SPECIAL REPORT: Trump holds joint news conference with Norway's prime minister

The president took questions on immigration and the Russia investigation.
18:49 | 01/10/18

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Transcript for SPECIAL REPORT: Trump holds joint news conference with Norway's prime minister
This is an ABC news. George Stefan. Good afternoon coming on here right now because president trump is in. East room of the White House and the prime minister of Norway see her right there in a sober about to hold a press conference about to take questions. There in the east Germans wolf first full week. The new year. And I wanted our senior White House correspondent to save big as we wait for it prime minister sober to finish her remarks. President. New tack of openness in these last couple days allowing the present for about 45 minutes of a bipartisan congressional meeting and immigration. Yesterday again with his cabinet. Today also basking in the praise he got for that and not taking questions of this press conference. The lavish in some of that praise on himself as well George that that cabinet meeting yesterday it was just absolutely astounding our cameras allowed in the room. For essentially the full length of this discussion. With I should say and I academy yesterday but witnessed meeting with democratic or Republican lawmaker makers add bipartisan meeting here at the White House. To talk about immigration I think a New York Times have the best line of all they called it a mix between the west wing in the apprentice and that is what we saw the cameras were rolling in their assisting discussion about how to deal with immigration reform in this country. Was happening. And of course all of that was still allowed to happen in the wake of this book that has this White House in turmoil that fire and fury that bombshell. Behind the scenes look. At what is happening in this White House and the biggest allegation George as you know these questions about the president's mental fitness. I wonder if those questions will come up today in these questions here at. Chrysler's question coming in right now. Washington examiner. Thank you different. Yesterday and it. Meeting with lawmakers use that would be open to signing just about any immigration deal but not hyper partisan group of plot makers. Sent to you right would you be willing to sign an immigration deal that ultimately does not include funding for the border Waller read about the Iraq knowing for you know. Now. Gotta include the wall we need the wolf the security. We need the world for safety we need the wolf we're stopping the drugs from blowing it. I would imagine that the people in the room both Democrat or Republican. I really believe they're gonna come up with a solution to the dock a problem which has been going on for a long time. And maybe beyond that immigration as a whole but any solution has to include the wall because without the wall it all does it work. You can look at other inches is look at what happened in Israel they put up the wall they selves solve this very major problem. We need to all we have to have the wolf security purposes security is number one. And so the answer is have to have the wall thank you and please. An ankle and I must not miss from Manhattan in which impose classic. This president prime minister. Recently an American American general Robert Mallard. Told his Marines based in Norway. There's a war combing. If B guess fight. This the president hope even is that big war. Where would it take place. The big war you're saying what. Saint Pete Wilson had an American general Robert Miller he visited the Norwegian. Of the present American Marines based in Norway and he said if there's more coming. A big ass tights when without war or maybe he knows something that I don't know Coca. I would say this I would say that's we have a very very power. Arafat military we're getting more powerful by B month by the day. Were ordering a lot of the equipment that you're ordering were ordering it but it larger amounts to put it mildly. We are building up our military to a point that we've never been before. Were also where we were very much. Weakened over the last long period of time but not with me no I don't expect that I think we're going to have because of strength. Peace through strength I think we're gonna have a long period of peace I hope we do. There we have certainly problems with North Korea but lot of good talks are going on right now a lot of good energy I see a lot of good energy I like it very much what I'm seeing I just spoke. This morning with the as you know with the president presenter mode. And South Korea. He had some really great meetings his representatives had a great great meeting. And I had some very good feedback from that so hopefully lot of good things are gonna work no I think that. We will have that peace through strength our military will be strongly that it ever was in a very short period of time. And that's my opinion that's not the general's opinion. I think my opinion counts more right now. The reason why we are so happy that they have used Marines training in Norway is that that's part of the deterrent strategy. That make sure that we don't have a four in the future. Question for the prime minister and I did you think. Madam prime minister at present this that the investigation into Russian collision makes our country quote look very bad. And he's up this morning that both the world is laughing at our stupidity. Sell my question to you is are you laughing at the Russian investigate. I think I think. That that it's up to every political system in countries to scrutinize and discuss their own political agenda and their countries and I respect that's very much. And at this is an issue for American politics. It just like to say that it has impacted also in Europe I think all European countries have who have had elections this yes. Has been looking into when the Vienna sample tampering on this we concluded after our election that we could not find any proof of any attracted to two put an emphasis on on that come from countries outside. Its had nowhere I think it Versa. Mary Norwegian election with nearly Chiluba participants. We'll say this there is collusion. But it's really whipped the Democrats and the Russians far more than it is with the Republicans and the Russians the witch hunt continues. John. Thank you Mr. President I. I helps you question prime minister but I can address the president first Cerrato the Russian investigation. Your legal team sources have told us believes that in the next few weeks the special counsel Robert Moeller will ask yourself. Sort of an interview which you your legal team believes is part wrapping up his investigation. Are you open to meeting with him would you be willing to meet with him without condition or would you demand. That he strict set parameters be placed around any encounter between yourself. Well again John there has been no collusion between the trump campaign. And Russians or trump. And Russians know collection. When I what you interviewing all the people leaving their committees amended Democrats are all running for office in the trying to say this that but bottom line they also there's no collusion. And there is no collision. And when you talk about interviews. Hillary Clinton had an interview where she was in sworn in she wasn't given the they didn't take notes. That in record. And it was done on the fourth of July weekend. That's. Perhaps. Ridiculous a lot of people looked upon that as being. A very serious breach and it really was. But again I'll speak to attorneys. I can only say this there was absolutely no collusion everybody knows it every committee I've been. In office now for eleven months for eleven months they've had this phony cloud. Over this administration over our government and it has heard our government it desert our government. It's a Democrat hoax. That was brought up as an excuse for losing an election. That frankly the Democrats should have won because they have such a tremendous advantage in the Electoral College so was brought up for that reason. But it has been determined that there is no collision and by virtually everybody. So we'll see what happens to you when you would you be open to we'll see what happens I mean certainly I'll see what happens but. When they have no collusion and nobody's found any collusion at any level. It seems unlikely that you'd even have an interview. And that matter prime minister Norway shares a small but strategic border. With Russian president trucks positioned his finished better try to work with the latter. If possible and to work against them. Where do you come down on that idea better work recruitment and. But I think Brescia is an important player in the international world and I don't think you can and nothing's worked with and talk to. But on the other hand it's important to say that. We have we have aligned with illness sanctions has the European Union has Darman and is a member committee to vote in NATO and and then and to connected some dots and we have also suffer some economic cash. And then difficulties and in some areas Sonoma based on those sacks sanctions but sent on the other hand we have a vague. Good relationship could Russia. Over that border area where we do have made much fi movement of people especially so of people moving to and fro we have. They that's corporation on. As sustainable fisheries in this area its biggest card area in the world but a sustainable resource and we do patrol it we do work together. So we think it's important to do two things at the same time yes. The international lowest per link there. That was set break of that's who the annexation of Crimea. And the situation Ukraine and leased to stand by or Morales but that was at the same time has some neighboring country would do. Day to day work. Hunting said we have to so for the people and economic activity that is in that area and which is a stretch out area for the whole world. It to the answer. I think it is much better to work with Russian. It's very much better having to do with North Korea will we currently have a problem that should have never been my problem they should have been a problem solved. Many years ago when it was much less dangerous but it was given to me along with the big mess of other things. But I will say this I am for massive oil. And gas and everything else and a lot of energy. We can't let that I am for wrote the strongest military that the United States haven't had put in camp that. But Hillary was not for a strong military and Hillary my opponent. Was for Windmills. And she was for other types of energy that don't have the same capacities at this moment certainly. So I just want to say that it's a lot better to work with other countries were working with China on North Korea were working with. Various other countries and I think we're doing very well we had a great talk. As you know and as you reported we had a great talk. This morning with prison and moon and I think that a lot of good things are happening. We're gonna see what happens but working with other countries whether it's Russia or China or India or any of the countries that. Surround this world. And encompass this world that's a good thing John that's not a bad thing that's a very good thing that okay. From mouse infested. This presidents prime minister. Normally strongly supports. Paris agreements and how to express regret that you had decided to leave it. What kids persuade you to remain and what kind of common ground did you find in your talks today on this topic. Well it wasn't a major topic I must tell you we talked about other things including mostly trade but. I will say that the Paris agreement as drawn and as we signed. Was very unfair to the United States it put great penalties on us. It made it very difficult for us to deal in terms of business it took away a lot of RS asset values we are. A country rich in gas and coal than oil and lots of other things and there was a tremendous penalty for using it. It hurt our businesses according to some estimates we would have had a close businesses in order to qualify by 225. Whereas as an example China. Like 2030. They don't kick in until 2030. Russia someplace in the mid. 1990s. That was their standard and that was never a good standard because that was a security. Standard form the environment. It treated the United States very unfairly. And frankly it's an agreement that I have no problem with but I had a problem with the agreement that they signed because as usual they made a bad deal. So we could conceivably go back in but I say this we are very strong in the environment I feel very strongly about. The environment RE PA NR EPA commissioners are very very. Powerful in the sense that they want to have clean water. Clean air. But we also want businesses that can compete. And the Paris accord. Really would have taken away our competitive edge and went back and let that happen I'm not peddling it happen. Is in this as a classic jokes Abacha during this. And because we have strict regulations some. And to reach out Paris. Targets. That means that we have had very strong policies for environmentally friendly and I'm offend me technologies and which place. This is not part of why the America and by the united says no have a surface and the economy was no way so. To never miss a fun a good opportunity would good environmental standards. Great assets of Norway is a thing called Warner. And they have tremendous hydropower. Tremendous in fact most of your energy your electricity is produced. By Hydro I wish we do some of that. But hydropower is fantastic and it's a great asset that you have. Thank you very much great honor thank you. President trump their walking into the east room with the prime minister of Norway and a sober ignoring one final question. On Russia which turned out to be a topic. The count several times and relatively short press congress you see the vice president Mike Pence. Right there as well the president repeating what we've heard in the past that the Russian investigation is a witch hunt. In his view there has been no collusion between. The term campaign and rushing he said the only collision or has been. Well as democratic a collision of course. Since Muller's investigation you've learned of something like thirty context. Between the trumpet and campaign trump associates. And the Russians that the investigation continues both the special counsel and on Capitol Hill I want that a Jonathan Karl who's in the room there. With a president John the president also got a question from John Roberts a fox on whether or not he'd be willing to sit down with Mueller and his attorneys if an interview. Was requested last year. You have to present that question he said a 100% yes that's not the answer we got today. No quite a different question the president said. There has been no evidence of collusion there for a quote it is unlikely. You would need an interview. So that seem to be quite clearly backing away from her from the offer me back in June when I asked to not question. He seem not only willing to talk to Mueller but eager to give the special class counsel his version of events. He was asked the question of variation in the questioned again over the weekend at Camp David and he said quite simply gap when asked would you be willing to do. An interview a smaller now. I didn't quite say that he was unwilling to do it but that such an interview. Would not be now. This area OK and I wanted our senior congressional correspondents well merry Bruce is immigration and other topic the president got a question on the first question the press conference whether or not. He was still for a border wall in any deal that would also lead to protections for those tumors at 8800000. A young. The presentation at a wall is essentially yesterday at that bipartisan meeting he didn't insist on the white talked about border security what does that mean on Capitol Hill. Well that's the big question and the president even though he seems to be sending some mixed messages here so much of this comes down to how do you actually define that wall and lawmakers. That I've been talking with that here. Believe that it's not an actual physical wallet the president admitted it seemed to concede yesterday that he wasn't asking for funding right now to build a 2000 mile long wall that this may actually be. More but spends more actual boosting border security now toward I have to tell you lawmakers are still huddling here at the capitol trying to hammer out. An immigration deal a deal that would protect. Dreamers and also possibly boost that broader border security that the White House may be looking for here and I am told I was just talking with lawmakers who are in these meetings on both sides of the aisle they insist. They are getting close they are making progress that you could see a deal your sooner rather than later perhaps even by the end of the month. The debt deal Larry not really talking about a physical wall so they're gonna pass and they're gonna pass some beefed up. Border security and basically had to leave it up to the president on whether or not he's gonna call that a law. Absolutely does all come down to how you eat light at the semantics at this and remember yesterday the president and that rather unprecedented. Meeting with lawmakers about this said that ultimately even back then that it was up to congress that he would sign whatever congress can agree to. To see they are senior White House correspondents there as well out there in the White House as a C I was struck again. When the president got a question about Russia he did push back a little bit on food and is unlike any it has some of the statements in the past but also brought up the campaign one more time. George that's on my notes it was and then I was gonna bring up to you here we are a year in almost a year to the date that this president was sworn in and he is still talking. About Hillary Clinton that is his go to to fact don't answer it's become. Really a record a broken record for him if you will on his answer about rush us any questions about Russia. It's one of the headlines out of his very short press conference a fact that he is still hammering away at Hillary Clinton that is the message he feels very slighted. He does not want to talk about Russia but really the headline here George is this this complete reversal. It did from that question that John asked him back in June will you sit down with Mueller today that take away. We'll see what happened. We'll see what happens okay thank you all very much much more tonight on world news we gave him your you can get the latest breaking news any time by gallon in the ABC news that. And I'll see tomorrow and G and. This has been a special room. For me he's.

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{"id":52266909,"title":"SPECIAL REPORT: Trump holds joint news conference with Norway's prime minister","duration":"18:49","description":"The president took questions on immigration and the Russia investigation. ","url":"/Politics/video/special-report-trump-holds-joint-news-conference-norways-52266909","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}