Spotlight on debate night's biggest moments

ABC News checks in with watch party attendees near the end of the debate.
2:56 | 09/13/19

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Transcript for Spotlight on debate night's biggest moments
Everybody welcome. Houston I'm Devin Dwyer were behind the scenes at the ABC news debate here at Texas southern university and I am here when ABC news contributor. Democracy for America chairwoman. Even at Simpson great to see about Saluki Arkansas for a debate about your expectations. And he's the best sites a far if. Good night like Conlon has has some great moments she's really showing her so strong I think talking directly to trump which is what people want Empresa star mean Cory Booker has had a couple last night. Everybody is doing a really good job today I am very impressed with this field and I think what we're seeing is people shine on issues that they are great that. And so you're you're saying you know Biden. And talk about his history I know he got tripped up the day he's finding his way back East Timor and they used the Bernie doing their thing their tag on the med I care for all we gotta go here right ask you are who Lancaster. Joseph Biden. Blowback on Twitter not let me. The terror attack don't think god I don't think it's fair I mean we're preparing for someone is gonna take on Changchun is not going to be nice. And I think at the end of the day eight we have to make sure that we're preparing this guy for a rough and tumble. And net debt to say to him. Oh you don't remember what you just it is a figure you know assessment. I'm all about civility but I also about this is our test for the real competitor trump is not going to be nice he is gonna come after a nominee and we need to prepare. They are the front runner for the acting. Now I understand organized yet we're gonna I don't ask for Lancaster about that exchange rate constantly talks this year after the have been trying to. A little different respect you'll be here as well thank you for your evacuated much more to come a habit I do wanna check back human food Julia. With our affiliate king TRK she's here on campus with a bunt to students a project. What moments and gotten the biggest response so far there without one. Oh yeah we had seen a lot of clapping online head cheers and really every time anyone of these candidates. Brings out historically black colleges and universities and also whenever any of the candidates bring up former president Barack Obama does not immediately a movie deal for this idiot Houston and an even bigger deal for Texas Southern University idea wanna go to a couple of students here. What is the number one issue that really matters stealing this election. A gunman drove. Still and that is one of the ones that we've really been hearing a lot up here a lot of students. I'm very interested to hear what these candidates have to stay when it comes to student loan forgiven as. That's obviously very important that came down and out. Are crucial audio and our friends at KT RK here tracking the student response. To this debate there is much more debate had rain in the home stretch here is the moderate is prepared to take their stations stay with us here. I had ABC news like continuing coverage would bring you back to the debate. Right now.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"ABC News checks in with watch party attendees near the end of the debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65583472","title":"Spotlight on debate night's biggest moments","url":"/Politics/video/spotlight-debate-nights-biggest-moments-65583472"}