Spinning and Fact-Checking the VP Debate

ABC News' Amna Nawaz, Dan Harris and LZ Granderson discuss fact-checking and who's in the spin room at the VP debate.
7:58 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Spinning and Fact-Checking the VP Debate
What are the big ways that I think people are gonna consume this debate assuming they did not watch all ninety minutes live it's through clips and what do you think are some big Klutz. I'd out of just gonna say I think we haven't talked about Fuller maniac. Yeah that that's struck me is quite a moment when I mean he's here we have Tim Kaine. Alleging that down companies running insult your campaign in his campaign. Quotes Ronald Reagan is saying is that they fear is that cool or mania we'll get a hold of nuclear weapons and he thinks that. From may be just that type person that seems like a moment that could catch. Invented and been since responded to it very abruptly. But also again. Not being truthful and the fact that Donald Trump did say he's Mason's obstacles you know he thought to be good idea that they had been around your weapons he did say that. And so parents who is charged with bend Donald Trump but. The statements are better and it. I think part of reason why Cain and I can't give it to keynesian or mine or anything like that but I just know that a prime time engagements with the conversation and debate someone. There are some basic facts are basically on their home that are just you know you know that you know that you know used to unit and so what's going no. No for ninety minutes at W Currie made some in this part of the reason why he brought the handle kept interrupting that are brought record production titled right. In the roadway strategy. This is made me think if I'm running a campaign. 26 teens now you know that one way to keep bargaining get a lot of information about whether things were all gonna Google right this was something Hillary Clinton mentioned. You think come visit my website you know their webs it's crashing because people were trying to figure out what's the truth. And into Weaver discussing off camera wouldn't it be nice if the moderator had the ability to fact check we take. Donald Trump said acts and try to dodge it you play the tape Hillary Clinton's annex if Kane tried to dodge it played tape. I'm almost wondering if it would make sense if you're somebody like Cain and he knows ants is gonna dot these things he say. You that if you assume the moderator not that that in fact check that you say that yourself go look at the Google. And you and you have liked to retreat keywords like Google Donald Trump yeah Russia Nina you and your campaigns already bought the search ad terror incident when people tight. Trump Russian nukes. Boom that clip is ready it's your campaign is Ari posted at like this is some real. There's a real opportunity here to do some incredible. Adding to use the power of people distrust of what the year and desire to go search for an online to your advantage can't Theriot. There would. End it will definitely has the apparent front don't know. None in the interim with an artist that in my bottom view and it's heart. And soul is in this nation he's dedicated his life he's given up its life. To go in and trying to better this country and and and might adds that to a never needed if the economy came front and center here and Hillary. It does want to raise taxes. I did doubling down on Obama's agenda. But in the last eight years we have probably more Americans on food stamps eight million more poverty. You've got the lowest labor participation rates since the seventies divorce recovery since the forties lows homeownership rate fifty years with that senate is under question as. Okay why they keep acting until the economy's good the mean painless and well in the last year we created this many jobs. But we'll the last eight years we have hopefully more Americans on food stamps to people don't Pulitzer. People and yes he's having gotten a race in fifteen years and we haven't done a reason picking here's median incomes and will be stagnant. The problem with that is wealth taxes have gone up Obama care premiums have gone up tremendously utilities your cost of living in this country. Has gone up of people are meek and same amount of money is it work. Fifteen years the weave a hundred million people in this country have a work experience. Since we signed NAFTA ninety finally we've lost one in three manufacturing topsy gone overseas we no longer have them. In our country and we don't make anything anymore we don't produce anything anymore we don't have jobs anymore. These politicians have killed the American dream and my father wants to bring that back I wanna go back as everything is senior substance everything that. In case that I had to do with your father's personality what he said it might not have said here and there and everywhere that seems to be only once the debate. What's what advice do you give your dad because obviously that's their strategy. Listen that is a strategy it's very sad that this essentially can't run on the wrong track record because they're on track record and quite frankly horrible. So that's a strategy to divert and do you know move in different directions and to spew a lot of lies in the we're certainly a lot of lies coming from from one side tonight. I'm and that's very very sad my father's going keep going with his message and it's messages bottom. Put America first again very simple create jobs creed seek. It's our education statistics. Our medical system which is a total wreck after. Obama can't start putting America first again for president comes off a plane China two weeks ago they don't even bring staircase up air force. And embrace their if that's a little respect the rest of the world as for our country. And it's so sad and I can tell you my father president. And respect we'll actually be restored. Probably where the campaign is right now you'll victory in 35 days let them to a man. But. There is RD meet his weight to the spin room giving me there on its take. On the debate back here in New York give a couple more fact checks to get your way to make sure we get through as many as weak and because there was a lot. Cover in the last ninety minutes to go through the next you're really quickly one on the minimum wage Cain claimed that Donald Trump and Mike Pence opposed the federal minimum wage. Our fact checkers at the yes and a note comes positions have been less than queries both supported and opposed it and parents also does not have a clear position. On the minimum wage. Who. Or are. Cain did point out that there isn't voting record. One pence when it comes to that particular issue that's going to go look at I'm sure fact checkers that's and I would don't want him to point out. That is some brief research that isn't hooked up his voting record there yet. Yet that parents passing goals even though. During the campaign. It may not be clear there is evil and recommend you check to see where parents and days of terms of where. Think he is looking into that don't forget you can always going abcnews.com. That at a complete fact check. At the end tonight and also tomorrow morning and let's get immigration really quickly. And claimed that Donald Trump has laid out a plan to end illegal immigration. And said that Hillary Clinton team came when it continue the policies that open borders amnesty at least that are the fact checkers that this was mostly false. The explanation is that patents claimed illegal immigration threw down wages for native born Americans current policies have little immigration enforcement. It basically difficult to say that there's a current policy of open borders when the border. According to our fact checkers it's more here than it's been in history you know it's. Now there's some that the descriptions. And it and it feeling a few more will come out as the evening goes on but this is when the point that you made after watching the debate it kind of doesn't matter. What is actually actually true or not as long as in the moment you can today. But over the confidence that in that needs to be convey that day now. We got that that's novel with. I mean we turn down the volume and you see paint or detained talking you see parents decisions no. No no go. Youths beat it would reveal whatever came as saying it's false. And you do have to go back to your due diligence that perhaps their campaigns thinking that. Most holders walls or that we don't trust the media so whatever we say our fact that the state won't matter. And he and they mean and it's legal secretary themselves and soon enough for their opening because why else. Which tonight beings with its actual video of you say the exact quote. The big thing in fairness to be except you believing that the American you won't actually go back and that the video from themselves.

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{"duration":"7:58","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz, Dan Harris and LZ Granderson discuss fact-checking and who's in the spin room at the VP debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42575401","title":"Spinning and Fact-Checking the VP Debate","url":"/Politics/video/spinning-fact-checking-vp-debate-42575401"}