SPECIAL REPORT: Trump thanks Texas officials for hurricane response

The president has promised quick action for victims of the storm.
5:01 | 08/29/17

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Transcript for SPECIAL REPORT: Trump thanks Texas officials for hurricane response
And good afternoon I'm Cecilia Vega traveling with the storms with the president in the storm zone of Texas we are coming on the air Qiyue today as president trump has just finished a tour. Of an emergency command center. In Austin he is an underground command center there the Hubble vile activity taking place right now he just finished a state a briefing with state and local officials. Like president the president. Someplace. And you have been kids together Brock has been. Incredible and for years that important to him in the whole group have been and Steve just Steve. The job that they've done getting along the number one they like each other words are important members and their respective children then. The job that all of these groups have done getting old is in terms of coordination. Has been really incredible and everyone's talking about it. The sad thing is that this is long term nobody has ever seen anything this long and nobody's ever seen this much water as efficiently moved into his. Pretty horrific but the war president did you like this to this to the extent and it's. Maybe has something going to disappear we keep waiting. We have three of our great for our great congressman right here and we won't appreciate we really appreciate you being here we're going to be working with congress. On helping out the state of Texas it's going to be costly proposition because again. I'll probably take cruises here and seven to thank you very much undercard. And we're working through these characters don't. Kennedy Grewcock fluid really you know put the right solution. But. Probably has never been anything so expensive in our countries history it has never been anything so historic in terms of the damage. In terms of ferocity is as what we've witnessed with hardly selfless action isn't named Ben reckless and out of it's done and as I also want to thank my people have been Carson as she was here from time. And Linda is Linda McMahon for small business and I think. Say this is not small businessmen visiting this is where you had it all out. You're going to be given to it many many millions of dollars to help people out. And it comes price as you know is abducted gracious. You have your people in the field in fact you may say a couple of words though and and I'll list them and then I. Can we get our engineer admitted to brought in his right. Counter act which president he says this is. These are reports. And presidents from there wrapping up that briefing with local and state officials at that emergency management center they are in Austin saying that the effects of what we are seeing under the impacts of hurricane Harvey will be long term that no one has ever seen. Anything late this but razing of the coordination efforts that he is seeing on the ground here want to bring in my colleague Jonathan Karl chief White House correspondent monitoring. All of this from Washington John this is as you know the very first natural disaster that president trump is facing the first major natural disaster. Optics a very important for this trip and this White House. It's tremendously challenging for the White House the president and his team are keenly aware. Of what happened with President Bush in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina something that was really a turning point in the bush presidency there are. People on the president's Homeland Security team involved in this effort that were also involved. In in the bush White House they know what. What can go wrong. And there's an effort to show the president hands on from the beginning all the while Alitalia Sicilian struck me that it is then the the president has been. Incredibly optimistic about recovery efforts and today it just now I think you've heard from him an acknowledgment that this is long term. It's going to be the long term effort. And did that that the president knows that this. That this will be a big test of how the federal response is the federal response really. Is only just beginning. Edge and offering his act congratulations early congratulations sent to those on the ground but saying it may be too early. To congratulate them their service are taking a Vietnam a bit of a pies Jon Karl thank you all of this. Taking place as we are seeing this unfolding what potentially could be an unfolding humanitarian crisis. On the ground here in Texas evacuations are under way people still in need. Other evacuations thousands more waiting to be rescued still though shelters maxed out and we are waiting for another round of heavy rain to hit. Tomorrow hitting them region of Louisiana so this is an a region that is just waiting to see what happens and and really hoping now. For the best my colleague Tommy on us will be. Carrying all of this they latest from Texas here later tonight with all of the ABC news team on world news tonight. For now I'm Cecilia Vega reporting it to you have a good day. So this has been a special. For me he's.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"The president has promised quick action for victims of the storm.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"49498216","title":"SPECIAL REPORT: Trump thanks Texas officials for hurricane response","url":"/Politics/video/special-report-trump-texas-officials-hurricane-response-49498216"}