‘Stand with Parkland’ parents on Capitol Hill

Tom and Gena Hoyer, whose son Luke was one of the victims in the 2018 Parkland school shooting, spoke with senators as part of "Stand with Parkland."
6:21 | 10/17/19

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Transcript for ‘Stand with Parkland’ parents on Capitol Hill
As you guys know there is a lot of things going on in Washington on the impeachment investigations dominating the news so much that sometimes we forget about. Other stories that are just as important nom like there's children still cage at the border and they're still mass shootings at people are trying to grapple with which. Brings me to park lane if you remember seventeen kids. Losing their lives in that mass shooting on Valentine's Day inch when he eighteen. And our next guest. Our Tom in Gino poitier. Their son Luke how are you doing we're so happy that you're here. A your son Luke was one of those teens. Yes a one and one of the things I want that when askew. You know. Win you experience something like this I mean we haven't gone through this the we know that grief is not a Linear process. I'm how are you guys in this moment standing with us right now. We're hanging in there we're stronger today than we were and he you know a year ago. I'll wake up every morning hoping that it's not tree. So everyday is a new day to learn how to live without -- and we felt we were never have to deal with them live with our. Third child. And are surprised baby so we should stand now with laugh and go you know we do without him in their firm my whole life I think what have to be. Living that statement. And the reason and you guys are with us today is because. You were able to talk to some senators. On Capitol Hill because you guys are withstand with Parkland and organization to be just tell us about that and wouldn't. Venture so stay with Parkland is a root for the families of those deceased those who were killed Valentine's Day 2018 who banded together. To try to find some common ground to move something forward right thumb. Is a pretty complex situation for us there's a lot of things that failed us that day and there's no simple solution to know so we have a sudden solutions. I kind of think of them in terms of like layers of safety starts when mental health you know mental health screening. Really suicide in prevention and and intervention. Because. Most school shooters or suicidal lot of mass shooters or some sun way to get way out in front of it another aspect of mental health. He has been able to share information mental health professionals here formation police in the schools you can have them talk let's test people. In our situation this kid was a surprise to us what we found out later not a surprise to the school not surprised some police not surprised some mental health. Because they knew he knew what he wants so mental health professionals if they are in their professional judgment. Treating someone who they believe his homicidal and cannot communicate that to law enforcement obstacles to them that's correct or obstacles and rose real obstacles and a lot of perceived obstacles hit book which is. Miller of the medical records lawn and for for which is a school prophecy law. Which are a little complicated and in pretty strict but a lot of people just take to the -- position I won't share any information with anybody on this stuff. And in this in Parkland case that would've made a difference I think that would mean a difference definitely. So. That's the first player secondly if a kid falls through that. Their protection next thing is to people weapon out of the right person's hands right. So background checks more robust background checks. Not only expansion commercial sales but also. Pimple or of elements of a mental health you know we're just talking about you know if if a kid is assessed by all three of those professionals as a team. Jabil reports that to get to the next system so that they want to be alone by purchasing guns legally. The other one is extreme risk protection orders so gun dirty in the home. It is a great tool for police to go to a judge and get a risk warned to remove guns from. A potentially dangerous too within happen. It does have to live here we. Or governor senator Scott the time was or governor back in and he. You know when against the wave of you know his party and among other things got extra horse protection order put in place it has been used numerous titles. And it's a very fast process you know the guns are taken away what was taken away. And somebody has on the back can I think it's within a couple weeks they have a hearing and they can appeal have the weapons to combatants before judge it's very process oriented. Yes nobody's really into not a right there. They can only get the weapons back rituals protect innocent human beings have the same time that. Before we go I want to ask you guys you know with. Impeachment process dominating the news in the country so polarized do you think that there's actually. Going to be change when it comes to the gun violence in our country guys are doing a lot of incredible work. They were spent a lot of time up here talking with senators in congress from both both sides of the aisle were nonpartisan group you know this is not a political issue to a small you know. Republicans have kids in school Democrats of his could you know independents have kids in school so. We. Are are hopeful. Because some leadership of the white house on this because really needed to kind of push this along to name I know that's extraordinarily difficult at this particular moment. But that's what we hope for so we and we can talk of the White House from talking to who's above reasons Republicans and Democrats on both sides Al both houses. And everybody's interested in helping us to things we're talking about are for he mill road. Things right it's we're looking for common ground because if you can't find common ground. You know we're never gonna get anything dumber never get to common ground where we can do something for get something done we gotta get something come against are moving on this. Even if they erode investor seemingly small things really get moving on this trying to keep her kids and interest if it's. As you say this is this an impeachment divides us. This can be some really that unite us right every young person every student every family. Totaled we don't want this and disk that's exactly residences yet. You know they offices we visit whether Republican or Democrats. We all find common ground like we could just get them to come together. And take action on May be something small that works. Just like in our case that the three focuses just being school safety little hills. Responsible foreign ownership if one of those who work in our case we wouldn't you before you today yes. Yet. Tom and Gina player. We appreciate you being with us today thank you so much thinking I news I again thank you so much I pleaded for a share it yes good luck yes thank you.

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{"duration":"6:21","description":"Tom and Gena Hoyer, whose son Luke was one of the victims in the 2018 Parkland school shooting, spoke with senators as part of \"Stand with Parkland.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66356058","title":"‘Stand with Parkland’ parents on Capitol Hill","url":"/Politics/video/stand-parkland-parents-capitol-hill-66356058"}