Spotlight on Rudy Giuliani in impeachment inquiry

Fiona Hill, a former top Russia adviser, testified about comments former National Security Adviser John Bolton allegedly made about Giuliani.
3:37 | 10/15/19

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Transcript for Spotlight on Rudy Giuliani in impeachment inquiry
And the impeachment. Investigations continue so we're gonna move to Washington. Where that testimony by former top a Russia advisor Fiona hill. Has put spotlight on president Trump's personal attorney. Rudy Giuliani and in that testimony Vienna Fiona saying that former national security advisor. John Bolton referred to Rudy Giuliani as a hand grenade. Who's going to blow everybody up so want to bring in Kathryn falters in our DC bureau I'm to discuss this. Catherine you know Fiona and this testimony also she described this tense. Altercation between. John Bolton and Gordon sound land so what was that about. We're and I quote that you read right there in which says she called the president's personal attorney a quote hand grenade he's going to blow everything up of course. Those were comments that reported a binding New York Times from her closed door deposition yesterday at work we're learning that he. Revealed some new information about Rudy Giuliani in the president's personal attorney dealing. With Ukraine you know that she wasn't there during that July 25 phone call that kicked off this impeachment inquiry but. I will say that Giuliani is responding to John Bolton in a statement to ABC news he says he's disappointed in John. But he says I'm not sure he realized. I received all this evidence as part is my representation. How the president it was all part of the evidence and suppression of evidence involving Ukrainian collusion in the orange and of some of the false information against the president can. Again so we know that two of his associates. Were arrested last week on campaign finance charges. And now the Wall Street I'm journal is reporting that Giuliani. Is going to be investigated as well. Yes of the journal is reporting that has. Finance especially on its finances specifically are under investigation we reported last week. That Giuliani's relationship with those two leaders to business associates who were arrested last week is under investigation of course by the southern district of New York the same. District in which Giuliani grand but that Giuliani is telling us and repeatedly that he's received no indication that he's under investigation which isn't necessarily rare it's. If you are under investigation it's probably unlikely that they would tell Giuliani at this point you remember when the two were arrested his two associates were arrested last week. They didn't have any knowledge according to our sources that they would be arrested at that time and usually of people aren't notified other targets. And these investigations until later. Yes so before we go I just want like a quick rundown of who else is going to be testifying this week I know Michael McCann believe may be Gordon silent as well. Just give us the rundown here. A yes they'll have the advisor Pompeo here this week we'll have born sometime later this week on Thursday he's going to be an interesting when this all eyes are going to be on him because. We've been discussing Republicans body was going to be an exculpatory witness for the president now there are some of reporting coming out and plead not be the case specifically they seem like they're specifically as it relates. To the discussion of a quid pro quo in the conversations he had with president. That will be something to watch out later this week and as we reported exclusively exclusively yesterday. Members of the Office of Management and Budget. Have been requested. For depositions here next week this is. Democrats and congressional investigators really zeroing in on that Ukraine military aid in exchange for political dirt on Joseph Biden made the request the next week in Kimberly. Our sources are telling us that the White House. Is likely at some block those appearances. Are right Catherine folders right there and in DC thank you so much for the update.

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"Fiona Hill, a former top Russia adviser, testified about comments former National Security Adviser John Bolton allegedly made about Giuliani.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66288800","title":"Spotlight on Rudy Giuliani in impeachment inquiry","url":"/Politics/video/spotlight-rudy-giuliani-impeachment-inquiry-66288800"}