Steve Bannon is a racist. But he wouldn't say whether he'd had. Confident and in Steve Bannon and that is where this is a president that will not move forward I think with someone in his camper who. With whom he has lost confidence and again I've got to reiterate it wasn't just the president himself. It's our understanding that a number of people in this west wing or angry with Steve Bannon and had had lost confidence and top. Cecilia standby I just want to kind of lay out some good major resignations in less than a month Sean Spicer resigns as Press Secretary writes pre bush resigns as chief of staff. And Anthony spear in which she resigns at White House communications director and now we've learned chief strategist Steve Bannon. Is also lot I want to bring in our chief anchor George Stephanopoulos somebody who has worked in the west wing and what's covered president from. In debt. You know George I have to ask you I mean this this is incredibly. A critical time for the president right now he's having problems abroad and here at home and now his chief strategist many. Will say the person who shaved his message to help him win that campaign is gone. Reading from message that's been hurting the president for the last week awakened and the lakers remarks over the demonstration the charge of its failure to condemn. I can continue or not she's early on admitted untenable along with everything Wasserstein. Proceed then to day. I didn't job and I think the last straw hat that each interview he gave. The other day the American the American prospect where he undermined the the president's position on North Korea Laurie kicking. And allies. The blade actually to get John Kelly the mass street advisor. HR McMaster the fractured state. Are linked to listen but you know Steve bandage. And a man with a lot of enemies inside the white outs for quite some time starting Richard Kirchner the president himself. We're not happy with ease tension which it ski ball in the woods getting entry ban. We're losing a lot of arguments inside the White House as well he's been pushed out. A the national security council on its key allies on the yesterday council has been pushed out as well the question Welch were present. You know what. Is she going to reconstitute. His you can step out on the job Charlie any she's really eighty going to be willing to follow their collection. You know George talked to us about the machinations of the west wing right now at this point because you're essentially running. And Oval Office an administration. With a brand new chief of staff a communications director who's been put in place but who doesn't have a whole lot of experience in politics and just there in the inch from. And that you have your chief strategist the man many people credit for tapping in. To those votes to those voters who were overlooked has left. You know the global what has left the west wing what happens now. And you've gotta present the club don't forget this all began to talk in the Oval Office president at the top who seems. Relatively alone taking direction from anybody. K at this point. They and he also had when you look at the other issue numbers on the stark who survived Kerry on the chair of the National Economic Council. Reported to be furious with the president's comments are over Charlotte still. Idea you've got major correction Labarca Kerschner. Also. Still playing key roles. I inside the White House where things were gonna find out it's how willing they arch. Exceeded the direction. John Kelly didn't chief of staff as well but its own weight into the white out stat being built. Look at the litany of litigation geez laid out being built from the bottom up. But the big question still going to each is the president himself willing to change going to change the way he does it it's really change the way key communication and and if he able to rational coherent agenda the same time while he's doing all this turmoil in what we're actually also ailing launch you know like he's going to need. In congress starting with the senate Republican leader. Which McConnell other key senators like Lindsey Graham. Jeff flake Tim Scott a south Carolina at a time we're in order to get anything bella. In front of the senate he can't afford to lose more than two votes skis really cheap members congress key senators every single day. But George on that point you know every politician's first. Goal before stay in office is to get reelected Steve band is the person who helped him get elected he tapped into those trump voters that many people and a lot of critics of the mainstream media even forgot. Steve bid somehow knew who those voters work he knew what those voters wanted to hear is this gonna now perk the president with his own base no question it. Me me you're right about the influence and Steve Bennett had a even look at president. Chafed at the idea that it's just keep going and not presidential consult. Let's making their appeal but right now the president has actually the opposite published he would down. His core supporters right now he didn't overall he ditch somewhere around 35%. Approval rating couched his strong approval rating among Republicans has been dropping keep holding on to that very hard core populist base urged. Identified but in order to be successful prediction he's got its Turkey yeah. How to reach out beyond that based how to reach out to regular rank and file Republicans had to recheck in detention Democrats. How to secure majorities in the congress Steve and it was not helping. Was flawed effort at all he was really meeting members of congress even the if you securing. The base was alienating others in the west wing in in pursuit of his ideology and that was hurting the president. Chief anchor George Stephanopoulos George thank you wanna go to Matt doubt right now someone else was advised presidents. In the White House and on the campaign trail that if you had it would vice president from right now with his chief strategist. Now gone what would you tell him. Well he's he's created a a White House that we know from day one and edit chaos it's sort of value in a campaign that he couldn't successful campaign that a wiped out. Can't being tea I think this is the worst blow. So far as president becoming a tequila and probably his worst week as president has towards says he's even his lowest of approval numbers at this point I don't know what he can do other than try to sort of stand back. And reexamine himself and caused himself to have some self reflection. The problem ultimately the president trumpet and skeet and what I'm Anthony spear Moochie look at Mike went forgot that he. My claim and it FBI director of long before these recent firings felt they were fired. And I think he have to have some self reflection. The question it doesn't have the capacity perhaps self reflection. Mapped out for us Matt thanks so much so again we're following breaking news at the White House to be just tuning in chief strategist Steve Bannon one of the men who help president trump. Windy election has resigned. According to ABC news we've learned he resigned two weeks ago this resignation was effective on Monday we're gonna say on top of the story. Throughout the afternoon we'll have a full update on world news tonight with David near we now return for scheduled program. This has been a special. For me he's.

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{"id":49297153,"title":"Steve Bannon out at as White House chief strategist","duration":"11:22","description":"A source close to Bannon told ABC News the resignation was effective on Aug. 14, exactly one year after he joined the Trump campaign.","url":"/Politics/video/special-report-steve-bannon-white-house-chief-strategist-49297153","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}