Get Up To Speed on the Maine Governor's Voicemail Controversy

ABC News' Katherine Faulders and affiliate reporter Paul Merrill discuss what's next in the saga of Maine Governor Paul LePage
9:11 | 08/31/16

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Transcript for Get Up To Speed on the Maine Governor's Voicemail Controversy
For everybody I'm ABC's Kaplan Connors thank you for joining us on We're a gust ending here standing outside the Statehouse on foot is turned into a bit about controversy. With governor. Okay it's. I'm sending controversial. Ruling stands state represented through. Scenes profanity late now I'm with our affiliate ABC affiliate reporter. Call now you've been covering Maine politics are almost five years now. You know that. I'm him. How would you about the fact that governor of the Pinkston dot resigned today he made it very unclear that he would not he's going to be. Spiritual guidance he did say yesterday and comment that made it seem like he might be considering that is surprising. No because. She would discover he sort of throws that out here I don't know it's serious or not you. He's got a sense of humor he he shoots from the hip he doesn't always think before something. It doesn't surprise meeting he toyed with the idea of resignation and of course a lot in. On Twitter they kind of say no no no he's not resign so that's what he's done things like death reports. Throwing out here and at. Now its viewers a little bit about this controversy what exactly out with now. What level pace that it happened how it all unfold. Get started a week ago tonight actually last Wednesday night governor holds these town hall meetings he was addressing a comment from somebody that town hall he said. That more than 90% of drug dealers arrest in the Steve mean. Are black or Hispanic city keeps a binder. Up a rest from press reports like people thought that comment was racially charged including represented eighteen who was outspoken against the governor he's a Democrat. And he told one of our reporters that he's a racially charged comments and these don't do. And if they don't leading to further than the discussion on going well he would probably mean. One of our reporters said the governor people calling you racist the governor says who. Reporter started to say well we talked for a. Ten to fifteen and the governor cut him off and yelled at a bunch of reporters and immediately left a voicemail for represented eighteen. Calling him several vulgar terms that I'm not gonna save your life street the country can go online with of the boy's nose out there for everybody and never really caught fire. And in the next day the governor he's. Next to me Friday governor called a press conference apologized and said again the thing about the black and Hispanic drug dealers which based on statistics that I've seen reported. Anglican use the newspaper here statistics don't hold water. And now this turned into people want the governor resigned the Democrats say he's got to go. Republicans. In the senate chamber tend to side with Democrats Republicans in the house chamber are solidly standing with the web page at this point. And it would take all four. Caucuses to agree to a special session to come back and censure. Impeach and at this point doesn't seem like that's gonna happen so that let us up to today. Rightly or we were chatting about that earlier something like that is not likely to have been excited with the with the governor last night after after they're eating soup right now it's really helped me political pressure and he's faceless before he had. He's he's weathered several storms and he's. I was the reporter who was talking to him when he said something about another lawmaker giving it to people without providing gasoline and back on national headlines and news. There's a dozen or more instances of this and people seem to think this one is the worst this one between. The race issue. The vulgarity that's out here for everybody to listen to. That this is really a lucky feeling this bridge too far. But yeah. Legislatively there's nothing that's gonna happen at this point it's it's all political pressure and public pressure. Every member of the state legislature is up for reelection this November. There's. Seven days to Election Day wherever his last seventy. So legislatively this latest here than you can change. Q let's do it if he remained to see whether it remains to be seen whether senate Republicans will say this spiritual giants governor talked about today is enough for. Don't let's talk to our viewers a little bit about representative. I'm not too well and I gets on the nationals. So. Page invited him to his office here behind us if the governor and and yet still in there now invited him. Yesterday I believe and they met this morning for under ten minutes is that it was very quick and it was quick. Now have an likely be a while that meaning right but. Good team and spoke with with media shortly after he and Lisa had. After he was dressed multiple times that he does nothing that the governor should resign or apologize but. It was the point of this. You know I think the governor had to have happy. Apologize taste. Face to face kind of guy acting. I wanted to see. Apologized when you. That face to face meeting needed to happen. It he'd like to say it was brief the governor apologize to good team at some point yesterday. Republicans are not sure it was the governor or other lawmakers saying it may be eighteen the governor apology for implying comments racially charged if he did not saying sorry. They get he stuck to the line that Democrats and stuck to that the governor needs to go. That's a line in the sand and there could be we'll make that happen at this point so it will be interesting to see legislatively what their next flights. And now for those of you just joining us at I mean BC's Catholic voters we're here outside the main state house. I'm joined by affiliate reporter Paul Merrill here we're talking about the fact that. Governor tasting on the side she's resigned after that voicemail he left. For democratic representative. It's need him now tell me are you. Surprised that all five this decision not to resign and why did this governor would bring. He didn't know some little hint that. That's a question only the governor answered you know a lot of time he's he's he's not your average politician. He sometimes he does things that make people scratch their heads and some people think it's crazy. And his supporters think it's great so why he would even bring up the he is somebody who I'm expect to go down swinging. Kind of hang on to interact. At this point it looks like there's not going to be appearing to his term anytime soon because nothing's gonna happen in this building behind us that's been forced me. And potentially some heroes that's the you know your governor here in the front runner right now there Republican Party Donald Trump. Governor of aids had strongly endorsed Donald Trump he's one of his biggest supporters. It to honor those knots at the ball not typical politics. Hey are not the governor has said that he was from before troubles from. And Alan. You resignation. He Aaron would have had a negative. It certainly would help from campaigns have a headlines. What's meal but you. McCain supporters in terms of who receive seen really defense. Anything that reporters we'll stand. Supporters stand. Seen. It's. That right now Paula our parents now. Pretty much out to be friendly that nothing legislatively really happening here it's really the political press and the personal pressure. He's not going to do it he said that he and his family are you going to be taking part spirits. Right here. We're not going to be a. I would be happy and I was surprised and besides that he's business news. Seems like that. Week at the end it's something. It's behind the scenes or unless the political and public person comes. You can more than. How this affects the elections in fall. It was already in my. Keep one house taking up. We can all. Back continue wearing. For regular session. Are you wanna thank. Hear from aren't NBC affiliate here and campaign. Talking about the governor's October oh points out here at least be tuned to ABC news. Dot com are gonna bring you represented that he aggregate it's not with him. About what was going through his head when he got that voice now how he's feeling now and yes the second thanks much for joining us.

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{"duration":"9:11","description":"ABC News' Katherine Faulders and affiliate reporter Paul Merrill discuss what's next in the saga of Maine Governor Paul LePage","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"41776036","title":"Get Up To Speed on the Maine Governor's Voicemail Controversy","url":"/Politics/video/speed-maine-governors-voicemail-controversy-41776036"}