SPECIAL REPORT: Trump comments on NFL, Puerto Rico, North Korea during Spanish PM news conference

Mariano Rajoy, the prime minister of Spain, joined President Donald Trump in the Rose Garden today to discuss "a crucial range of economic and security issues."
30:08 | 09/26/17

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Transcript for SPECIAL REPORT: Trump comments on NFL, Puerto Rico, North Korea during Spanish PM news conference
Ladies and gentlemen. Though president of the United States and the president of the government of Spain. Thank you very much everybody please PC. Good afternoon I'm greatly honored to welcome president Mariano Rajoy. Of Spain. And it's a great honor to have you at the White House thank you very much. We've just concluded a very productive conversation on a crucial range. Of economic and security issues before we begin. I'd like to take a moment to send America's hearts and prayers. To the people of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Both have been devastated. And I mean absolutely devastated. By hurricane Maria and we're doing everything in our power to help the hard hit people. Both places Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and massive effort is underway. And we have been really treated very very nicely by. The governor and by everybody else they know how hardware work in and what a good job we're doing as we speak. FEMA are great first responders. And all available federal resources including the military. Are being marshaled to save lives. Protect families and begin a long. And very very difficult restoration. Process I have directed all relevant departments and agencies. To assist in the response and recovery. After. As. Governor Acela. Just tell me this morning. The entire federal. Workforce is doing great work in Puerto Rico appreciated is saying it and he's saying it to anybody. Listen our team has been incredible after having gone through Texas. And then Florida. With the other stops along the way. And he further went on he said and through the top administration's leadership the relationship between FEMA and my team is very very strong. I will be going to Puerto Rico on Tuesday. I'll also be going to the US Virgin Islands. Over the last several weeks our nation has been tested by the destructive force of mother nature. But we were respond to it with an even mighty air force. The resolve of the American spirit Texas Louisiana and Florida. Are in really good shape and moving along well. We thank all of the first responders and volunteers who have risked their lives and that's what they did they risked their lives. To all of those impacted by the travel. And these horrible hurricanes in his arms. That have affected. And impacted. Our country I thank you. The recovery process will be a very very difficult one. We will get through this at we will get through it together. We will be stronger. We will be bigger we will be better. Thank you very much. The United States and Spain are great friends and close allies. Are bonds culture and commerce go back. Many sensors. Our schools teach American children about Spain's history of exploration. Army is seems treasure beautiful Spanish works of art. And your country's contributions to architecture music and don't. Are admired all over the world. Say greatly. Admired country. The deep relationship between our two people. Is a strong foundation for lasting. Cooperation. On behalf of the American people I want to express our support. And extend our prayers to all of those affected by the vial terror attack. In Spain last month. I want to assure the people of Spain. That America stands with you in confronting this evil that threatens all of humanity. We will continue to deny the terrorists their funding. Their territory. And any form of support for their wicked ideology. In this common fight America great. We appreciate Spain's contributions. To the coalition to defeat ices. Spanish troops and police have trained more than 30000 members of the Iraqi Security Forces. We also thank the Spanish people. For being such gracious hosts of the American service members stationed at Spanish. Basis. The United States and Spain together face many critical dangers and challenges. From north period to Iran to Venezuela. We thank Spain for its recent decision to expel. It's North Korean ambassador and for standing with us in our efforts to isolate the brutal North Korean regime. It is time for all responsible nations to join forces. To isolate the North Korean menace. North Korean nuclear weapons and missile development threaten the entire world. With unthinkable. Loss of life. All nations must act now to ensure the regime's complete. Denuclearization. I appreciate the united nations Security Council voting twice unanimously. Fifteenth and I think twice. To adopt hardening resolutions against North Korea. I have recently issue tough new sanctions against those. Who do business with this outlaw regime. And I applaud China's latest action. To restrict its tray. With North Korea. And a particular I applaud China. For breaking off all banking. Relationships. With North Korea something that people would have thought unthinkable even two months ago. I want to thank president Chea. Here in the Western Hemisphere. We have seen a heartbreaking tragedy of Madeira socialist ruined Venezuela. Spain has been especially helpful in promoting the interests and well being of the Venezuelan people. And we thank you for your efforts. We hope. Our friends. In the EU. Will soon follow the United States Canada and many Latin American nations. In sanctioning the in the giro. Regime we need everybody in bounds. The citizens of Venezuela have endured a man suffering poverty starvation in dangers. Political unrest. And a Madeira is oppressive socialist regime. Together Spain and the United States hope for peace. For the restoration of democracy. And for the release of all political prisoners. Wherever socialism spreads misery follows the people of Venezuela deserve a future. Of freedom he's a great people. In the economic arena we support trade that benefits both Spain and the United States which means it must be fair. And it must be reciprocal such an important work. Hasn't been used very much in the United States reciprocal. Spain is the tenth largest investor in the United States and I commend Spanish business leaders. For their confidence in America and the American worker and considering the fact. That our stock market has suggested all time highs I think they probably like the United States very much. Is it time for both tremendous opportunity to for our world but also. Serious dangers. As I said at the United Nations. Which future. Really is up to us if we empower our citizens serve their needs and appeal to all that is best. In the human spirit. Then I have no doubt we will succeed. Like never ever before. Mr. President I'll let foe to work in review. To build this future prosperity and peace for both Spain. And for the United States of America thank you very much thank you. This is an ABC news special report. George Stephanopoulos. Good afternoon we're coming on the air right now because president troubles in the Rose Garden where the prime minister of Spain Marianna road oils the president of their government. About to take questions from the press in his opening statement just moments ago the president. Emphasize the disaster response in Puerto Rican here in which is now being described. As a humanitarian disaster also discussed North Korea the tough sanctions the United Nations he says past. Last week also the tightening. Banking relations teen China. And North Korea the president praised the Chinese president for that of course. The presence been so winnable war of words. When the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il in calling him rocket man threatening. To destroy their country will go quickly to Martha Raddatz we keep an eye on this right now I'm Martha is the president's been speaking. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff up on Capitol Hill today reminding all of us how serious the threat from North Korea is he certain. In West Virginia was specifically asked general Joseph de inferred. If North Korea possessed are reliable. Accurate and nuclear capable ICBM system. And this is what he said I think for all planning purposes capability development we should assume now. That North Korea has the capability. And has the wheel to use that capability that's how urgent this problem is and it is a problem that Donald Trump. We'll have to deal with no president before him has had this problem it has basically been punted down the road. To Donald her. We've seen an escalation B one bomber flights around North Korea so far Martha Raddatz and north cure responding to the president's words by taking them. As a declaration of war. Yes the North Korean leader says it is a declaration of war by having those bombers. Go north of the DMZ they were off the coast of North Korea about 200 miles away from North Korea. But well beyond the border where they usually fly he said he will shoot them down even if they are as they were in international airspace. Experts do not believe he has that capability right now. Not right now Ballou president of course has also been something of a war of words was illicit with the NFL. Taking on those players who decided taken me in protest of his comments on Friday the president could get asked about that the press conference. As well and as we speak up on Capitol Hill today. It appears at the Senate's effort dinner last ditch effort to repeal and replace. Oh my obamacare is finally on its last legs three Republican senators have now come out and say they are against it senator Rand Paul senator John. McCain senator Susan Collins. Of Maine senate Republicans are meeting right now decide. Whether or not they're actually going to push ahead for a vote on this all this coming. As a predator the president also laying the ground work for his major tax reform package that he also wants. To be passed this year the president met with a bipartisan. A group of members of the house from Democrat and Republican side today talking about. That tax form so full plate. For the president right now let's go to the Rose Garden. And so we've gone. Political and economic situation of both our countries Spain and the United States are two democracies friends and allies. Which many common values and interests and we agreed to work together in the area of to. Defense of those values with a comprehensive and cooperative vision. I would like to thank. The warm welcome that was extended to us by president trump and his team at the White House prime ministers and rattling have to finish answering no more vulnerable friendship. That exist between the United States that's been thank you. Thank you. Steen Harland. Please Reuters. Don't get nervous to. Then in that. There is. Well I wasn't preoccupied with the NFL I was a shame Devoe was taking place because. To me that was a very important moment I don't think you can disrespect our country our flag our National Anthem. And to me the NFL situations are very important situation I've heard that before. About was I preoccupied not at all not at all have plenty of time in my Angela do is work. And to be honest with you that's an important function of work and it's called respect for our country. Many people have died. Many many people many people are so horribly injured. I was at Walter Reed hospital. Recently and I saw so many great young people's. And the missing legs in the missing arms and they've been so badly injured. And there were fighting for a country they were fighting for a flag they were fighting for our National Anthem. And for people to disrespect that. Body kneeling during the playing of our National Anthem I think is disgraceful. So I will also say that again I read you part of his quote but. The governor of Puerto Rico is so thankful for the great job that we're doing we did a great job in Texas a great job in Florida a great job in Louisiana. We hit little pieces of Georgia. An Alabama. And frankly we're doing and it's the most typical job because it's on the island it's on an island in the middle of the ocean. Tell in the ocean you can't just drive you trucks they're from other states. And the governor said we are doing a great job in fact he thanked me specifically for FEMA and all of the first responders and Puerto Rico and were also. Mentioning with that the US Virgin Islands it was devastated. So we are totally focused on that but at the same time it doesn't take me long to put out a wrong. And may do well get it right I think it's a very important thing for the NFL to not allow people to Neil. During the playing of our National Anthem to respect our country and to respect our flag. And thank you. But that's the U. I can ask you prime and should question it's going to take a war to rein in North Korea and what is your advice. To the present on dealing with us. Didn't. He looked at almost. No one wishes for there to be a war anywhere in the world it's true. The recent key events and North Korea. With implications in the neighboring countries very important countries in. Means does. We all have to be forceful than those of us who defend the values of democracy freedom and human rights. Have to let North Korea know that it isn't going anywhere in that direction for the time being sections have been adopted Spain will support. Many. Political decision which will. Contribute to putting an end to. It's a situation which has nothing to do with the principles and values. Most of western and global democracies defend. That when a status as a thank you was immune Blanco from I think. We don't know whether during your conversation. Be viewed discussed but Catalan situation and this is a question for president crossed. Do you support what the Spanish government is doing regarding Catalonia and I like to ask. The president the Spanish government whether he fears they might be a unilateral. Declaration of independence and cattle and in what was the government do them. Well I think that Spain is a great country and it should remain united. We're dealing with a great great country and it should remain united I've been watching that unfold. But it's actually been unfolding for centuries and I think that. It. Nobody knows if they can have a vote I think the president would say they're not going to have a vote. But I think that the people would be very much opposed to that I can say only speaking for myself. I would like to see Spain continued to be united. Me and gave. The decision to unilaterally declare independence is not something. I have put it's not a decision I would make it's a decision. Which will have to be made or not by the Catalan government I think it would be. Very wrong and I think that right now when everyone knows that the referendum can take place. Because there isn't an electoral committee there isn't a team of the Catalan government organizing the referendum. They're on ballots there aren't people at the voting station so. It's just crazy all this will lead to is employees but certainly there can't be a valid democratic. Referendum with. Guarantees with minimum guarantees I think. What would make sense in the situations such as this is too. Go back to common sense and put an end. To this whole story the only thing it's doing is generating deficient tensions and it's not contributing in any way to. The citizens situation so I want this to be resolved as soon as possible. And I want us to go into a new stage where the rule of flawed dialogue and common sense will prevail and. I think you. Major Garrett yes CBS. Yes hi. Hours away. And you have a special meeting and are you contemplating the deployment. Of special naval assets or air assets. To Puerto Rico to Rick drug problems there. And an order North Korea very quickly the foreign ministers that you declared effectively war on North Korea and the North Korean government is threatened to shoot down or a Matt. American planes flying in international airspace like your reaction talking to all levels. The second when first we are totally prepared for the second option not a preferred option but if we take that option it will be devastating I can tell you that devastating. For North Korea that's called the military option if we have to take it we will. He's acting very badly. He's saying things that should never ever be said. And we're replying to those things but it's a reply. It's not an original set and it's a reply but the things that he said over the last year and if you look back to things that he said to past administrations. North Korea is a situation that should have been handled 25 years ago twenty years ago fifteen years ago or ten years ago on five years ago and it could have been handled. Much more easily. He had various administrations many administrations. Which left me a mess. But I'll fix the mess. So we'll see what happens with North Korea as far as Puerto Rico is concerned I think just the opposite we have had tremendous reviews. From government officials as we have in Texas and Louisiana and as we have in Florida as you know from governor scattered. Greg Abbott great governors and that this morning the governor made incredible statements about how well we're doing. We understand it's a disaster and it's a disaster that just happened. The grid was in bad shape before the storm. And Puerto Rico didn't get hit by what Americans got hit by two hurricanes. And you are among the biggest we've ever seen with the second one being even wears me. The second one hit Puerto Rico as a category five I don't believe anybody's ever seen that happen before. Put gland with that kind of velocity. And the governor has been extremely generous and I appreciated it we right now have our top people from FEMA and they have been there. We are unloading on an hourly basis massive loads of water and food and supplies for Puerto Rico. And this is it like Florida roving go right up the spine or like Texas where we go right down the middle and we distribute this is. You know thing called the Atlantic Ocean. This is stuff stuff. The governor. Has been so incredible and his it is statements about the job we don't we're doing a great job don't forget that police force. Has been decimated because many of the police in Puerto Rico who lost their homes. So. Sure they wanna be police but they also want to be able to watch their families and find their families and they have to live so we're also very much involved in security in Puerto Ricans so. Everybody has said it's amazing the job that we've done in Puerto Rico we're very proud of it and I'm going there. On Tuesday no regard that being said wreck could. Record if you look at the the amount of water dropped and then island between the two hurricanes. And the first thing just barely got by with but they were devastated. And the second was a complete wipe I mean this was a place that was destroyed. So I think we've done a really good job we're continuing to we are literally unloading on an hourly basis Warner food supplies. We have our top people from FEMA and our first responders and everybody else we're going to be deploying navy ships they've already been deployed. And we are going to do. Far more than anybody else would never be able to do and what it's doing recognized as such but it is it is a tough situation would you have a question for the president. Prime minister premise or do you sure president trumps hostility toward the Venezuelan regime. And what is your opinion generally of his that is to say president comes suggestion. But US military intervention might be required if the Venezuelan government doesn't change course do you support that. And which you be an advocate within the EU for tougher sanctions against the Venezuelan government. In an assault but a system or. What are spearheading in the European Union. A proposal. To impose sanctions on an as well what is happening in Venezuela. Is unacceptable Venezuelan. Traditionally was a democratic country. And at this time it's no longer democratic countries their political prisoners of and his and other people who are in jail. Only because they think differently than mr. in my guru and was the first. Prime minister to receive median eighteen to forty whose of the life of the poor little bit who was killed because mr. my guru didn't like him. But there were many others who were sent to jail. In Venezuela there was a parliament. And the government has made up this other parliament. Which is it has its meeting next to the other parliament and it and that enacts legislation. They've created a commission for the truth which is an anti democratic school which only serves to judge people without respecting. Minimum human rights standards. Venezuela is on the road. To dictatorship. Unless that can be stopped so all of us who shared values such as democracy freedom and human rights have to do something. At this time sanctions are important it's important that there be. The international coalition putting pressure. On mature rose so that political prisoners are freed and democracy is restored because this lack of democracy and the attack against human rights and freedoms. Our. Come in conjunction with the economic. Well that's a terrible economic situation with a 300%. Inflation rate with problems supplying foods and medicines to people so it's a really tragic situation. And I think. We have we United States and Spain have. A responsibility. Towards and is another lot of spent years living in Venezuela and I'm worried about them about them and the rest. But they certainly were in me so I think that the international community. Should be forceful with requests to that is when I. Yes when asked that they thank you that's those from and that is equally tough of the union. I have a question for each of you for president trump. With the serious political crisis in Spain because of a referendum on Sunday what solution do you think there is. Have you given advice to president rajoy on this matter do you think there should be. A dialogue between the food generally touch and the government to find a solution and no question for from mr. rajoy it seems. What you're doing in Catalonia that we are managing. Things in Catalonia. Is having an impact. On the budget and I'd also like to know whether he thinks that the situation with the can be resolved or do you think that there will you'll have to call early elections thank you very much. Well I think the people of Catalonia. Have been talking about this for a long time but I bet you if you had. Accurate numbers and accurate polling you'd find that they love their country they live Spain. And they wouldn't leave so I'm just for united Spain I speak as the president of the United States. As somebody that has great. Respect for you president and also has great really great respect for your country I really think the people. Catalonia would. Stay with Spain I think it would be foolish not to you're talking about staying where they truly great. Beautiful and very historic country. Turkish. Thank you. We will be delaying. Movies. Budgets. And part of it because we think. It went we submit the blitzes we would need the needed support to approve them we're talking with different political parties. As you know and I don't think we'll have any problems. If we continue to work on this line. We will I don't think we'll we'll we'll have any problems in approving them within a reasonable time frame but we are looking for a maturity just like we did. Last time around when we voted for budget at any rate. I'm not thinking at all about calling early elections. As a result of what we were so. I'm Mr. President thank you very much thank you. President trump wrapping up a press conference there would the president of Spain Mariano Rajoy. Fox News from the present in those questions he started out talking about the NFL again sees his change what he was seeing in the NFL also calling. I'm the NFL not a pass a rule that would prohibit players from nearly. During the National Anthem president also saying. It is totally prepared to take the military option. In response to North Korean nuclear threat if indeed. That is necessary and we should say that while the president was speaking final word from the senate from senate Republicans who now say there will not be a vote. On this latest effort to repeal and replace obamacare they ended September 30 deadline to meet they will not meet if they do not have enough support. To pass that bill a lot of news there from the president for the president Jon Karl in the Rose Garden. George I thought first detected too big topics there North Korea. And the NFL are on North Korea again for. Words harsh words from the president not backing down from. The type of rhetoric that we heard from him at the United Nations. Making it clear that he is more than prepare to responsibility to respond militarily if necessary to anything that the north Koreans may do and as it was noted in the question. The North Korean foreign minister has already said. Did the United States has declared war on his country we at the president's words. On the NFL actually don't backing down there once whatsoever. He was asked if he had been. Too preoccupied with the NFL to deal with the crisis following hurricane Marie in Puerto Rico when he said. He wasn't preoccupied he was ashamed by the actions. Of those NFL players that were protesting during a National Anthem. So apps Leno backing down get the sense that as an issue that the president wants to keep talking about over and over again. I'll over all of this overwhelming failure of that effort to repeal and replace obamacare the president said he would work on that from his first day. In office we're gonna go off the air right now much more tonight on world news tonight were David Muir and get the latest breaking news alerts anytime I downloaded the ABC news that. I'm George Stephanopoulos in New York have a good day a C a moron Jim. This has been a special. For me he's.

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